Kito Alert: Who Can You Trust?

Kito Alert: Who Can You Trust?

Who can you trust not to steal you or set you up in the gay community?

I often get asked this rhetorical question, and I have to say that there’s no foolproof answer to this. I could say for one to trust his gut instinct when regarding the gay acquaintances he’s made via hookups, but for some people, that gut instinct begins to relax the more times you’ve met and shagged the person. I could say you learn to trust the person who you’ve been with multiple times without incident, but some unscrupulous gay men have learned to play the long game, especially when it comes to their intent to steal.

As is the case with these three kito alerts.


Feranmi from Surulere

This gay scum lives in Surulere and operates on Grindr. His phone number is 09058555265.

And this is the story the guy he stole from had to tell:


Feranmi and I have shagged about 5 times. He came on a Sunday and slept over. Woke up by 5 am, took my three phones. Tiptoed out of the room and out of the house.

I am a deep sleeper. However, that night, I don’t know why I woke up earlier than usual. Bed, bathroom both empty. And my phones gone. I rushed out towards the closed gate. Luckily at that time, there are no bikes and there is only one main road out of the estate. Me and two maiguards set off running and caught up to him nearing the exit road. He made to run but the guards had arrows. We got the phones and cash he stole, and beat him to a pulp.


Desmond Gold

He is Desmond Gold on two Facebook accounts (THIS and THIS), and has been identified as a popular gay guy with, of course, a lot of friends. (A lot of friends who should watch out for his thieving hands.) He goes by Black Diamond on Badoo and Sugar Boy on Grindr. His phone number is 09060914293.

The guy who wants him exposed had hooked up with him at his house. Then gone to take his bath to return and find Desmond Gold gone with his phone.


These stories make it hard to know who to simply be free with. I’ll be the first to admit it. Heck, I already did on this post. But, as is the case with Tony Rose’s victim – if you feel like you have to lock your guest in when you go out, then you probably shouldn’t leave such a “friend” alone with your things. If you find yourself nursing even a smidgen of doubt about a guy whose presence in your life is mostly as a friend with benefits/hookup buddy, then listen to that doubt and stay distrustful.

May we continue to be aware, alert and keep life and property safe.

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  1. Simba
    December 20, 04:41 Reply

    You won’t understand how much skeptical and distrusting kito has made you until you leave Nigeria. I still have trepidation about meeting guys, and still insist on meeting at common places.

    • Sinnex
      December 20, 14:44 Reply

      My brother, it is just so sad.

  2. Colossus
    December 20, 05:15 Reply

    This is just sad. Opportunity to be lifelong friends thrown out the window for some small petty cash. The money will finish quickly and they’ll move on to the next target but for how long?

    Tony Rose looks really familiar, not that I’ve met him but probably seen his profile on dating apps. For me, these apps have always been about swipe, swipe, swipe, wank, go to bed. The fear of kito has always been real.

  3. Eddie
    December 20, 09:37 Reply

    This Tony Rose sounds like grade A criminal sha ooo….sawing the burglary proof to escape…that’s obviously not his first stint as a thief/burglar… Bunch of death deserving criminals, if I must say!

  4. Margarita
    December 20, 11:02 Reply

    Why would anybody have something with that fugly cretin in the first picture ?

  5. Tyler
    December 20, 16:05 Reply

    I was about hooking up with feranmi today!
    Choi….. See life.

  6. Brazyne
    December 20, 20:55 Reply

    Apparently we have to start setting small traps too.

  7. Mario
    December 21, 10:56 Reply

    I condemn the despicable acts of these guys above in their entirety. However, I’d hope that we clearly define again what it means to be kitoed and assess if some of these claims attain that threshold. It’s my opinion that a person should not be labeled a kito with their details uploaded here unless they have directly or indirectly inflicted violence on an individual, shamed and exposed him/her or have set the person up. None of these claims above seem to meet that threshold.
    Otherwise, we risk turning kito exposure into an avenue of vengeance for offended people to get back at partners with whom they’ve had a sour relationship. It is unfair. Especially considering that these claims are one man’s word and unverifiable in most cases.

    • Dammy
      December 21, 16:27 Reply

      I got your back on this.. @Mario

    • Law
      December 21, 22:22 Reply

      I am with u on this…. These are personal issues and not to be publicised. There should be a bar for what Kito is

    • Jimmy
      August 12, 06:45 Reply

      I disagree with you to an extent, kitodiaries knw better than just to pick a story on the surface. I’m vry sure some levels of inquiries nd confirmations are done before hosting kito story here.
      The name nd numbers dropped here are to act as caution sign , You can use it for whatever reason which amongst wud be to further do your personal independent confirmation of story/claim, make friend with the dude and give him same lines to actout nd compare d outcome to this and or invite the dude for a church program.
      If you have a beef wit anyone nd choose to act kitolike or cartaway wit d others persons belonging in a thiefmanner then you are bad nd shud b label – CAUTION and given a place as kito.

  8. Dav
    December 21, 18:40 Reply

    Just had a chat with Achonu Collins Ifeanyichukwu… via Grindr… better still he did chat me up requesting why I was using his pics… I did Shut him up and showed him the evidence…

    He said he is Innocent

  9. Pirra
    January 09, 08:31 Reply

    Hmmmmmmm Feranmi has been chatting me up to d extent we had a video call n was really planning on hooking up to shine d Congo… It’s so bad he steals I think I av to do with d old friends I have Dan getting new ones.

    • Nug
      February 11, 00:59 Reply

      Please drop his number for me if you can. He stole from me and I’d want to get back please . My email is thanks !

  10. Rock
    January 09, 11:50 Reply

    Desmond gold was somewhere close to where I live in Egbeda and was begging to see me and I refused because I told him about how he set up a Catholic priest in lagos and he denied it. He even said he would come to visit him after I have threatened him several times. Desmond is a thief he still has my phone number and contacts me at will. But always on the move.

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