His name is Bobby Moses aka Poko, but is on Facebook as Amani Anderson.

His number is 09070514874.

From all accounts that have been coming to us, he is gay and despicable. Underhanded. Thieving. Scum. The kind of hookup that comes to see you and tries to use brute force or threat of exposure to victimise you.

His last victim was a married man who invited him to his house. A hookup he went to with a friend (read accomplice). The MGM was (foolishly) not alarmed by the presence of the friend. Something he would later regret when the threats and physical assault broke out on him.

After a prolonged struggle, he was able to get out of the house and went to rally some neighborhood support. The cavalry caught the boys trying to make away with the victim’s phones and personal items. They were apprehended and the rest is history.

A word of advice here: if you ask a hookup over to your house, DO NOT WELCOME ANY OTHER PERSON HE MAY BRING ALONG WITH HIM!!! The hookup who comes with a friend will almost always have intentions against you other than sex. at least, with one person, if shit goes sideways, you have a fighting chance.

Another word of advice: If you ask a hookup over to your hotel room, ENSURE THAT YOU LOCK THE DOOR ONCE HE GETS INSIDE THE ROOM!!! LOCK THE DOOR AND KEEP THE KEY!!! This will greatly minimise situations where accomplices will just barge into the room to catch you in a compromising position.

As usual, a word or two to the wise is enough.

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  1. Plastique
    July 25, 06:54 Reply

    they never change do they.

    they’re a clique, him, Samuel and Kingsley ejikeme. bunch of scum bags.

    the worst part? they’re actually gay themselves! i don’t understand this madness

    one time his friend Samuel stole my tablet and another guys laptop, i asked around, got an lgbt soldier’s contact that was close to samuel and he returned the stuff, unfortunately he had formatted the laptop which had very important work files.

    useless people! useless!

    • CHUCK
      July 26, 13:06 Reply

      Please how can I get the lgbt soldier’s contact? There are people we need to neutralize

  2. Quincy
    July 25, 07:20 Reply

    Lock d door ke wat if d person came along with small weapons, like gun and kitchen knife or even charm

    • ken
      July 25, 11:18 Reply

      lols u watch too many naija movies

  3. Lopez
    July 25, 07:51 Reply

    When our brains are between our legs stories that touch the heart will keep coming up. I know kito was not written on anybody’s face but look at the first picture on this story. Just take a look and tell me if you’ll invite someone that post a picture like that on social media to your house when you take a moment to put your brain in your skull. when it smells like shit it is probably shit people

  4. Delle
    July 25, 09:02 Reply

    Looking like someone undergoing chemotherapy

    • Audrey
      July 25, 09:09 Reply

      No be small undergoing Chemotherapy.
      Used to have the idiot on my list but couldn’t stand the sight of him without even meeting him so one day I woke in a very foul mood and the first person’s post I saw was his na so I use vex delete,unfollow and then block am with four bags of cement.One down,more to go.

  5. ken
    July 25, 11:24 Reply

    “The MGM was (foolishly) not alarmed by the presence of the friend.”

    i am sure the “MGM” has feltcenough “foolishness” from d incident to last a life time. No need to add salt to d injury by reading it here on kitodiaries. i do not understand the bias against MGM. If it was an unmarried gay man, i am sure u wont say “The unmarried gay was (foolishly) not alarmed by the presence of the friend.” This phrase is unnecessary in my opinion

    • J
      July 25, 13:51 Reply

      Pinky has opened a gap, an apology is needed here ☺

      There’s so much pressure on married gay men I guess. I can only imagine what they are passing through in their daily lives. Please be strong for the sake of the children ?

      • Malik
        July 25, 16:24 Reply

        ??? J!!!

        With all due respect to MGMs, I don’t think Pinky meant any harm or disrespect. MGM or SGM, it’s not a great idea to allow two men into your house for a hookup.

        • Pink Panther
          July 25, 18:06 Reply

          Thank you, Malik. It’s nice to see Someone read to understand.

      • Pink Panther
        July 25, 17:59 Reply

        @ J, what sort of nonsense apology is needed? It’s not my problem if someone lets his insecurities give him a faulty understanding of what I wrote.

    • Pink Panther
      July 25, 17:54 Reply

      @ ken,
      Whatever bias you read there is entirely your own. If it was an unmarried gay man, I would write the same thing because the foolishness applies to the behaviour not the marital status. If you have MGM insecurities you’re battling, do them far away from me please.

      • ken
        July 26, 10:32 Reply

        Please grow up, nobody is quarreling with u. Your anger and tone is unnecessary.

    • KingBey
      July 28, 05:49 Reply

      An MGM is at a higher risk and is supposed to be more careful than the unmarried one. Married men, bikonu let’s stick to the old friends that we already know. Experimenting with new people is very risky especially in Nigeria. ?

  6. ROCK
    July 25, 17:45 Reply

    This one looks like trouble.

  7. Henry.
    July 25, 18:12 Reply

    I just visited the Amani Anderson facebook account. The dude is also calling out the man. Though what he claims that the man did to him sounds too mean to be real, but Pinky you have to run some investigative journalism here to find out who is saying the truth.

    • Pink Panther
      July 25, 19:47 Reply

      First of all, I wouldn’t take too seriously a guy whose comments is filled with supportive friends, some of who have been exposed as kitoers here.

      Secondly, this incident happened days ago. I find it curious that he waited until today to tell his “truth”.

  8. Noble
    July 25, 18:41 Reply

    The guy has even blocked me for commenting on the post he made.

  9. Noble
    July 25, 18:49 Reply

    The guy is also calling out the man on facebook. He even blocked me for commenting on the post he made ???.

    • Ik
      July 26, 08:49 Reply

      Please how did you see his profile on facebook. I can’t find it. I want to check if I have any mutual friend with him so that I would do the needful immediately

  10. Uchenna
    July 25, 19:20 Reply

    Oh chim. Hooks ups in Nigeria ehn. Send pictures to friends, check KD, check social media, check true caller plus all the precaution you have to take when meeting. You even have to be on guard during and after sex!!

    • J
      July 25, 20:39 Reply

      It so unfortunate that some people will have to learn through experience. We just pray that they will have the luck to escape and heal from the aftermath of the Kito.

      When two people are genuinely interested in each other, they won’t bother about what they will get from each other. No one can satisfy your unlimited needs if you don’t have the spirit of gratitude. Learn to be contented and work hard for whatever you want, don’t depend on anyone for anything and you won’t be disappointed.

    • KingBey
      July 28, 05:53 Reply

      Won’t all these drama erase the fun part? Just kukuma stick to old friends. Na same taste preeq and nyash get ?

  11. Bells
    July 26, 10:22 Reply

    That’s the same scum bag who kitoed my friends( two of them at different times) he goes by the name Melvin or Bobby. Am sure he would meet his water loo soon, that would send him to a place of no return cos that’s what he deserves. Such a mean ass.

  12. Freddy
    July 28, 06:59 Reply

    See ehn let me tell you about Bobby. First time we met he tried to force me to pay for his hotel room despite inviting me over from yellow pages without money talk. After we settled, I started paying him to fuck. His ass is sooooooft like fresh bread, his lips are juicy and he takes dick like a champion. However, I could always see traces of rough life on him. One time he came over with scars on his ass like someone they used for orgy bottom. Had to cut him lose then and blocked him after pounding out a final nut. Very money hungry guy as well but I knew how to handle his crazy the day he wanted to overdo. His dad is an officer apparently

  13. Frank
    July 30, 15:21 Reply

    You guys need to carry this further because this Bobby guy is an unrepentant ashawo. He is still going on Facebook with his friends (some of whom have been featured here for kito before) and accusing this man of setting him up and raping him. I wish you guys knew this dunce. He and his friends are part of the reason why police raided Egbeda. They set up and man and took 300k from him, then they fought over dividing the money and somehow police got involved. You guys need to see what he is writing on his Facebook now. I’m so annoyed! This boy is gay as every colour of the rainbow and he is a THIEF. UGH!

  14. Silver
    August 06, 10:09 Reply

    Hmmmmmm poko is wild from onset but I have never to it will extend to these, now I lost the confident to say I once know these fool before thou he has always steal from people which he tried with my friend dollars thinking it was 100 or 50 dollar after hot fuck he stole few of the dollars which I stripe him naked and get them back thou he also came with a friend then also the both has the dollars kept in between their asshole so seeing him go astray isn’t funny to me he deserves more than beating these popular gay boy has shamed the community

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