Could You Kindly Take A Moment To Participate In This Survey?

Could You Kindly Take A Moment To Participate In This Survey?

Hello guys, warm greetings!

My name is Samuel Atilola, a practicing clinical psychologist and a student (MSc) of the University of Ibadan. My research interest is in the psychological realities of queer individuals in the Nigerian context.

Are they thriving psychologically on a level expected and comparable to their heterosexual counterpart?

If not, what psychosocial and sociodemographic factors could be responsible for this suboptimal state?

To what extent do sexual minorities accept and internalize the ideologies of the heterosexist majority?

And what are the psychological implications of this culturally imposed internalization?

Big words (lol), I know. But please, bear with me.

My interest in this area of study was informed by 3 things. First, my field of practice; as a clinical psychologist, my overarching motive is the psychological and mental wellbeing of people in general, but more importantly populations at risk, e.g., victims of childhood abuse, individuals from dysfunctional homes, sexual and gender non-conforming subpopulations, etc.

Second, my interest was also partly informed by my personal experience of, and consequent sensibility to, what it means to be different from the majority and for one to be perceived as such. While my experience as a straight man cannot be compared with those in the LGBTQI category, both in its intensity and viciousness, it sensitizes and centers my awareness of the worse realities (inner and outer) that sexual and gender minorities must constantly negotiate in their daily encounters.

Third, I’m privileged to have made a few gay and bisexual friends by chance. When I told one of them about my decision to make sexual minorities the subject of my research and that I’ll need both his support and assurances, he willingly gave both in abundance. However, his sincere efforts have yielded little with respect to the target number we have in mind, hence my decision to apply to a wider base.

It was by the most random and fortunate chance that I encountered one of the members of this community on Twitter. I have both been touched and encouraged by his response from the outset. And it’s on account of his generosity that I’m able to gain access to this exclusive platform.

The title of my Study is: THE INFLUENCE OF INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA AND DISCLOSURE OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION ON THE PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLBEING OF GAY AND BISEXUAL MEN IN NIGERIA. It’s strictly meant for biological queer males. The data collection is strictly online and interested participants need only follow the link below to the questionnaire to participate. There are no personally identifying questions and anonymity is fully guaranteed.

I want to thank the editor-in-chief for his agreeableness and consent to introduce me to this platform. Nothing will give me more pleasure than to share with you guys the outcome of my study at its conclusion.

To participate in this survey, simply CLICK HERE and fill out the questionnaire.

Thank you, and God bless.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    November 09, 10:01 Reply

    The survey was straightforward and easy to answer. Nicely designed (speaking from a research perspective).

    I would certainly be interested to see the results of the survey and your research paper once it’s completed.

  2. Tobee
    November 10, 15:38 Reply

    Well done on this Sam. I agree with Black Dynasty that it was straightforward to complete and will look forward to hearing what you find.

    All the best!

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