His name is Steven Ehis (Steven Andrew on Facebook).

His numbers are 08107941714 and 09053629334

Resides in Lagos, Ikorodu area.

His M.O. is to chat with you and get you believing he’s gay, until he meets with you where he uses force and the threat of exposure to intimidate you into paying money to him. He is also a thief who will make away with whatever of yours he considers valuable.

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  1. Mariposa
    March 29, 06:55 Reply

    LORD, Help Us… At a Point I was Happy this Kito Stuff reduced… ??????. Had a Chat with this Dude some time ago. He invited me over to Ikorodu… I couldn’t stop laughing see such… *IKORODU*… Even my Axis abi Environment I find it difficult to visit talkless invite its now IKORODU.
    May Sexual Gratification not lead us into a Journey of no return/an Unforgettable Journey with Nightmares. Amen…

    Let’s be Careful.

  2. Posh
    March 29, 07:04 Reply

    The reason I don’t even reply messages from all these “GRABIS” once they send their pictures…

  3. Hustler
    March 29, 07:47 Reply

    Lol, guess i was lucky we had sex tho was quite a waste of time but i outsmarted him, beat him to his money demanding games..

    • Higwe
      March 29, 11:01 Reply

      How did you manage to subdue such a beast ???

  4. OgheneTobore
    March 29, 10:38 Reply

    Why do most of this muscle cladded pricks exchange their functioning brains for muscles and gym time. I’m so over it!

  5. Peace
    March 29, 11:05 Reply

    With his receding hairline. Noinzense and ingredients. Msstccheewww!!!

    • J
      March 30, 12:21 Reply

      LOL his hairline got you boiling abi? Such a cute hunky with no aspirations, he could be somebody’s husband. Those heavy weights they lift can make them go bald. He has all the stamina needed to work on a cassava farm, but no he prefers stealing.

  6. ROCK
    March 29, 11:38 Reply

    This guy is gay na
    He is one of those idiots that demand money as a way of denying that they are gay.Internalised homophobia.

  7. Biggest prick
    March 30, 12:20 Reply

    He’s a motherfucking gay.
    I fucked the living hell outta his hard ass last month. So here is the gist:
    He kitoed my friend’s date late last year. Since then, we started planning for his waterloo and finally caught up with him last month. We lured him to a house in lekki and he thinking he had hit a jackpot(fresh lekki boy) stupidly came. There were 5 of us in the room, all heavily built top. We surrendered and drugged him before we proceeded to fuck the living hell outta his iron asshole. The whole fuck session went down all night and we made sure to video him taking it from behind.
    Later the next day when he finally got himself, we showed him some of the videos and warned him that we would leak it if he tried anything funny.

    Please make una forgive me errors, English too hard for my brain.

    • Higwe
      March 30, 12:58 Reply

      So you’re basically admitting to rape and blackmail ?

      I know he doesn’t deserve much but mmmmh ….. ?

      • Bushbaby
        March 30, 13:45 Reply

        @higwe no let me find bottle for you o. What rubbish?!? How dare you sympathize with those bastards? Have you read any kito story in this site? I have a friend who has been victimized three good times. (And he has the purest of heart. This nigga won’t hurt a mosquito)

        This is our judiciary body. Our own task force.

        Do you blame the judge who had sentenced someone to death?
        So, shut up mbok.

        • Higwe
          March 30, 14:29 Reply

          This is your idea of Justice ?
          Mmmh …. let’s not drag this matter further…

          I acquisece…

          Have a thoughtful weekend . Bye

    • Bushbaby
      March 30, 13:39 Reply

      This is the bestest thing I’ve ever read here. I’ve always thought of a gang yo curb this kito madness. Please you and your Friend need bottles. ( Pinky get his info and maybe any kito case will be reported to he and his friends so justice can be served.)
      I’m sooooo damn happy reading this. I hope it’s not fiction sha o.

      There should be an official inauguration of this KitoTaskForce!

      I know many hunks that should join this task force.

    • Dalloway
      April 05, 07:56 Reply

      I think you should share the video with PP. Not to post online but so this idiot won’t have mouth to be writing rubbish here again

  8. Biggest prick
    March 30, 13:33 Reply

    @pinkPanther, yes, everything I said there is true. He was broken when he finally regained himself. You need to see him crying like a baby and us beaming with total satisfaction. The rainbow gods must have been very proud of us too.

    @Higwe, what are u saying? It is this coward mentality of yours that is fueling this kito incidents. Every kito out there deserves the worst punishment one can think of. If we don’t give it to them 2 eyes for an eye, they would never stop.


    • Chuck
      March 30, 13:49 Reply

      So when are you capturing Idowu Adeyemi?

    • Higwe
      March 30, 14:22 Reply

      There are many ways to exert punishments without turning out to be worse than what you’re condemning .

      Let’s look at it this way …from the article he’s a Petty thief ,who uses force and blackmail to obtain money from intending gay hook_ ups .

      You on the other hand …you’re a rapist , a druggie and a blackmailer .

      I was never good at statistics but why does it appear like you’re worse ?

      And to what end ?
      He clearly has not changed , because if he had ,why do we have this article a month later …

      All you did was satisfy your canal desires at the pretence of exerting ” Justice ” ….and let an animal carry on with his deleterious ways .

      You didn’t do this for the gay community ;you did it to live a crude fantasy of yours ( and that’s okay * I guess* ) but don’t try to sway this like you were in some form of kito crusade …gay men deserve better martyrs .

      It’s actually whimsical , thinking I’m a kitoer’s sympathizer since I’ve been a victim of kito myself .
      You know that was actually the reason I enrolled into self defense classes and started gyming because I wanted to be able to defend myself just in case such a situation crops up again .

      So_ Mr ” biggest ” prick , I’m not a kito sympathizer , just someone hoping that in the rare situation a person kitoed gets a chance to exert revenge , they’d leave a sourvenir that could potentially protect other future victims ;not just their rapist gang .


      I don’t know anything about gods or rainbow gods ..but if this is what your rainbow ” god ” approves of …. it’s time you changed your ministry .?

  9. Biggest prick
    March 30, 17:31 Reply

    @higwe, I wish I could give you a bit of my heart now but due to my poor command of the English language, I don’t know how to put it all out in writing(now, I regret doing high class runs at my time in the university instead studying hard). I will just swallow it and let you get away with your self righteousness.

    • Higwe
      March 30, 18:07 Reply

      Trust me brother ….I’m as far from righteousness as a desert is from a river.

      I do shitty things too ….if I were to make a list , I’m sure it would last longer than the amount of hours you people allegedly spent raping Stephen.

      But then in the words of the great ” Robert Greene ” ….Have a limit …

      Vengeance is sweet ,but never forget it is a two edged sword ….

      I speak out not in condemnation of you ;rather ,take this in advisement _there are many ways to kill a rat ,that doesn’t involve potentially cutting your own toes.

      The deed is done already , just enlightening you Incase of future occurrences …

      The road to hell is often paved with the best intentions.

      And I think your English is decent enough …you can say whatever you like to say . I’d still treat it the way I treat most of the negative comments here _ with indifference .?

  10. Daniel
    March 31, 08:29 Reply

    He is on planet romeo…his name there CHOSINGONE…he has cool write up…becareful guys of profiles with the coolest things…i knew from on set that he must be fake.

  11. Ken
    April 03, 11:38 Reply

    Just because he sent me 2k to come over to meet him and I suspended it and he get hurt and started composing rubbish. I pity u kid . And some of u here are saying that u have raped me lol like seriously. BIGGEST PRICK. U ain’t nothing but pussy hole . Come suck my dick stupid gay boy . J, u are an asshole. Ur parents work as a farmer to raised u and definitely u will soon go back to join em in the village. HUSTLER u beat me like seriously. Alright lets book appointment for show let’s see what u can offer . If u don’t find urself in the grave u call me bastard. God punish u and ur generations. All u guys just come up here and started saying a whole lots of rubbish asshole. Fuck all y’all who talk shit . Rip or peaces asshole.

    • Coke
      April 03, 16:38 Reply

      Are you gay or not young man? You can earn money from male prostitution instead of taking things by force some people are willing to pay for hefty hunks like yourself just tell them your price

    • J
      April 05, 14:11 Reply

      If farming can give you money and stop you from stealing, then I will advise you to start farming. I have forgiven you, your past doesn’t matter to me as long as you will change and stop stealing. Come let’s get married and follow me to my village, my mother is a farmer. There’s a wide farmland for us to cultivate babes ???

      Please leave my boyfriend alone, Ken darling chop kiss ?

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