Openly Gay Richard Quest is apparently getting a very warm welcome from a homophobic Nigeria

Openly Gay Richard Quest is apparently getting a very warm welcome from a homophobic Nigeria

CNN anchor, Richard Quest, is in Nigeria to conduct some interviews for his program, Quest Means Business. Quest is also an openly gay man, and has received nothing but the warmest reception since arrival in Nigeria.IMG-20170425-WA0016quest in naija

Reacting to this, Gay rights activist Bisi Alimi, in a post on Instagram called Nigerians hypocrites for according Quest the respect they would not their fellow countrymen who are gay.


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  1. Henrie
    April 26, 05:29 Reply

    They celebrate out of ignorance..

  2. KingBey
    April 26, 05:36 Reply

    They are celebrating him because of achievements not because of his sexuality.

    • Pink Panther
      April 26, 05:38 Reply

      You have missed the point. But going by what you’re saying, how come Kenny Brandmuse or Bisi himself are only getting maligned by homophobic Nigerians, and no one is celebrating them for their achievements?

  3. Papi
    April 26, 05:46 Reply

    of course they will celebrate him, Nigerians are obsessed with anything oyibo or foreign. At this point, nobody cares if he’s gay or not.

    • Pink Panther
      April 26, 05:47 Reply

      Nigerians have an overwhelming sense of double standards. The thing punishable for a Nigerian is pardonable for someone from overseas. It’s just what it is.

  4. Amon
    April 26, 06:18 Reply

    When you worship a white God what do you expect?

  5. Francis
    April 26, 07:38 Reply

    Moral of the story when you gay, rich and powerful, most Nigerians no send. Selfie. ??

  6. Mac nuel
    April 26, 08:11 Reply

    Nigerians are so gullible dats if the word applies.

  7. Kenny
    April 26, 10:26 Reply

    How to be gay in Nigeria? Be rich and very successful!

  8. Delle
    April 26, 15:20 Reply

    I mean it’s fucking annoying. But obviously our inferiority complex won’t allow us be great. These white people do not see us as equals but we practically worship them (a white man would come down to our country and make one of us his driver *rme*).
    It’s obviously with this mindset that Richard is given the strawberry treatment and our very own gay personalities are regarded abominations.

    Such mind-boggling shame.

  9. Gag
    April 26, 16:48 Reply

    What would you have preferred?? Him being stoned and chased out of Nigeria?? Or being imprisoned? Let him enjoy his stay here instead of looking for ways to tarnish him. And who knows If he is being judged behind the scenes!

    • Pink Panther
      April 26, 16:55 Reply

      Really? That s what you think the outrage is about? That we want him treated badly? That s what you think is the point here?


  10. Henry
    April 26, 18:09 Reply

    Don’t u guys think saying anything now is smehw risky… This might make Nigerian homophobes wanna prove themselves…. Sha they might not wanna try themselves with d US…eh..ehnnn…when dem no wan die…But this one Trump is president….hmmmn…. Sha all am saying is it wud b beta if dis gist came up after he’s left.

    • Pink Panther
      April 26, 18:12 Reply

      Richard Quest could himself announce that he’s gay, and Nigerians won’t touch him. He’s white and powerful. And homophobes only thrive when their victim is perceived to be weaker than them.

      • Pankar
        May 02, 08:41 Reply

        I may subscribe to “homophobes only thrive when their victim is perceived to be weaker than them”. I’ve been in an hotel room with a girl who my male paddy wanted badly, but she wanted I.. We had met her earlier at the bar and it was late so I gave her a chance to pass the night in my room. My ‘paddy’ who had planned to go home after our work bout on my laptop in the hotel room because there was no light at home suddenly changed plans because of the gal. I locked him out when i saw where this was leading.He then went and told the hotel management there are two lesbians locking him out of ‘his room’. They pulled down the door while my girl jittered. I calmed her down all the way telling her nought will happen. As they pulled open the door, I saw a multitude of men and women chanting. Somehow, as they saw it was I in the room, they turned on my paddy and accosted him to repair the door. Must!. Though Im touted as one who throws deviants into jail and allow them rot there, 6 years later, I marvel really at how it happened but I say it was the Holy Spirit

        • Francis
          May 02, 08:46 Reply

          Seriously?! What was the fucktard hoping to achieve oh! Too bad they didn’t pour the beating they had prepared for you on him.

  11. Logan
    April 27, 08:06 Reply

    It’s not just about sexuality, it’s a lot of things. I schooled in Benin Republic & you should see the unity amongst their people. Over there, see Nigerians fighting, criticizing & even killing their own. I’d never forget this one experience I had that made me realize there’s just no hope for the people. Guess what, the government we have have absolutely nothing to do with our bloody bigotry.

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