Kito Alert: Forget Hooking Up. Criminal Homosexuals Like Bobby Moses Chima Just Want To Meet You So They Can Embarrass You into Giving Them What They Want

Kito Alert: Forget Hooking Up. Criminal Homosexuals Like Bobby Moses Chima Just Want To Meet You So They Can Embarrass You into Giving Them What They Want

I don’t even know why I’m still getting reports from people – KDians – who say they meet with these guys. But OK. This isn’t going to be another post intended to chastise the community for not paying heed to the kito alerts. No. I am done with that. Let them that have ears listen.

This post is intended to show how criminal gays like Bobby Moses Chima – who has been exposed right HERE and HERE – have apparently dumped all the subtlety that used to be their stock in trade.

They no longer operate with stealth, it will seem. Heck, they no longer even need to work with the guise of a hookup.


All they want is to come meet you in your place, whether for sex or just a casual meet, where they know they can cause the kind of drama that will harass you into giving them what they want.

After hearing two reports concerning this particular guy named Bobby Moses Chima aka Amani Anderson, I felt I should send out this alert so people can SIMPLY STOP MEETING THEM FOR WHATEVER REASON!!!

Below is the latest account of him trying to pull this stunt on the guy who reported him to us:

And because it is important, I have to remind you all that this guy has been linked with other kito scum like DESMOND GOLD, WARRI aka CARIM, MARIO DEL RIO and REPENTED AGELESS aka DAVIS ALVAN.

These guys are career criminals who, it seems, are now making a living off setting up regular gay Nigerians who just want to live and let live.


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  1. Loki
    January 31, 07:56 Reply

    Kito, dis has been my greatest fear since i understood i am gay. cant somone hook up freely witout fear of being kitoed???.
    I face problems jst bcuse am gay, i dnt need these idiots adding petrol to d flames. Dey make wanting to b loved feel like a crime.

  2. Mitch
    January 31, 12:21 Reply

    Can you imagine the nonsense?
    This stupidity is becoming too much.
    Isn’t there a way we can get these stupid boys together and have them beaten to a bloody pulp so they can learn their lesson? Or, better yet, break some of their bones so the lesson can sink in?

  3. Sage Philip
    January 31, 12:47 Reply

    I can help with the address of where they live (Bobby and Mario), in case someone wants to go tit for tat.

    • Higwe
      January 31, 18:01 Reply

      Please help me with Mario’s address .
      I definitely want to go for a tit for tat. ??

      • Sage Philip
        February 05, 11:46 Reply

        Ask Pp for my mail. will send you the address there.

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