Kito Alert: This Is The Hotelier Whose Business You Should Not Patronise

Kito Alert: This Is The Hotelier Whose Business You Should Not Patronise

His name is Olanrewaju Michael Gentry, on Facebook as Asiwaju Lanre Gentry, and he is the manager of La Veronique Hotel in 14 Oregunwa Street.

His claim to infamy is as the ex-husband of Mercy Aigbe, who was involved in a contentious divorce with the actress.

It was in his hotel that the victim of Shile Otaru’s kito efforts booked into with the intention to meet Shile Otaru. When hell broke loose and the victim began crying out for help, demanding for the security guaranteed him by the hotel as their guest, Lanre Gentry, instead turned on him, acting instead on behalf of the criminals. Asking the victim to give them money for them to let him go. Despite several threats of taking him to the police, which the victim himself welcomed, the hotel management never called the police.

Instead, exasperated by the victim’s persistent protests that he didn’t have any money, Lanre Gentry had him thrown out, callously into the hands of the criminals. The victim demanded a refund of the money he’d lodged into the hotel with (a stay that hadn’t even lasted an hour), so he could use the money to at least pay off his assaulters, and Lanre Gentry refused.

So, this man not only didn’t provide any security for a guest of his hotel, showing a shocking lack of any sense of hospitality, but refused to refund him his money. Wickedness and greed appear to be the motto of this hotel, which is in the best interest of no one to lodge into.

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  1. […] And here’s the plot twist: The hotel management was involved, the hotel itself managed by Olanrewaju Michael Gentry. If you are familiar with the name and you are thinking about how he reminds you of actress Mercy Aigbe’s abusive ex-husband, then you’d be right. Apparently, he is not only an abusive husband but a homophobic man with no sense of hospitality required to run a hotel, seeing as he not only tried to encourage the victim to give up money to the criminals assaulting him, but threw him out into the hands of the criminals, money nonrefunded. (Details of this in the next post) […]

  2. Francis
    July 22, 08:05 Reply

    This one too has joined them. ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

      • Temi
        July 23, 03:50 Reply

        Wow! Immediately I saw Gentry and his picture haha I said this is Mercy’s ex-hubby thanks for not being bias, and also for calling him out.

  3. Oluwafemi Role
    July 22, 09:13 Reply

    I am a living witness…. I am the one dt paid d guy ransom of 50k…

  4. Tristan
    July 22, 10:32 Reply

    Oh my goodness! Even hotels are no havens. One thing is to get wind of these “kitoers”, another thing is to bring them to justice. But, we can only lament and let the oppressors go scot-free.

  5. Jenom
    July 22, 10:39 Reply

    We should probably form our own task force to tackle these issues, lol. Far from being insensitive, I think these inactions have gone scot-free far too long

  6. Audrey
    July 22, 11:30 Reply

    Since we know that this Mofo can we make a plan as to how to shut down that place let’s give the place publicity for the erong reasons afterall dude already has a lot hanging around his neck.

    We can do this if we put our mind to it.My mantra has always been…Kito me and Die and I mean everybit of it.

  7. ken
    July 22, 11:53 Reply

    no wonder the bitch dumped his greedy wicked ass! tueh

    • J
      July 23, 17:13 Reply

      Calling her the b word was quite unnecessary!

  8. Yazz
    July 24, 22:37 Reply

    This is man is very sadistic he nearly killed two of his wives..
    They had to rush mercy for emergency operation..
    Her skull was cracked and she was unconscious..

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