October 10

A friend and I were talking about evil lecturers. He said all students consider all their lecturers evil, that even I would be an evil lecturer to the students if I ever decide to teach.

I said I’d totally be a nice lecturer as long as the students are nice to me. He asked me my definition of a nice lecturer is, and I told him that even if they decide to commit anarchy, I’d smile and still lecture on. We would meet in the exam hall, and to those who think they would cram my notes and pass, they’d get a nasty shock because I wouldn’t encourage cramming.

My friend was appalled by this and asked why I’d do that to the poor students who took their time and energy to cram.

To be honest, I don’t know how to cram. I’d much rather understand what I read and know it as a whole, than to hold the information in my head and pour it out. How do they even do that? My mind feels like a basket and when it comes to cramming, it’s like trying to fill up the basket with water. It doesn’t stay. Maybe because I’m constantly distrac – “Oh look! A fly!”

*stares at fly for five minutes”

Ehen, what was I talking about… Oh dear me! I can’t remember.

*panics and frets and wonders why the witches in the village are against me so*


Right… I’m constantly distracted and zoning off. Aren’t you supposed to be more focused the older you get?

However apart from the fact that I envy people with the ability to cram whole textbooks while I struggle with paragraphs, I believe cramming is detrimental to one’s education. Okay, maybe too much cramming.

You can’t expect to be in the big league of creators and company owners by cramming. All you’d be good for is being a cerebral monkey. You’d be the lower grunt doing all the heavy paperwork while the higher-ups have to deal with innovation and being creative.

However that’s what the Nigerian educational system encourages. The white people won’t tell you this because they need people to sit in their offices and balance accounts and other monotonous 9-5 jobs.

I’m not saying cramming is all bad. Sometimes you have to memorise things like names and dates. But to lift whole notes and give things word for word – Mba!

There should be a balance.

We are taught to cram right from primary school. I remember being able to belt out the timetable, but I had no fucking idea what it meant. The satisfaction and relief I got when I figured out what two times two meant was epic. It was like a rhyme I was forced to repeat over and over again.

So apart from my bad belle, that is one of the reasons I won’t encourage cramming as a lecturer. You have to understand so you can be better at what you do.


I’m a big believer of second chances, even third chances. I know for some people, it is one strike and you’re out. But I’ve never really been one to do that, especially when the person who wronged me seems sincerely sorry.

I think it’s because I remember that I’m not perfect and I’m prone to make mistakes. And even in a bid to try to not make mistakes, there could be slip-ups. And I’d hope the other person would forgive me if they occur.

Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. I want forgiveness so I will give forgiveness.


What’s with people and assuming that since you can sing and/or play an instrument, you’re supposed to start writing beautiful pieces of music?

The number of “when will you start writing your own songs” I’ve gotten though. At first I’d bow my head in shame (though I’ve got a few songs written, super cheesy and corny… My mind is just a fucking cliché). But biko, e don do. Even as I finish writing the song, na so-so criticism I go dey hear. The chorus is too weak… You don’t sound like Mariah Carey… You need to change your style…

Biko, if it’s that easy, coman carry guitar and start doing it.

I’ve always had people come tell me that the things I do ain’t shit. Even when I feel quite pleased with whatever it is I’d done…Especially when I’m quite pleased with it actually.

But more than ever lately, I’ve started to embrace that not everyone can like or understand what you do. Why you sing particular types of songs, why your writing is too nice, why your paintings are so colourful. But that’s okay. It’s good to have reminders that you really aren’t all that. But nonetheless be proud of your craft.

There was an episode of Victorious where she had to recite a poem and she did her best each and every time. But after she asked how she did, her supervisor would say she failed, and she’d set out to do something better. She only passed when she stood by her work and refused to let the criticism she got change the fact that she had put her sweat into the recitation (Heck, she got a back drop and fake bird just for a short poem), and it was a good recitation.

People will always have opinions as to how you do things and they will always criticize. Learn to take the criticism, consider it even. Then decide if you’re going to throw it away or put it at the back of your mind or in a drawer for later consumption. But don’t ever let what people say about what you do make you feel like shit. What you do is something you have worked for consciously and subconsciously. Learn to be proud of it even if others think it’s nothing while tirelessly working to improve in whatever you feel you should improve on.


I’m tired of this rollercoaster my body is taking me through – extreme bouts of happiness and confidence followed by equally extreme bouts of self doubt and depression. I don’t geddit! Biko pick one, my dear hormones. Do you want me to be happy or sad? You can’t go changing on a nigga like Masked Man changes fuck buddies. Better yet, gimme a schedule so I can be prepared to handle what you’re throwing at me. I’m no longer a teenager. I thought it was in the pubertal agreement that once that scarring phase called puberty is done with, it is a straight path to emotional and mental clarity. Maybe it doesn’t apply to gay people because we aren’t straight (See what I did there? Did you get it? No? Your loss. I’m fucking hilarious)

Someone cannot even be happy in peace. Na to dey worry say after e don do finish, na to go wan corner hide and begin dey cry like say somborry mamma don die. It’s alright. (By the way, hearing me speak pidgin is like hearing a horse moo. Not a pleasant sound)


I am a nerd, to some degree. No, I am not your cool nerd or your brainy nerd. I belong to one of the lower classes in the caste system of nerds (yes, there’s a caste system, I think).

I’m the kind of nerd who likes unorthodox games. Car racing games are fine, fighting games much better, role playing games are superb; but to find me in my element when being a nerd is to find me playing Pokémon.

Lord, I love that game.

You may believe it’s for kids – and you’d be right to some degree. The main storyline gives a lot to be desired for and is repetitive, but when you get into the meta game… Ayayai! Things get as or even more complicated than chess.

There are plenty of rules to memorise (PLENTY!) and a blunder could fucking cost you a match against some fat white kid who is using his other hand to jerk off to midget porn. And there are over 600 Pokémon to collect, and each of those 600 have the capability to have unique moves and colouration. So the idea of catching them all is enticing but always just out of reach to keep suckers like me engrossed.

I’m mentioning this here because I just heard uber exciting news. Pokémon is coming to android and iOS. It’s going to be an augmented reality game, making use of real time locations to catch and do battle with Pokémon. *has braingasm and dies and wakes up in Chanel-Number-2-style to wait for the game to be released and catching them all before dying again*

I wish you all can feel my excitement. Why aren’t you all feeling my excitement? Come on! Pokémon? On my phone? Walking around and shouting like a crazy old geezer at my very imaginary and also very real charizard to destroy them all?!

Man! I feel so alone. Like, I can’t even deal.

Anyway, if on the off-chance, there’s a Nigerian who likes to play Pokémon reading this journal entry (trust me, there are, of my age and older), or even former fans of the game who might just want to relive a childhood experience, or people who aren’t or don’t feel too grown up, please when this game comes out, download it. It’s so much more fun if it’s a community thing, because then you get to trade Pokémon and even show them off to people in battle.

Who knows what’s next sef – holographic Pokémon? Genetically manipulated creatures? I’m peeing my pants from my childish imagination and I’m loving it.

But as I patiently wait for 2016, *cries rainbow coloured tears* I’m playing a game made by the developers that the Nintendo company is working with. It’s called Ingress. It’s really cool and isn’t your basic arcade game. It uses real time location and the storyline is continuous. I like it, but it’s not something I imagine the average Nigerian will get or enjoy. However, it’s being played by millions of people worldwide.

Like why did I even have to be born in this country? God must have been like, “This boy has the soul of a white boy. Let’s fuck him up and put him in a black man’s skin and set him in a village where he’ll know all this awesome stuff is out there but just barely out if his reach.”

Sounds like something I’d totally do if I was God, just for shits and giggles.


Sometimes you watch porn then go read the comments and find useful bits of information like:Screenshot_2015-10-06-02-10-07

Okay, maybe not useful bits. But interesting nonetheless…


I was reading Rantings Of A Random Gay Nigerian (Hellur, Dennis) when I realised that a colleague in my class was staring at the page. It actually took a few seconds for me to realise that I’m not supposed to be seen on that page. And I looked up at him, while my mind tried to fathom an explanation as to what I was reading.

First words to leave my lips – “It’s not what you think.”

He smirked and said that I shouldn’t worry about it and he started to walk away. Then he turned and said, “If you ever need help with that, just lemme know.”

I stared at him. What dafuq did that mean?! I was still staring at him as he entered the lecture hall.

Written by James

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  1. Marius
    October 11, 11:49 Reply

    Perhaps in your field cramming doesn’t help but it certainly does in mine as in the exams I Did extremely well in, I had already crammed model answers.
    P.S. Note that saying stuff like “soul of a white boy” or seeing yourself as a white boy trapped in a black body perpetuates dangerous racial stereotypes and indicates self-loathing.

    • ken
      October 11, 12:23 Reply

      Thats the writers point exactly. U do very well in all exams, but when it comes to creative/critical thinking and innovation: ZERO!

    • Mandy
      October 11, 12:17 Reply

      This opinion… Not shocking at all. It doesn’t matter whether James turns into a Nigerian version of Ghandi, whatever he says will always remain crap to Chizzie. I wonder how it’s not already exhausting to hold on to that chip on your shoulder.

  2. Mandy
    October 11, 12:18 Reply

    One question to you, James is:
    Whaddaheck are you going to do about that not-so subtle proposition by that classmate? 😀

  3. Delle
    October 11, 12:23 Reply

    And this is supposed to be a post?
    …’See what I did there? Did u get it? No? Your loss. I’m fucking hilarious!’
    Seriously? That’s all you got?
    This is one of the posts where I’m really skipping paragraphs to get to an interesting part. Unfortunately, there was none!

    • Pink Panther
      October 11, 12:28 Reply

      Well, whilst skipping for the interesting part, at least you took the time to copy and paste a paragraph from the post, no? 🙂 That’s gotta count for something. lol

      • Delle
        October 11, 22:30 Reply

        Durling…I really had to be emphatic is all

  4. Tiercel de Claron
    October 11, 12:29 Reply

    It’s fathom out an explanation,not phantom.
    Different words,different meanings

    • Pink Panther
      October 11, 12:32 Reply

      And I edited it. lol. Can’t believe I missed that.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        October 11, 12:42 Reply

        Was it that bad?.
        I really don’t get how and why the present generation mix up words.The other day,it was Chizzie and vast,instead of versed.
        Gets me cranky seeing such,and I’m not reckoned a grammar Nazi

        • Pink Panther
          October 11, 12:44 Reply

          LOL! You’re such an intellectual. Look at you go.

            • Pink Panther
              October 11, 12:52 Reply

              Lol. So straight he doesn’t even know to take a teasing with a laugh. Chai! 🙂

                • Pink Panther
                  October 11, 12:58 Reply

                  Oh but this is me getting back at you for yesterday. 🙂 We’re square now. No pun intended. 😀

        • Chizzie
          October 11, 13:19 Reply

          Oh please put a sock in it and get yourself a new dictionary. Haven’t you heard of the phrase “vast knowledge”? As opposed to being versed in a particular field. Don’t be stupid this hot Sunday. You make a ton of typographical blunders but i overlook .
          becaused I figure you are Nigerian and its typical of your kind.

          “I am not reckoned a grammar Nazi” How does that even make any sense? Reckoned might be a new word you just learnt but next time look for an appropriate sentence to use it in

          • Tiercel de Claron
            October 11, 13:45 Reply

            Answer not a fool according to his folly,lest thou also be like unto him. —Proverbs 26:4

            Was going to eviscerate you,Chizzie,for that bit of stupidity when that verse came to mind.
            You haven’t come across being reckoned something?.I’ll advise you seek a refund of your money from whatever educational institution spewed you out.It’s obvious you’ve been hard done by.

            • Mandy
              October 11, 13:47 Reply

              *clutching at my pearls* Ohmygod! That was brutal.

            • Chizzie
              October 11, 13:51 Reply

              oh gosh and you went to quote a Bible verse? LOL. You’re officially the lamest person on the planet. FOH you pathetic excuse of a top

          • ambivalentone
            October 11, 17:34 Reply

            Twas a cloudy Sunday here. Expecting a storm soon sha…looool

  5. simba
    October 11, 12:46 Reply

    Am telling masked man… that is a shade for generations to come.. also Chizzle and James should just fuck… and get done with this shenanigans.. Chizzle WARNING.. rumor has it that he is well packed… James… Rumor has it that chizzle is a BOTTOMLESS BOTTOM…Hahaahahaa

    • Tiercel de Claron
      October 11, 12:50 Reply

      James is packed well enough,but not what Chizzie can’t handle I reckon.
      You’re right tho,they should both get a room and have it done it.

      • Max
        October 11, 13:31 Reply

        Chizzie+ James =Recipe for disaster.

        Chizzie is a cougar and James is a fragile Lil thing.

  6. Dennis Macaulay
    October 11, 13:09 Reply

    I crammed my way to the top of my class upon Graduation and I have no regrets, it’s what Nigerian university teacher require and by God I will give it to them. I have special cramming skills, I can cram a text book chapter by chapter and reproduce it and then pass and move on No time.

    I am not going to be subtle when I say I have a crush on James, I have always had a crush on this dude, his haphazard mind gives me a hard on. I want to make him breakfast while he is painting in the upstairs studio of our Prague apartment, which is besides a French bakery and overlooks the river……I believe in Serendipity.

    You talked about second chances and I do agree and had to let go, it’s very hard staying mad at you, but let us agree that it won’t happen again.

    I am waiting for that song you said you will write for me, I will wait.

    Good one James, very good one!

    • Max
      October 11, 13:33 Reply

      You’ve crushed on two thirds of KD already and James fits your spec. ☺☺.
      Nothing really new here.

      • Dominic Obioha
        October 11, 21:27 Reply

        I remember when Dennis use to tell us so much about Max’s wonderful jawline. Lmao

  7. D-boy
    October 11, 13:22 Reply

    If you are an avid reader of this site / column, you would have decided by now whether it’s your thing or not. Coming here to spew hate is just a cry for attention (sadly, i am obliging).

    This was rather long, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Felt like I was listening to a friend rant.

  8. Peak
    October 11, 15:13 Reply

    Dang! Apparently there have been a new crop of KD bitches that Y’all have been sleeping on. They major in the art of “How to be a classy bitch without trying”
    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
    You read right! They have Keredim as team coach, TDC as team captain and Mandy as “the next rated player” good stuff I tell you people. Good, good stuff.

    • Chizzie
      October 11, 15:36 Reply

      I saw this coming, I mean why not? Seeing as it took you a decade to graduate from a ‘federal’ institution. So of course take the side of the bottom of the barrel of society. Sing their victory song and fan the waves of stupidity.

      Meanwhile Pinky please don’t delete this comment, allow me to be badly behaved girl today. I am really ill and all this cattiness is therapeutic

      • Peak
        October 11, 16:15 Reply

        Awww look………….Cruella de vil is butt hurt and looking for an easy dick 2 hump on.
        Lol, bhet wait a minute oooooo……. isn’t ur bussy 2 dry to be humping on dick like this? on such a hot Sunday afternoon for that matter? Last I check I didn’t give u mention, so why are u suddenly extra salty and all over me? Oh wait! It cant be because you weren’t mentioned along with word classy in mimd?? Nah it can’t be that, cos as dumb as a pig is, “it” always know it’s place…………….the garbage!

        BTW ur shade is far too weak for such a self proclaimed bad bitch, try and be more innovative boo. If u wanna take a punch, come a lil harder and not with something I was comfortable enough 2 throw out the window, knowing a pig would pick it up and do a victory lap with it

        A decade? Yes. My mistake, my lesson, my experience, my life. Now tell us, what’s ur excuse for being such a bitter tramp and a poor excuse for a human being?

        • Chizzie
          October 11, 16:49 Reply

          Nah I’m not going to banter with someone who doesn’t know how to properly use an ellipsis, obviously 10years in the uni didn’t do you any good. My intent was to rile you and like a lamb to the slaughter, you fell for it. You lot are so predictable .

          And next time, before you post a comment, regardless of how angry you are eh, slow down and take the time to edit your damn comment, I mean 10 years isn’t beans and you were giving Posh666 a run for its money. I mean, really?

          *zooms off on broomstick*

          • Peak
            October 11, 17:53 Reply

            ” Meanwhile Pinky please don’t delete this comment, allow me to be badly behaved girl today. I am really ill and all this cattiness is therapeutic”

            “My intent was to rile you and like a lamb to the slaughter, you fell for it. You lot are so predictable”

            You better back track like ur whole life depends on git.

            Tut-tut! Son! I am disappointed! I mean with the notoriety you have here, I expected more fire power. Here i was thinking I’m about to get a read down, but it turns out the chief resident bitch is just a wuss who preys on and bullies the weak. 1 minute you are threatening to rain down fire and brim stone, the next you giving the “I de follow u play speech” lol, son sit!

            Hahahahaha @ you taking flight when you realised that what looked like prey, isn’t as weak and helpless as you thought.

            Honey boo! You made the right decision to run while squealing like a pig that you are (literally). I was just wondering how I’m going 2 mess up my freshly manicured nails from gutting, watering and fertilising my freshly planted rose garden on KD lane with ur blood and faeces.

            Angry? No bruh, I snack on bitches like you who think they are about that life.

            #DontComeForMeUnlessISendForYou #Peasant.

            • Chizzie
              October 11, 18:47 Reply

              Oi please, aunty let it rest already. No need to insult you because life has already given you the biggest insult there is. 10years in a half baked university, yet your lack of sense is still profoundly evident, and this was all for a boy, I mean who fucken does that? …

              I don’t think the poor boy had much to play in your struggle to graduate, you were, or rather are just too devoid of the mental capacity to acquire knowledge. How do you even polish your CV with a mess like that?

              Born 1981, graduate of (presumably) state university or polytechnic. 2000-2010 ( Third Class Division)

              I’m guessing you should be approaching 30 now? If not already 30 . So its 30years of being stupid, and learning how to properly use an ellipsis? . Chai nigga jump off a cliff already.


              • Pink Panther
                October 11, 19:01 Reply

                Chizzie please.
                Enough of using people’s stories to clap back at them. You wanna insult them? Do that. Just stop giving people the excuse not to open up on KD.
                This ugliness has gone on long enough. Hopefully long enough to make you better, no?

                • Chizzie
                  October 11, 19:07 Reply

                  Oyah I’ll stop. illness plus that time of the month, not a good combo ?

              • Peak
                October 11, 19:47 Reply

                Awww, now who sounds angry now? Don’t tell me you are about 2 burst a brain vessel on my accout?
                Lol, IKR, I allowed 10 years of my life go 2 waste, poor me, Boohoo! With set backs and all, I have managed to restructure and made sizeable leap towards recovery. Not that I’m going 2 explain that to you, cos that would be like explaining a rocket launch to a sheep.

                While you are all engrossed in my “not so inspiring 9 years of set back”, I can’t help but wonder how glamorous ur must be. I mean u always made is sound like you had a superior education, but you have been caught a good number of times with corrections being handed out to you (I wonder how that is even possible, u are suppose to have a pristine education, no?). You are suppose to have a glamorous life, but u have had 2 suck and saddle gray haired dicks and wrinkled balls to stay afloat(I salute ur hustle man, #LeStruggle). You are suppose 2 to have a fabulous life, but u got posted to some back water western state for your NYSC! The way ur fabulous life is set up though, I’m either considering burning my dictionary for giving me false definations or just call you a slimy lil fibber that you are.

                Lets not even get into how many times we have had to endure this crusty trick, type and mention the term NYSC. NYSC this, NYSC that! If we didn’t know better, one would have thought he got signed on to be the head of civil service with office located in the middle of a cassava plantation for a whole year.
                Hang it up son, We passed through the same system, and it ain’t all that.
                Lets not forget that u finally started having data to visit KD when u got back from no man’s land where u had major dealings with goats and endless grass fields. So it safe to say business is booming again aye? All the saggy balls u can feast on are back to paying for ur upkeep as before? Cos thats the only logical explanation for dealing with ur boorish self after almost a year of having u rot away someplace close to limbo. Don’t be #SaveTheFrontingForYourBackWaterCoInhabitants

                • Max
                  October 12, 06:48 Reply

                  I see he got under your skin and now you’re guilty of the same thing you often accused me of. Sigh.

    • Deola
      October 11, 16:55 Reply

      ***drags wheelbarrow of popcorn into KD hallway, sits down with binoculars at the ready***

      Issnoray small sontin. Shade for a sunny Sunday. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

      • Eros
        October 11, 17:10 Reply

        Blood, guts and gore everywhere. Vhar where are you?? Apocalypse has arrived on KD

        • Vhar.
          October 11, 17:32 Reply

          See… I just had a good swim, Eros.
          Don’t come and put me in trouble this evening.

  9. Eros
    October 11, 15:45 Reply

    Masked Man?? Fuck buddies?? Chim oooo!! Someone has poured acid in my eyes! Kdians let us wash our dirty linens in public. Today is the day the Lord has made!!

  10. Uziel
    October 11, 16:17 Reply

    Sigh. I can’t deal. Really.

  11. A-non
    October 11, 16:27 Reply

    Unu ga ejiri ya nwayo na ebe bikonu!

    Unu ejirigo style hapu ihe James dere na ako onwe unu onu. Na ta bu ubosi uka egbochi ghi unu.

    Disi nu ike o!

  12. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    October 11, 16:34 Reply

    Lenthy yes… But interesting all the same. Rants here n there, intellect everywhere, shades … Just how I like it.

    About cramming. It helps no one. If you take time to read and understand any course, you will be able to reproduce it effortlessly and its gonna stick for a very long time if not forever!

    … Finally all these drama in the comment section, I have to come back at night to see how it went… I can’t keep refreshing this page every second.

  13. Nightwing
    October 11, 16:56 Reply

    Pokemon huh! Lemme know when its out alright.?

  14. Max
    October 11, 16:58 Reply

    Laughing my ass off here ????. Its top bishes face off today..
    (Classy wannabes) Vs (Ghetto Snots)

    I think it’s a draw for now ??

  15. Dominic Obioha
    October 11, 18:28 Reply

    Oh boy today ehn… Kd funny die. Is it the rain that brought out this side of most folks here today?. Lmao classy bitches vs ghetto snots.

  16. Dominic Obioha
    October 11, 18:30 Reply

    And TefMushin with his 6000 fb friends yet to make an entrance

    • R.A
      October 11, 19:55 Reply

      I’m dying ????

  17. Hema
    October 11, 20:00 Reply

    Heheheheheheh! So while I was busy at work, some people were using James’ Journal to ferment trouble.
    About that Masked Man shade… The End!
    It’s obvious people here on KD know themselves personally better than I thought.
    All these thunderstorm you people are brewing.

  18. Sinnex
    October 11, 20:17 Reply

    PP, you see why I told you to hold on to that story?

    Where is my boo Teflondon?

    Where are those who waited and prayed for Chizzie to come back?

    When someone start using personal information to win an argument, it means the person doesn’t have anything to say.

    Argumentum Ad Hominem…

    Surprisingly, I really enjoyed today’s entry. Not everyone is interested in sex stories and the rest. There is more to the LGBT community that sex.

  19. Django
    October 11, 22:31 Reply

    Na wa o.
    Using personal info against people, makes it hard to share personal experiences and individual journeys on KD.
    Brutal. And painful too, one slight provocation and out goes all the trust and faith people had in you.

    People are like that, especially people that think they have it all, they want to have the last word so they sever all the trust and friendship just to win an argument. People like that are suffering psychologically and lack the ability to keep friends and acquaintance close because the moment they get fed up with pretending they’re good and matured, that’s when people start to see them for the real bitch they are. It’s so exhausting to fake empathy when the self-esteem is below par. They want to take it out on the world by bullying and demeaning people with condescending attitudes, which guess what, is so low and typical of juvenile minds. Really classless and sometimes, the individual(s) involved are irredeemable. I hope bitches grow up real soon. Keyboard warriors aren’t really happy in real life, just because we can’t see their faces and countenances and they win an argument online or hit the most fatal punch doesn’t mean they’re living happy, satisfied and rosy lives. Bitches are prone to depression and are friendless for all the wrong reason. Beware of people who make subtle jokes out of people’s predicaments, that’s how they really feel about such individuals. Brutal and painful. KD is a mess!


    Someone just said PP needs to address these issues but will he always print and paste “A letter from the Admin” every time Chizzy slips up? Of course I remember the “compromised immune system” post, it want funny when I read it that day. I actually thought nobody noticed it until the next day when we all got a letter from the admin. That calmed me down as it reassured me that things like these shouldn’t be allowed to slide.

    I’m not asking for a letter from the admin as we are supposedly all adults, and thus far, we should be well aware of the fact that there are words said which can never be unsaid, actions which can never be undone. Aren’t we old enough to keep personal info to ourselves, swallow our pride and let sleeping dogs lie? Can we just not wash our linens in public or out each other just to have the last word? Can we not do that, please? It’s really going to be difficult for some of us to become real adults about some issues life throws at us and the ones we mercilessly throw out at the world, but if others can do it, you can do it too.

    • Bret Hart
      October 12, 08:16 Reply

      Lolz. …lwkmd……rotflmao. ……I pray you practice what you preach

  20. Delle
    October 11, 22:43 Reply

    Whew! *cleans beads of sweat off fore-head*
    The funniest is they always start with…’I don’t even need to reply you’ and then go ahead to duplicate the encyclopedia Brittanica! ROTFLMAO
    *popcorn just finished*

    • Kerr
      October 12, 13:21 Reply

      lol …. My dear
      I thought I was the only one that noticed that
      Encyclopedia Britannica…?????

  21. Santa Diaba
    October 12, 02:33 Reply

    Poise, decorum, rationality. All absent from the comment section on this blog on most days. It’s a damn shame. ?

  22. Peak
    October 12, 08:08 Reply


    I see some folks can’t stomach the idea that there ppl who are capable of paying the dust.
    You know what they say about ppl who can’t seem to stay out for controversy, bcos it’s the only way they can some shine?

    • Paul
      October 12, 09:02 Reply

      Peak U r one I respected a lot on ds forum! I didn’t expect u to go reply for reply. I really feel disappointed.

    October 13, 00:03 Reply


  24. lonz
    October 21, 20:07 Reply

    come study medicine, cramming does not work here

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