Kito Alert: A Word To The Wise II

Kito Alert: A Word To The Wise II

A KDian offered this information as yet another kito technique we should look out for:

The person he chatted with on Grindr said he was a 36 year old man with two kids but living alone at Iba Estate. When he isn’t working in an insurance firm, he owns a beauty salon and other businesses. The Facebook name he provided was Charles Stephen. And his phone numbers are 08171315397 and 08039624193, none of which yields any result when run through a Facebook or true caller search. The directions to his place include a stop at Iyana School and a bike to Chemist bus stop, and then the tired “I’m busy at the moment, but my younger brother will come and get you” excuse.

Additionally, there’s been a story here about a KDian who got duped and nearly kitoed over a hookup he was supposed to have in a hotel room with someone who supposedly just came into Nigeria from overseas. Let us kindly wise up to this fallacy. Until you get full detailed information – with lots of video calls thrown in for good measure – kindly stay away from going to see any “coming from America” hookups in their hotel rooms.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise. Please kindly spread this word around to those who have no access to Kito Diaries.

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  1. Delle
    February 22, 09:29 Reply

    Oh my God! I know this man o!

    We conversed on Grindr (which I just recently re-joined) few days back and he told me he is a Lawyer and has a supermarket also.
    At the mention of Supermarket, I knew this one was not authentic. I still asked where his supermarket is located and he said “Iyanaschool”

    I asked for a meet at a mall and this ox vehemently refused, saying it has to be at the mini-mart.

    Oh boy! The block button has never come in handy. Idiot!!!

  2. Quinn
    February 23, 03:05 Reply

    We need to catch on of these men and beat them up o

    • Emmett
      April 02, 23:28 Reply

      I buy your idea Quinn…. Very important we all men even !

  3. Tiercel de Claron
    February 23, 08:16 Reply

    How can you be going to Iba Estate and drop at Iyana School?.
    That’s crazy,and for those who don’t know the area at all,Google map is there for a reason

    • Tiercel de Claron
      February 23, 08:18 Reply

      As for having a first meet in a hotel,whether with a ‘returnee’ or not,sorry na your middle name.

      • DeadlyDarius
        February 23, 09:27 Reply

        As for the ‘returnee’ meets, it has a lot to do with greed and desire for quick money. Like the kito story of the guy that willingly sent face nudes to someone he never did video call with, used his last money to travel to Abj from the east AND ended up being used for sex, dumped THEN blackmailed with said nudes.

  4. Bola
    March 29, 03:19 Reply

    Met this man.. On gr. He said he is a married man and but stay alone. His family are in Ghana. We planned to hook up. When he called, my trucaller says Charles Stephen…. I quickly went on FB…but I wasn’t much convinced he was real.. Until he sent me description. “Ikotun, last bus stop and take to ijegun”…..Ijegun??? “Hell no, I won’t be kitoed the second time”…I said to myself.

    • Boomboom
      March 29, 15:13 Reply

      No wonder I no dey get hookups. Once I say ijegun, na blocking be my case. Omo. I have gone places I never knew existed because of dick. I am 28 just started receiving last month, never though it would ever happen sef so I am reckless. I need to respect my self lest I be kitoed.

  5. ik sam
    April 27, 09:29 Reply

    Loooooool this is savage, please, guys be very careful. Even as we comment here some of the jobless bastards are here reading our comments and learning new strategies. Say no to going to meet strangers in a hotel room,say no to home visiting, God gave u brains use them.

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