Kito Alert: Beware Of The Persistent Hookup From Ojo, Lagos

Kito Alert: Beware Of The Persistent Hookup From Ojo, Lagos

Every so often, I get gay men who are residents of the Ojo environs of Lagos come into my DM to complain about how the Kito Diaries campaign against hooking up in Ojo is frustrating their sex lives. And I understand their frustrations, but it cannot be helped. The risks far outweigh the gains.

But one thing I usually say to guys like this is: “When you are getting to know someone you are interested in, you have to be so aware of where you reside, that it should make you sensitive to and considerate of the other person’s reservations. Don’t push. Don’t insist. And above all, don’t want them to come to your house for the first meet.”

If you are a genuinely gay person living in Ojo, your top consideration should be to be sensitive to ways the other guy can feel safe with getting to know you. And insisting that they come to your place, insisting that they ignore the caution against Ojo hookups even when they clearly seem hesitant about coming to see you, is selfish and wicked.

And if you are the person who someone living in Ojo is chyking online and he’s encouraging you to ignore your reservations and come see him at his place, TELL HIM TO FUCK OFF.

Be like the KDian in this conversation who said “No” enough times for the guy chyking him (who goes by the name Chikwado Daniel on Facebook) to reveal himself as kito scum.

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  1. Fred
    April 08, 06:49 Reply

    I just love bobo’s replies.

  2. Colossus
    April 08, 08:40 Reply

    The way he chats though, wouldn’t have given him a second of my time. Is he allergic to full sentences?

  3. ChubbyLover
    April 08, 09:03 Reply

    The always give monosyllabic responses showing how uninterested they are in knowing you.
    The fool started chatting plenty jargon all of a sudden when he was bursted, imagine!
    Met this guy on Badoo from Ojo back in the days when men were boys. He had just one picture in his profile, one I will ordinarily overlook on a good day.
    But with him being a chubby guy….and hairy, at least according to his pics, I had to give him a chance.
    I can only visit after we have become very close. There are exceptions though. Till then, I play the host….
    Called him one of the days I came to Lagos for work, guy man was going on about being dressed too casual to see me and all sweaty too owing to his parole for the day. Not having enough money to get an uber to come see me….bla bla bla. He wasn’t making any sense but I was determined to hit that chubby fat derriere.
    Fast forwarding, a public holiday presented an opportunity to change environment and unwind…..Lagos was my preferred location.
    This Ojo guy was always acting funny with his questions and he brags a lot too. Guy man was the smartest kid in his class, guy man was the best dressed in his class, ALL his male lecturers LOVE him….bla bla bla.
    Long story short, I was pumped for anything……called chubby Ojo paddy, gave him my hotel location.
    Didn’t bother to “track” him like I would have done….was properly pumped up!
    Alas guy man came….and that was it. Nothing interesting happened, had to force him to shower first and thankfully I had a body spray with me not the stick. Cleaned him up…..but nothing happened that is worth sharing. Yes he thought me how to pronounce Ojo correctly…. lol
    I have a big body frame so with all the kito scums I’ve seen online, not even one will not be scared to death when I show up. I feel bad seeing innocent people victimised. These guys are also scared, when they attack….grab anything you can find and hit the closest attacker as hard as you can. Put up a fight at least!
    I have had some near kito experience but luckily for them, I cracked their code.
    Stay safe guys, work with your instincts….we all have one. Fight if you have to….YOLO!!!

    • Chubbychub
      April 11, 06:52 Reply

      Is there any dm I can slide into?

      I might just be your type.

      • ChubbyLover
        April 13, 00:33 Reply

        Sure… let’s give it a go.
        Will send an email to PP….do same too.

  4. Eclectic
    April 11, 08:16 Reply

    Even I that live around the festac axis Don’t ever agree to meet with anyone around this axis. It’s not like everyone here is a kito, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Funny thing is that most people these days want to meet up with guys that stay at their backyard and even the guys that are real just want to say hello to you and expect that the next minutes you guys are having sex. Even if you live in the less kito prone areas, I’m still skeptical until I do my due diligence. Most genuine guys are not patient, when you actually want to find out more about them before you risk anything, they get offended and feel like you are playing games. Just because I see you on video chat and know your social media handle, doesn’t clear you. If you cannot be patient with my poking, and agree to a public meeting on a neutral ground, bye bye!

  5. ChubbyBryan
    April 13, 08:15 Reply


    I am basically bodily your spec.

    I am just a DM away.

    If you love them Clean , Fair and Chubby then let’s have a rump.

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