gay basherThe guy pictured above, going by Liki Hussein on Facebook, is reportedly a student of Kogi State University and stays in Port Harcourt. This is a ‘just in case’ post. For those who like sliding into DMs, here’s one person’s DM you’d probably like to stay away from.17992186_971596639643016_7555471437849072683_n18055722_971597269642953_5173929371048369302_o

Next Openly Gay Richard Quest is apparently getting a very warm welcome from a homophobic Nigeria

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His name is (supposedly) Benjamin. He resides in Eluzo, Farm Road, Port Harcourt. He is on Grindr as Kingz Benjamin and on Facebook as Itz King Becks. His M.O is

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His name is Goodwill Nwatu. But he goes by the name Arnaudgome Zady on Facebook. (He operates two accounts on Facebook, THIS and THIS). His number is 09060018736. He is

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At eighteen, I wasn’t so different from other boys my age, and then again I was. I had a guilty pleasure: Fat Boys. Cute or not, as long as they


    • Mandy
      April 26, 07:00 Reply

      What’s your spec? Aren’t you ‘married’ to a fair, fine boy also? This Kito guy is basically another version of your Bae.

  1. Mandy
    April 26, 06:57 Reply

    Well this one is cute. And that’ll be the undoing of his victims.

  2. bain
    April 26, 07:35 Reply

    They always make the loudest noise…

  3. Francis
    April 26, 07:40 Reply

    Hmmmm, he cute today until he carries out his threats then he becomes ugly as fuck ?????

  4. Tyler
    April 26, 11:42 Reply

    Biko how do you guys slide into a total stranger Dm? Even when my gardar is sharp, I just can’t do that shit.

  5. Chuck
    April 26, 14:11 Reply

    Yoi see a homophobe and thr girst thing you think is “cute”.The work needed for you will keep therapists employed from uni to retirement.

    • Brian Collins
      April 26, 16:15 Reply

      Ehn o, because when other kito alerts come out and people start commenting how ugly the guys in question are, it’s okay for them to think how ugly they are first. Oga, jst goan Sidon abeg. Wee you not let sumborri see what they want to see?

  6. Henry
    April 26, 22:59 Reply

    Wait o…. Did u guys notice smetin….. Dis guy compared us to Satan. Is he trying to say that a gay guy is more evil than Satan himself (presumably d king if all evil)???? Chai…. I wonder wot I did wrong. Smetyms I usually wonder if straight guys (like dat guy up) are more righteous than me or I wronged someone o… I don’t even grab again why I shud suffer lyk Dis!!!

  7. Gad
    April 27, 00:34 Reply

    This is a timely warning. He who has ears should simply heed it and apply his heart unto wisdom. Though, that’s not the aim of the above post but I must add that the boy looks like a thief that hates himself.

  8. Logan
    April 27, 08:22 Reply

    You don’t like gay people then stay away. Nigerians and “I will gather boys” 5 and 6.
    To name a few :
    My lecturer failed me “I will gather boys”
    That babe no gree for me “I will gather boys”
    Dem thief my money “I will gather boys”
    That guy dey fuck up “I will gather boys”
    Igbo dey??? “I will gather boys”
    That babe sweet die “I will gather boys”
    Oya may una arrange for boko haram “I reject it”. I don’t criticize though, it’s just our way.

  9. Marvin
    April 28, 11:39 Reply

    I really feel bad when all these innocent gays are mistreated… Most of them are often tender, soft and hopelessly looking for someone genuine to be with. But to all of you hook-up, dick and ass mongers, I feel less pity for you! Sleeping around with so many dudes won’t help you in anyway. Continue to be messing around, being selective and waiting for Mr Perfection, one day someone will give you the best lesson of your life and it will be too late for you to realize you have been fucking up big time! The Western gay people gain their freedom through being persistent and the genuine relationships and love they showcased to their people not the through the constant stupid hook-ups you do here. Hit and run, TB things, suck dicks, fuck asses, jump here today and climb there tomorrow! Grow the fuck up and start showing these useless and hateful straight people that you can be gay and keep serious relationships. Excuse me!

    • Tangie Bloom
      May 01, 21:32 Reply

      How knowledgeable you are about the Western gays indeed!

      You probably know all about Stonewall. You have read all the books, seen all the documentaries and interviewed all the survivors. You must be able to draw the insides of all the old Molly-houses from all the pictures you’ve eagerly studied. And how fluent you must be in Polari! I need lessons – maybe you’ll teach me?

      The truth is you know jack-shit about the gay rights movements in the West. All you have is your sanctimonious view of what relationships and sex should be in the gay community. You probably didn’t even develop these views by choice. You must have been so often rejected for being physically unattractive that you decided everyone who has lots of sex is an immoral slut who deserves whatever he has coming to him.

      Stop trying to cry out for acceptance while at the same time putting other people down. And stop equating the superiority you think you have to the superiority you are so sure The West has over you. You sound just like every other self-loathing white supremacist who unfortunately happens to be black. Or at least try to be original about it.

      Yours truly,

  10. Quinn
    May 02, 09:02 Reply

    Shouldn’t we do same to homophobes? We could start from him. Stalk him and you know, just break one leg. only one

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