There is reportedly a group of guys in Aba, Abia State, who appear to have made a career out of luring gay guys to their kito nest by acting gay. They’re a team of about 6 guys who work under a boss.

It’s been reported that they have a cell in which they put their victims inside, holding you hostage until you have been able to pay your way out. The last victim who paid 50 thousand naira to get out said he met about 5 other guys who had apparently been in the cell for about a week.

Two of them have been identified as John Uba and Young James on Facebook.

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Before I proceed into my story, I want to use this medium to thank the Kito Diaries family – the admin, writers, editorial crew, everyone who contributes to this blog,

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  1. Raii
    September 22, 10:16 Reply

    At this point everyone stay at home and pleasures yourself. The streets aint safe one bit. The james guy is also kinda good looking so it’s going to be hell for some not to fall victim. Yall just be safe and sex isn’t that deep tbh

    • Ayo
      September 23, 13:20 Reply

      You’re right bro

  2. Saucebutton
    September 22, 11:43 Reply

    See them cute. Enough to lure one to his worst nightmare.

  3. blaaah
    September 22, 12:58 Reply

    ugly punks. What is cute in these devils? you lots are blind

    • Baddest
      September 23, 08:51 Reply

      Shut up, they are evil but they sure look good, if they don’t look good to u, shut up and don’t insult others by calling them blind…

    • ChubbyLover
      September 26, 05:23 Reply

      This beauty in the eye of a beholder tire local man.
      Not even in a million year will these urchins give me an erectionale……laye.

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