We have two kito scum updates today, both of them presumably from Lagos:

1. Chiboy

This one goes by several names: most notable among them according to the reports that came in about him are Chiboy and Michael Vino.

His number is 09059129926.

There’s nothing original about how he operates. It’s the standard homosexual kito scum M.O. Either lure his targets to his area where he’ll be waiting with his gang, or he’ll visit you and after having sex with you, threaten to expose you until he has sufficiently extorted from you however amount of money he wants.

He is more active on Instagram as Chiboy9611, but is also on Facebook as Chiboy Joel.


2. Great Song

This is of course a moniker, but it is also the name he has on his two Facebook accounts (HERE and HERE).

His number is 07056084795.

It is unclear if he is gay, but he targets queer groups, especially on WhatsApp under the guise of a gay guy, looking for information to blackmail community members with.

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  1. Delle
    December 14, 09:07 Reply

    Why does Great Song look like Chucky

    • Hilary
      December 14, 11:10 Reply

      A very valid question. I’m co asking.

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