Walking into a kito trap for a second time in my life was something I never imagined would happen to me.

I matched with Ray (real name of account) on Tinder on the 5th of Oct, 2020, and we kicked off our chatversation almost immediately. Not long into our chat, he asked that I come visit him. I stay on the island and he claimed he resides in Alimosho, a local government on the mainland. It was so much distance between us, so I declined the invitation to visit and insisted we get properly acquainted with a phone conversation first. I asked for his number, and he refused, saying he would send it as we get along. It was funny, this response; he hadn’t wasted time to ask for a meet but wasn’t willing to part with his contact details?

I however didn’t pay any particular attention to this.

But reacting to my need for caution, I took some screenshots of our chatversations and his profile pictures and sent to my bestie, who told me to be careful.

As time went by, it happened that I had to visit my folks on the mainland on the 7th to sort out some family-related issues. Upon arrival, I had a conversation with this Ray guy and let him know that I was somewhere around Ojo. He seemed excited by this, telling me that he was alone and lonely and wanted me to come keep him company. I told him it wouldn’t be possible because I came to visit my folks to sort out some things and may not have the time.

The following day, I went out with my siblings on some errands and we happened to be going to the same axis where Ray told me he lived. We got chatting and I told him I was in his area. He immediately requested for my number so he could call me on phone. I did that and also requested for his Facebook username. He asked that I come over but I declined, telling him that I was with my folks.

However, after I returned home with my siblings that afternoon, I buzzed him and asked if it would still be possible to come over to his place. He said yes.

Before setting out to his place, I spent some time at home getting ready, and he kept calling. His calls were very persistent and he had stopped texting on WhatsApp. I took note of this as a possible red flag, but somehow, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I didn’t pay any attention to that.

He declined sending me directions to his place when I asked him to. Instead, he told me to call him at every point in time so he’d give me oral directions to the place.

This was yet another oddity, another which I waved away.

From Okoko bus-stop, I took a bike going to First Gate (since it was a quicker route compared to going through Iyana-Oba market). I got to the bus-stop and called him for further directions, and he told me to cross the highway and board a Keke Napep to Iyana School. I’d heard of Iyana School and all the evil it is associated with. And yet, in that moment, I wasn’t thinking of such. It was as though my brain had been formatted.

On getting to the bus-stop, I called him and he took a while before answering. I asked him why he wasn’t replying to my texts on WhatsApp and he said he was busy with some stuff. I let it go.

He told me to cross over to the other side and take a bike going to NUMBER 12 OLABINJO STREET, OFF LAST BUS STOP, IYANA SCHOOL.

I took the bike and for some reason, the okada man couldn’t locate the street. After so much futility in trying to get the place, we had to stop and ask for directions. It happened to be that the place was a close in another street. When the okada man eventually got me to the close, I got down and was even apologizing for having stressed him. Then I called Ray and told him to come out because I couldn’t locate his exact address.

I went on to ask some woman on the street, who in turn asked another lady that told me to move forward. I hadn’t taken more than five steps when a guy walked up to me and started speaking to me. He said, “You’re Homo Boy, abi? They said I should bring you.”


In that moment, it was as though the scales fell off my eyes. I became a wild, hunted animal and started raising my voice. The guy grabbed me and I began screaming for help. During this initial altercation, I ripped his shirt. His cohorts emerged and they began struggling to grab me off the street. But I fought back, trying very hard to stay on the street and continued shouting at the top of my lungs.

“I don’t know any of these people!” I was yelling, hoping someone would pay attention and come to my rescue. “I don’t know you! Leave me alone! I don’t know you people! Everybody, bring out your phones and start recording because I don’t know these people! Take me to the police station, please!”

On one side of the street was a field where some guys were playing a game of football. When the chaos started, the match ended and they started converging, doing nothing but asking stupid questions about who I am and who I came to see. I kept shouting, and this attracted a crowd, with women and children gathering and watching with various expressions on their faces. I saw these women – mothers – watching without making any move to come to my aid, and I almost broke down at their heartlessness.

Some men came and started trying to drag me to someplace else, but I told them I wasn’t going anywhere with them. In the heat of all this, I cut the necklace that one of the guys was wearing. Angrily, he yanked open my backpack and some of the items in it fell out, like my original (follow-come) charger (which he took), my fit tracker and my glasses. They wanted me to show them my phone, which was in my left jean pocket, but I adamantly refused, using one hand to shield it while my screaming fit continued.

I also had my wallet in my free hand and my backpack on my shoulder.

They shouted at me, accusing me of being a homosexual, but I refused to be intimidated into guilty silence as I continued shouting, demanding to be taken to the police station. They kept asking if I came to see a Mister Ray and I repeatedly replied that I didn’t know any such person.

One guy came over and was trying to calm me down by asking neutral questions, but I wouldn’t let myself be calmed by him because I figured he was one of them. He asked to see my ID, which I showed him. Then he asked where I lived and I told him Ojo.

Another one of them hit me on the head with a stone, but my afro cushioned the impact. However, I capitalized on that and began screaming that I was concussed and need the attention of a doctor. Incensed by this, the same guy slapped me hard, but I continued shouting.

I kept shouting until an elderly man walked into our midst, grabbed a-hold of me and tried to pull me away from them. But they held on. This was the beginning of good triumphing over evil, because shortly after, some other guy cut through the crowd and started shouting that they leave me alone. A third man, who was in a car, pulled up and also began demanding for them to leave me alone.

And all this while, I had not stopped shouting and screaming for my life.

At this point, the first guy I encountered, the one whose shirt I ripped, began demanding for me to give him money to replace his torn shirt. I gave him one thousand naira, but he refused it, saying that it wouldn’t be enough for him to get a new shirt. He ended up taking three thousand naira from me.

Then the elderly man wanted to walk me to another street, but I insisted on going to the main road to get a bike. I just wanted to leave the place. As I crossed the road, I saw the guy whose shirt I tore attempting to come after me, but his cohorts held him back.

I eventually got on a bike and began thanking my stars as we drove off. And the okada man, who’d apparently witnessed what happened, began telling me how what I encountered was a norm there. He said that some weeks back, a guy had come all the way from Ajah and these criminals made him deposit all his money into their different accounts, and in the end, they let him go with just a hundred naira for his transport.

He said over and over again that I was lucky and assured me that I will not be followed.

I got to the bus-stop, and after I had caught my breath, tried calling my bestie but his line was unavailable. Then, because I really needed to talk to someone, I remembered another wonderful person, Delle, and I called him just to tell him how I had just escaped a mob of kito scum and homophobic idiots. He was the one that encouraged me to pen this down for publication on Kito Diaries.

I’m still in shock. The whole event keeps playing in my head over and over again, scene after scene. And now, my screams are like a favourite tune in my head. I may not have been physically scarred but emotionally and mentally, the bruises still sting.

Written by Homo Boy


EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr Ray, the guy whose identity was used to lure the writer, Homo Boy, to the kito setup had been in fact EXPOSED HERE on Kito Diaries in May, 2020.

This is the catfish.

Know his face.

Spread the word.

And please, continue to stay safe.

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  1. Lopez
    October 15, 09:06 Reply

    Your first sentence, remove it from this write. With all the red flags you ignored how can you not be kitoed. All these people that keep going for hookups, not only in red zones but in places like Lagos in it entirety, una Weldon. Your mumu don reach…

    • Pink Panther
      October 15, 09:18 Reply

      We are mumu to be going for hookups “in places like Lagos in its entirety”?

      Lol. OK o.

  2. Mandy
    October 15, 09:28 Reply

    This story would get a bit of empathy, just a bit, if it was your first kito experience. But it was your second. SECOND TIME!!! Second time, and yet you blundered on, blatantly ignoring all the signs as if you’d never been kitoed before. I will never understand this kind of recklessness, this irresponsibility we have over our lives and safety in this community.

    Lopez is right. With behaviour like this, you might as well get comfortable with imagining that you’d fall victim to kito a third time.

  3. Olutayo
    October 15, 09:34 Reply

    In all, I will always appreciate those victims who take the time to tell their stories so that the rest of us can be better warned and informed.
    Thank you for this, Homo Boy.
    I’m sorry you had to go through this.
    And please, be more mindful of yourself during future hookups. The world, especially in Nigeria, is a very dangerous place to live in as a queer person.

  4. Tariq
    October 15, 09:56 Reply

    Why do I feel like u were totally careless?

    I take my red flags n paranoia a bit too seriously n it helps…I have never been in a kito situation (although I was once deceived by a one time hook up who claimed to be home alone only for two other guys to come out of dfrent rooms while I was there..scared my life off me…they were hungry, wanted me to help whatever way I can..with my host even dipping his hands into my pockets to search for money lol) may tell d whole gist some day…

    On a note they were all roomies n super peaceful/accommodating…

    But I hated d scenerio (felt like a mild kito situation for me)…

    Just glad u are safe man!

    Take ur hunches seriously bikonu!!!

  5. Bobby
    October 15, 10:02 Reply

    This is total stupidity! Why are you on Kito diaries when you cannot learn anything? You will be kitoed a third time again because of jumping from one dick to the other. This is really annoying to say the least! I hate treading stuffs like this. If at this stage, most of us here cannot learn, then it’s a pity. You didn’t learn from the first kito, and you wouldn’t learn from this either, from the look of things Fueh

  6. Bobby
    October 15, 10:07 Reply

    Please we shouldn’t make it look like PP is wasting his time bringing all these stuff to help us be cautious here. We need to encourage him by trying to work with our instincts and being extra careful too. All these Ojo and Iyana, as well as most part in this Lagos, has been flagged here several times, yet most of us still fall as if we are hypnotized because we think with our dick and not our brain. I rest my case.

  7. Fred
    October 15, 11:23 Reply

    Moral of the story, “De Ja Vu” doesn’t really help.
    Hooking up is a full time job that requires you constantly talk to a bestie as events unfold during a hook-up meet so they can help us STAY SAFE (assuming we do listen to their counsel).
    You got off easy this time. Be very careful next time. I hope I speak for all of us when I say we don’t want a third kito story coming from you.

  8. Cecil
    October 15, 11:40 Reply

    Your safety should always come first.
    How can you be so reckless?over a dick?
    When you hear Alimosho local government,don’t run,fleeeeeeeeeee!!!

  9. Homo boy
    October 15, 13:10 Reply

    Thank you to the Kitodiaries team for publishing my experience. And to you Queer folks, always ready to berate and chastise victims of acts of wickedness of this nature, because you lots are so holy and saintly that SEXUAL ACTIVITIES all seem like taboos and grave sins; well continue.

    Hopefully, we’ll have a better country where we won’t be afraid or timid to exist freely one day. ✊🏽👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🇳🇬👬🏳️‍🌈👨‍❤️‍👨✊🏽

    • Mallie
      October 17, 06:56 Reply

      Oga, no be holiness o. We are all having the sex, threesomes even; very dirty, irreverent, unholy sex but not with total, unverified strangers in Alimosho. You need to jazz up and talk tough to yourself so it doesn’t happen again.

      Things could have been much worse and we want you to be alive. Tips: when the konji is too much to control, wank, find an old sex partner and convince the person to fuck, take your mind away any way that works for you, but don’t go looking for strangers on dating apps. Abeg. E dakun. Biko.

      Stay alive.

    • KingNorth
      October 17, 14:56 Reply

      Sorry you had to go through such experience. I hope you fully recover emotionally with time.

  10. Emmy Young
    October 15, 13:56 Reply

    So this #Endsarz and #Endswat / #Reform police no reach your side….
    You still waka with your tf go find hookup for person wet you no know…..
    How is it actually doing you now

  11. Babji
    October 15, 14:35 Reply

    Fool me once shame on you, FOOL ME TWICE-SHAME ON ME! you story literally reads like those Horror movies where the victim seems to commit blunder after blunder……even that OKADA guys seems to have been in on the whole thing since he knew similar.

    I am glad you survived but Pity I will not feel for you, after all the stories we read here , heeeeeeeeee!!! ma Broda, Dick Una Kill you finish ….

    Go for third one and come back and tell us, me I will stay celibate in this Naija , you will never find me in this stupidity of going for a hookup in Lagos,

    • Bobby
      October 15, 14:56 Reply

      God bless you. I have been in this Lagos for about a year now and I have never visited anyone. I rather wank and move on! It’s not worth the trouble, I don’t trust anyone.

  12. law9
    October 15, 16:08 Reply

    big lazy guy keep on visiting dn’t give up oo.

  13. Audrey
    October 15, 21:05 Reply

    It’s really a funny story cos this same idiot was chatting me and another friend same time on Grindr and I immediately knew he was scam but we played along. The funny thing was how the fool was quick to ask us which church we attend and immediately started playing the gay Christian brother with us but nigga doesn’t know that me sef na crook(I actually live in Igando but I only let you in on that fact when I’m cool with you because of the notoriety of the area for Kito activities) as I already knew all their lines.
    I told my friend to agree on a date and I informed him that whatever address they’d send to him would end up being a wrong address but he’ll end up finding himself in a close and I wasn’t wrong(My near Kito experience that had me slash the face of the idiot that held on to me with a razor blade I brought for self defense taught me this fact about them) cos when we went there the address was a wrong one that ended up being a close but immediately the idiot tried to lay hands on my friend cos he wasn’t aware that he was being set up I nearly ran him over with my car but he luckily escaped being caught by the army guy that came with us in the car but another day he won’t be lucky. We really need to wake up and start setting up this people too as we can beat them at their own game.

    • Bliss
      October 17, 10:19 Reply

      Yhu did good. And u had a lot of courage.
      I hail u

  14. geminiguy
    October 15, 21:08 Reply

    Chai! So sorry this happened. I’m glad you were bold enough to stand your ground and not be intimidated by these fools, because if you had been timid it would have been a different story entirely. Please stay safe and be careful

    • T-man
      October 15, 22:53 Reply

      Hi. Is there a way I could reach out to you?

      • Jack
        October 16, 08:13 Reply

        This is the most stupid kito story I have even seen! What is the problem with some gay people please???? Your village people use dick do you??
        You will still go for another hook in a red zone, I am sure that time another person will be writing your story because your stupidity will not let you get sense to come out alive!!
        We are busy #EndingSARS and your busy going for hook up!
        Nah Dick go kill you!

  15. Ebudon
    October 15, 22:47 Reply

    Guys please be careful,the so called Ray is still on Grindr looking for preys

  16. inc
    October 15, 23:11 Reply

    the idiot operates with the name “able God” on grindr and what surprised me is the way he preaches love and care to unsuspecting members. I wish there’s a way the bastarf can be made to pay for all his atrocities

  17. Tristan
    October 15, 23:35 Reply

    No sorry for you. Go the third time and tell us the story.

  18. K
    October 16, 07:21 Reply

    Wow wow wow, I had a conversation with this same person using this same pic two days ago, I was very smart, I recognized the pic and played along, soon as I demanded a video chat with him to prove if he is actually genuine, he blocked me…

  19. Marvey
    October 16, 11:37 Reply

    Let’s take it easy in chastising him pls .. some days can be like that..the guy really must have pressed his mumu button so hard..av chatted with this same guy . noticed he was scam plus wen he mentioned his location I quickly played along collected his number and reported to pp..pls guys no well to do aged “rich guy” shows off his pictures on hook-up sites so easily in this Nigeria .we shuld be able to even tell fake from real from people’s profile…
    But nna ehn at homo boy I must sha say dis idikwa very stupid and dumb to ignore the red flags and am sure ure an ardent reader of this blog…but thanking God on ur behalf for the third chance

  20. chubbylover
    October 18, 12:49 Reply

    OP you need to be more disciplined. Also learn to give up on some peeps, they are not worth the stress.
    Better days ahead.

  21. Deefox
    October 20, 07:39 Reply

    I really didn’t have to read this till the end !
    My one cent : love yourself !!!!
    You can’t be linking without some details ( he wants to meet but can’t give you his full address ? Government name ? Or take you out on a date first before going to his house … excuse my ignorance but it’s tinder not Grindr ) .
    or maybe becos I’m from the abroad …. you took some time to get ready meaning you were expecting sex with this dude on that first date too. ( each to its own ) …. you had all the red flags !
    I’ve visited Lagos and I have hooked up… bro you live on the island …. it’s simple not to be “kitoed” there if you filter out the rubbish and allow your head and not your privates to do the thinking !!!!

Leave a Reply