Kito Alert LIII

Kito Alert LIII

This is mainly for those in Port Harcourt and surrounding environs.

His name is reportedly Dante Ibinabo, and he hails from Rivers State. On Facebook however, he goes by the Modrich Somina.

His number is 08183736349.

He resides in Port Harcourt and operates with a gang around Peter Odili Road and Trans Amadi Layout. Their M.O. is to lure gay guys over and then spring out on them to beat, harass and traumatize them into giving up money to secure their release. They are so confident in the security of their evil that even when you shout and try to call for help, they’d assure you that no one will come to rescue you. Pretty much the mode of operation of every kito scum that works in a gang these days.

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  1. Larry
    January 15, 18:41 Reply

    I’m really glad I got his face at last on this blog. This guy is deadly. I can’t forget March 13th 2018. Dislocated my right shoulder my face was disfigured. If there’s more to get justice for what this guy and his cohort did to me. I will insist further. But in the MAIN… TIME PLS AND PLS BEWARE OF THIS SCUM. Dante Ibinabo from Kalabari Rivers State.

    • flexsterous
      January 16, 23:25 Reply

      this motherfucker was not the one I went to meet, I was lured by one of his other friend and a third guy was involved, they broke my head and tore my clothes, I screamed, people saw me but did nothing. they collected both my phones and withdrew over 60k from NY account b4 I could block my account.

      • Larry
        January 17, 19:22 Reply

        My God. Mine was at Marine Guest house area along Peter Odili. They were actually three of them. I suspect they have a barbers shop along that street. Cos when we shook hands his hand was cold. Meaning he was in an a.c. room.Noticed one of it along that road.

  2. Persimmon
    January 15, 19:51 Reply

    I’m really scared shitless about this kito thing. I have never been kitoed before despite being a “big whore” back in the day during visits to Naija, but I know better now. Thinking of it, I am of the conviction that God saved me, because my very good friend was kitoed during that period and it wasn’t even funny, because the case almost went to court as police was looking for 300K in bribe…

    What scares me the most, is that almost no one can be trusted. Same people in the community, are the same ones “casting” us. It is not funny anymore. Something drastic definitely needs to be done.

  3. ChubbyLover
    January 17, 06:52 Reply

    I am an old school “spec” person.
    So far it has been me being extremely selective and not visiting anyone….. especially for the first time.Even after all the “wooing” talk …. screening for a meet-up is extremely rigorous. I give the “akamu” time to set cos I also like “agidi”.
    Konji no be bastard last last…..afterall Tyson Furry claims to wank 7 times daily. Maybe, this is the solution to avoid this kito thing.

  4. ChubbyLover
    January 17, 06:58 Reply

    Maybe sending this link to his FB contacts will assist in letting them know the “occupation” of this evil man…

    January 19, 22:30 Reply

    I don’t really get it though, I don’t see any reason why a reasonable person would condescend to wanting to hook up with this duplicitous and duckling-looking scumbag. The best thing these days is to stick to relationship other than hookups.

  6. Plain
    April 27, 23:43 Reply

    One of his gang mate is Wilson Issac Aches
    A student of UST
    He is the one that texts on the hookup apps

    • Pink Panther
      April 28, 00:12 Reply

      How sure are you about this? Do you have anything to back it up? If you do, please email them to me so I can make a kito alert on him

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