This guy is named Nelson Michael. He is on Facebook with the same name. According to reports, he is based in Uyo.

He is queer and has become known in some circles in the community as someone who will come to your place, possibly to spend the night, and then drug you so he can have the chance to rob you and disappear with your valuables.


Terry Asimiea is based in Port Harcourt. His number is 07043065521.

He has at least three Facebook accounts (HERE, HERE and HERE).

He operates with a gang in the Ada-George/St. John’s/Iwofe link neighbourhoods in Obio-Akpor.

He acts like a friend, making you think he is someone you can trust. According to reports, the victim even confided his sexuality in him – which, I suppose, led to Terry Asimiea targeting him. He operates by luring you to where he and his gang will assault and rob you.


His name is Ugochukwu Emmanuel Onujiogu Frank. He is based in Abuja. His numbers are 08109463414 and 07012869727.

He operates by befriending gay men with the intention of hooking up. Whether he is actually gay himself or not is not clear. But he will screenshot and screen-record any “incriminating” exchange between him and his intended victims, using these to blackmail them with threats of exposure. According to reports, he often works with guys who claim to be in the army.

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  1. Morgan
    November 09, 23:48 Reply

    That Terry guy looks like Pinky in one of his pictures

    Just saying

  2. Brian
    November 23, 11:17 Reply

    I knew this idea of hookup that is brewing up in the gay community is bound to degenerate into all manners of worse case scenarios, especially in a country like Nigeria filled with a lot of Hyenas, opportunists.

  3. Paperchaser
    December 04, 00:29 Reply

    Soon Michael don join kito gang. His days are numbered

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