Kito Alert: Toyin Street In Ikeja, Lagos Is Becoming A Regular Kito Haunt

Kito Alert: Toyin Street In Ikeja, Lagos Is Becoming A Regular Kito Haunt

There have been past kito reports/stories (read HERE, HERE and HERE) that involved the victims getting lured to places on Toyin Street in Ikeja, where they got set up.

This kito alert isn’t about the previously exposed face of Toyin Street Kito. It’s about another guy who may even also be part of the gay community himself, judging by the number of queer people he’s friends with on social media and those who have encountered him in non-kito, very-queer situations.

But since the business of victimizing gay men is booming in Nigeria, here we are: kito scum setting up a fellow community member.

He goes by Chibuzo James on Facebook. His number is 08138587842.

He engaged his victim on Facebook, an acquaintanceship that led to the victim going to hook up with him at a hotel on Toyin Street. He went there and walked into a kito trap, where Chibuzo James was waiting with his gang.

And here’s the kicker: as they robbed him, Chibuzo James actually took time out of their kito business to advise the victim to be careful about who he meets online.

Kito scum preaching the sermon of online hookup safety; who’d have thunk that?

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  1. bamidele
    August 24, 22:13 Reply

    I am just wondering: don’t we have community members in the army, police, Dss, judiciary, etc, who can actually crush these gradually rising criminals, without blackmailing the victims? We could pull resources together if need be. I said this because (1) they use single weapon: blackmailing, but the more terrify aspect is (2) they are gradually taking over the nation. Almost everywhere is becoming unsafe. IF we don’t crush them, they will crush us. The community already had enough drama with the national antigay law and homophobic Nigerian society as a whole. We want to breathe

  2. Nnamdi
    August 27, 06:56 Reply

    I have fucked this dude na…. Nna eh.

    • Ken
      August 28, 17:48 Reply

      Many times, engaging in kito is a sign of internalized rebellion against ones on sexuality. The hatred they have is actually for themselves, but they take it out on others

  3. CJ
    August 29, 08:41 Reply

    Hey everyone here,I am the above mentioned Chibuzo James,and I am very very innocent about this kito Post, this is blackmailing,I am not a kito and I can never kito my own kind, what happened was that I was kitoed in a hotel room in ogundana street along toyin street Allen,then use and forced to lure another person to the location, that’s just what happened that night, the real kito is Frank from Enugu, and I am planning to track him down and deal with him for having to kito me, please 🙏 and please get this post down, people who knows me very well can tell better..and I am ready to go anywhere just to prove my innocency about this.. thanks 👍

    • B
      September 19, 11:30 Reply

      So you are the Chibuzor.. I might be young but not naive..

    • Audrey
      September 22, 00:00 Reply

      Going by CJs explanation I think he’s saying the truth cos I had same experience with the said Frank the only difference was that I beat him at his own game. I’ve forgotten the name of the hotel he uses but it’s in Ogundana on Allen and he use the prostitutes there as a tool to oppress.
      And please I feel the Enugu gist is a story he sells to his preys to make them trust him to an extent. Mine was a terrible situation for him and I doubt he’d ever want to see me again.

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