Kito Alert: Enough People Still Don’t Know That Ojo And Its Environs Are No-Go Areas For Hookups

Kito Alert: Enough People Still Don’t Know That Ojo And Its Environs Are No-Go Areas For Hookups

In the past several weeks, we have gotten reports about members of the community who got set up after they visited hookups who told them to come to places like Igando and Iyana School. These reports were equally painful and frustrating to hear, because it has been made very public knowledge that on no account should anyone – ANYONE – even entertain the idea of going to see anyone who tells them they stay in those two areas. It is also confusing that these people know enough about Kito Diaries to come report their unfortunate encounters with these kito scum, but do not know what we have preached so consistently and so loudly.

Here is someone who, in the space of a week, had kitoed three people, three of them who reported him within that week. While we were working on putting together a kito alert on him after the first report, two other came in rapid succession, with the third adding that the guy had even gotten into his Facebook account and is actively trying to lure his friends over to (where else?) Igando to come and see him.

His name is Emmy Bernard, and he is on Facebook with the same name. His number is 07015380693. He probably resides and certainly operates in the Igando area of Lagos. He is the run-of-the-mill kito scum who tries to get you to visit him with a resume of how he owns a “mini supermarket”, and when you get there, he is waiting with his gang to assault, extort and victimise you.

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  1. Felicia
    April 09, 10:04 Reply

    Please you all be safe…. I just tried his number now and the fool said I should come to his shop around that lasu side

  2. Fizoblinzs
    April 09, 10:06 Reply

    I will never advise anyone to visit around Okokomaiko or Ojo at its axis for hook up. There is 99% probability that the potential hook up is a Kito Scum. I stay around Ojo, even with the numerous greenlight I see from dudes, I still do not meet anyone around my axis. Most of them don’t work and they are always looking for ways to make quick money without stress. It’s heartbreaking that gay men still try to meet with people around this axis. Please resist the urge to visit these areas oo. Forget rough neck or any scruffy looking dude. Most of them might have STIs or other forms of sexual infection as majority of them do not see the need of using condoms. In their words, flesh to flesh Na better pass. In addition, from my observation, they have many gangs around these axis as they see it as a lucrative business.

    I have had my own share of their wicked act. PLEASE KEEP SAFE, STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTH.
    Good morning

  3. Jeromi
    April 17, 12:41 Reply

    This guy is a fugitive and wanted in Enugu by SARS anti kidnapping unit for kidnapping and cultism. It beats my imagination that he still lures people.

  4. Dan
    October 21, 07:57 Reply

    I have a question please, I hear kitos make videos of their victims after assaulting them, do they end up posting those videos?

    • Pink Panther
      October 21, 08:24 Reply

      Very few do. They mostly take the videos as a way to threaten their victims into silence.

  5. Zyl
    November 23, 10:14 Reply

    Truth b told I’ve fallen for d scum’s bait of how he’s a civil engineer and he also owns a supermarket. It was indeed premium tears bcos he sucked life out of me with his gang. Nemesis will definitely catch up with him.

  6. Ziy
    December 21, 23:46 Reply

    I’ve fallen for this particular bastard too truth be tol sadly as I am new to Lagos, took my phone,money, sucked my life out too with his gang. Definitely this motherfucker doesn’t deserve to live though.

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  8. the unknown
    April 19, 18:06 Reply

    hmmmmmmmmm funny how life is
    this same dude got a new identity now
    with dreadlock and tattos all over his hand
    to all the community member out there
    pls always check in kito diary to pix march
    any homophobic alert or chat shit is real .

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