This is the guy named Stanley from the story ESCAPING KITO. The KDian who wrote that story said he met him on 2go. Well, it would seem that he has shifted his game to Grindr. But his M.O. is the same: says he is Stanley and says he lives in Toyin Street, Ikeja. It wasn’t until the person who fetched the following screenshots saw his picture and recognised him from the story, that he realised he was chatting with kito scum: a feeling that was confirmed after the guy began talking about not being on social media.

Check on it.

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  1. Mandy
    February 18, 09:54 Reply

    Look at his mouth like something that’ll be full of mouth odour. ??

    • Demi
      February 18, 10:56 Reply

      Lmao, ya a savage aswear.

  2. Eego
    February 18, 14:16 Reply

    I met him on Grindr, he uses oyinbo pics and international number, he claims he stays at toyin, i did video call with him and change my mind from visiting him as our conversation on Grindr didn’t depict what I saw on Whatsapp video, so I reach out to Grindr to take down his profile which was done .

  3. Delle
    February 19, 07:22 Reply

    As ugly as the crime he commits

    *spits in utter revulsion*

  4. Gozie
    February 25, 12:16 Reply

    He is currently chatting with me on Grindr

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