During my three-year stay in Abuja, I got employed as domestic staff to make some cash while on holiday. I went in every two days to clean the apartment. He was a strict boss who simply gave me instructions and left me alone. We hardly talked to each other unless it had something to do with my work.

But it changed one day.

There was a riot on the street as a result of a protest. People were fighting with government authorities. The roads were not safe, so he asked me to spend the night in the apartment. That was how communication began between us. It started from small talk like enquiries about my course of study to bigger talk like ideologies and beliefs. We talked about our personal lives, sex and love lives.

He liked me. I was brilliant and knowledgeable and he found my engagement appealing. One thing led to another, and I ended up spending that night in his bed.

By the end of the week, I was wearing his shirts and calling him “boo”. Before the following week ran out, we were dating. He asked me to quit working for him so that he’d pay me monthly stipends, but I refused because I believe there is dignity in labor.  So I continued working, not as an employee but as a boyfriend, for we still had conversations, gossiped about the community and teased each other.

“Come and take away these dishes,” he’d say.

“Who’s talking?” I’d retort.

“Are you talking back to boss? This boy, because we are now having sex, you don’t have respect for me again, abi?” he’d shoot back, feigning annoyance. “In fact, you’re fired.”

And we would laugh over it and exchange kisses and make love.

However, I did not take for granted that I was working for my boyfriend. I did my duties diligently as I’d been doing before he became my boyfriend.

Then came that day, which was just as usual. He called me away from what I was doing, and gave me a list of chores to do. He sounded strict and serious, like the boss he first was before he became my boyfriend.

Quietly and dutifully, I responded, “Yes sir.”

I mean, how could I give back my playfully savage responses, when his wife and kids were bustling in and about right there in the living room?

This man had a family abroad, and all this time, he had lied to me and led me on. It hurt the most when his wife asked who I was, and he casually answered with a wave of his hand to dismiss my presence:

“He’s the housekeeper.”

Written by Dillish

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  1. Someone's Someone
    August 14, 13:27 Reply

    when his wife asked who I was, and he casually answered with a wave of his hand to dismiss my presence:

    “He’s the housekeeper.”

    ….I mean, aren’t you the housekeeper? What did you expect he would introduce you as, his lover? Oga do your work and face front. You enjoyed the dick while it lasted. Continue being diligent otherwise you go lose your job.

    • Dillish
      August 14, 14:27 Reply

      Fall in love fess abeg😂

      And when you find yourself in a similar situation, id love to see how you will react

    • Dillish
      August 14, 14:36 Reply

      No one is asking him to introduce the housekeeper as his boyfriend.

      The manner in which he said it?! Omo

      E be like say una jam people like. Na why you dey yarn this kain yarn🤧

  2. Gbolly
    August 14, 13:58 Reply

    I am utterly speechless
    Don’t get annoyed
    Such is life
    But am sure it hurts 😔😞☹️

    • Dillish
      August 14, 14:25 Reply

      Yeah, IKR.

      Erm… I am actually curious as to your person. Your Monika is the same as someone I once know. I wanna know if it’s same person. How can I reach you?

  3. Ejike
    August 14, 14:44 Reply

    But you’re the housekeeper, so why the fuss?

  4. M.N
    August 14, 17:11 Reply

    This is really sad. If someone really lived through this, I’m sorry you had to go through this.

  5. FareedBillz
    August 15, 15:36 Reply

    Biko rest oncle! What should u have him address u AS? His side cock? Boyfriend or lover? My thoughts—- u should have known/have a clue all the while u were banging on his bed that the dude was married+ u didn’t ask him directly or u choose to tell urself a lie/or not believe urself that he could be married..😁🤔.. JUST know he is gonna want to eat his cake and also have IT. know what u want & act fast. Shalom 🤣

  6. Delle
    August 16, 10:43 Reply

    So, it’s fiction.


    • Pink Panther
      August 16, 11:44 Reply

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What reaction did finding out it was fiction deny you from having?

      • Delle
        August 16, 17:18 Reply

        So annoying when you have these pent-up emotions after reading a piece only to find out it didn’t happen. Like wtf???

  7. Poshyydude
    August 17, 13:00 Reply

    It’s the fact that nobody is seeing that the dude lied through out the relationship to Dillish. And you all are going to act the holier than thou attitude. I feel your pain dullish. Nobody deserves to be treated such way

  8. Saint
    August 27, 15:20 Reply

    ‘He is the house keeper” and you are complaining. Were you expecting an introduction as a second wife. Na wonna dey make am difficult for married bisexual to Love and keep you.

  9. Delish
    September 22, 22:08 Reply

    Dignity in labor kee you there

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