Teddy opened the door and stepped into the apartment. I had not seen her in fourteen days and it’d been rough. I took a glance at her while clearing the couch for her to sit. I had missed her terribly and I was glad she was in good health at least. She turned towards me but I turned away from her, towards the TV, trying really hard not to let my heart that’s perpetually on my sleeve give anything away.

“I brought you a note,” she finally said.

I turned to her.

She was holding out a sheet of folded paper to me. “Here, you can read it later. You don’t have to read it now.”

Was she kidding? Of course, I was going to read it now! I snatched the paper from her and unfolded it. Then I read what she had hand-written in it, briskly at first, then carefully a second time. She had talked about how she was sorry for being away and how much she had missed me. It was all so cute and romantic, but it didn’t change how upset I felt.

I suddenly felt a welling of emotion and excused myself from the room. I went into the bedroom where I proceeded to sob quietly. I didn’t know why I was crying but I didn’t stop until I was spent. Then I went to the bathroom, hurriedly past her in the parlour before she could notice, and washed my face. I came back to the couch and she asked if I was okay. I nodded affirmatively and she moved closer to me. It was quiet for a bit.

She whispered more apologies into my ears but I kept mute. I mean, I had a whole lot to say but I didn’t know where to start from, so I decided not to think about it at the moment. She placed her right hand on my thigh and playfully ran her hand over it. It was supposed to be a gentle touch but it immediately awakened all my senses.

Damnit! My bud never behaves itself around this woman.

To take my mind off my already-throbbing clit, I suggested food and we went out to get some noodles. I prepared it in the kitchen while she hung around, offering to help. But I declined. Her presence was more than enough; that was all I wanted in the kitchen with me asides the smells of spices and gas and rusty pans. She stayed and cracked jokes and told me about work and I chuckled or laughed and looked at her beautiful face each time she spoke.

You’re so gorgeous, my god! I felt like crying out. Argggh!

Brunch was over in a bit and the dishes were cleared. We laughed over some shows on the telly. But a pall came over the gaiety when I remembered again the cause of my hurt and withdrew a bit.

She immediately noticed. “What’s wrong, Becks? Is anything the matter? Talk.” She was looking pleadingly at me.

“I don’t like that you were gone for the longest time,” I blurted out. Hurt sharpened my tone. “I…I did not know what to think. I wasn’t aware of what was going on. I felt like shit.” I felt a coil of misery tighten my throat.

“I’m sorry, babe. I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to upset you,” she said, looking very contrite.

I sighed. I’ve missed you! I wanted to yell at her. Can you see it? Can you not see how much I have missed you? I sighed again.

I moved closer to her and asked her to kiss me. I held her chin and drew her close, gently kissing her lips.

She was hesitant. “Becks, I’m really so –” She started to apologize again, but I’d cut her off.

“It’s okay, baby.”

I just wanted to forget. I would cry if she said sorry one more time. I didn’t want to be sad. I didn’t want her to be sad.

“It’s okay,” I said again. “It really is. I miss you.” I looked into the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen, watching her look warily at me, as though she was trying to decide the depth of my forgiveness.

“Will you kiss me now?” I said, smiling.

She nodded and I leaned forward to take her lips in mine.

Her lips were moist and soft, just like I remembered. The kiss, which started slow and deliberate at first, turned into a hot fiery one. I grabbed her neck and plunged further into her mouth with my tongue, ready to explore as much as I could. My tongue found hers and I heard her groan softly in my mouth. That sent me over the edge and before I knew it, there were hands everywhere.

You drive me crazy! You drive me crazy every time! I kept on screaming in my head. Ohmaigod, I want you so much right now!

I was lost in my passion, but she broke the kiss for us to come up for some air. The look on her face was comically wild and I giggled. I got off her to take off my shorts. She moved swiftly and, in a moment, she was on top of me. I smiled and tried to wrestle my way back on top of her, but she was strong and I got weak each time a kiss landed on my neck or ears. I moaned loudly as soon as her mouth found one of my nipples. I tried to fight but she had restrained my hands with hers. My breath came in gasps and I eased myself into the pleasure she was giving my breasts. I was totally weakened now and I didn’t want her to stop. She let go of my hands while slowly planting soft kisses all the way down to my stomach. At this point, my hips had started to move vigorously and I wanted more than anything in the world to be fucked by her. I wanted that mouth everywhere.

I want to cum so hard for you, Ted, I said silently to her.

She came up to kiss my half-parted lips, as though to acknowledge my unspoken words. My fingers sank into her hair, my tongue in hers, and I moaned deeply as our tongues explored our mouths.

“Let’s get you out of these remaining clothes,” she husked as she gently removed my wet thong. She took my scent in before tossing the thong away. “What do you want, Becks?” she asked, while planting the faintest kisses on my thighs.

If you don’t put that mouth on my pussy right now, I’m going crazy! I raged.

Out loud, I said shakily, “Eat me out, please.”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I felt her wet tongue on my pussy and I bucked, feeling a trembling sigh of relief and pleasure gust out of my body. She flattened her tongue against my pussy and flicked slowly. I gasped. I was losing it. I didn’t really know what she was doing down there but my body was reacting without control. I felt her tongue on my clit and I arched my back and moved my hips against her strokes. I grabbed at her head and my legs tightened on her back, with my toes curled from the force of the pleasure she was giving me.

“Oh my god, Teddy… Fuck… Fuck… Fuck… Yes… Yes… Yeeessss!!! Oh my god, don’t stop… I beg you… Fuck… Fuck… Fuck… Yes-yes-yes!!!” I moaned loudly as her tongue began to thrust in me, not giving a damn who heard me.

But she gave a damn. She snaked up her hand to cover my mouth, concerned that my cries might attract the attention of my neighbours.

But I didn’t care. I was sharply focused on the pleasure she was giving me. My hips were moving, grinding in tandem with the movement of her tongue. I was close. I could feel it.

“I’m going to cum, Teddy,” I panted. “I’m going to cum… I’m going to c –” I didn’t get to finish before my knees buckled and I felt my body let go.

And I began cumming. Hard. Endlessly. She didn’t stop eating me out even as I came. I felt her move faster this time with her tongue thrusting deeper and deeper into me. She moved my legs and tossed me to the side while eating me out like her life depended on it. I screamed out in pleasure, desperately begging her not to stop. Within minutes, I was cumming again. My knees jerked and my muscles shook intensely. I felt depleted, but in a very good way.

I pulled her up so I could taste myself in her mouth.

“Are you okay, babe?” she said as she looked at me with those soft eyes.

“Yes,” I heaved. Absolutely okay.

“Let me hold you for a bit,” she said.

My legs were still trembling from the orgasms she had given me. I rested my head against her bosom and breathed.

“I didn’t realize how much I had missed you until now,” she said softly. “I’ve missed your warmth and your body and how good it feels every time. I’ve missed all of these.” She kissed my forehead before letting her hands fondle my ass.

I gave a soft moan when the first spank landed on my ass.

Then something revved to life inside me and I said in a firmer tone, “Harder.”

She moved her hand and the next blow came down harder than the first.

“Harder!” I said again and she spanked me even harder this time.

“I liked that,” I said and slowly got up from her to kiss her properly.

Oh, how her lips drove me wild every time. They truly took my breath away. I kissed and bit and licked her neck, all the while taking in her body scent.

I am going to show you how crazy you make me, munchkin, I thought as I began taking possession of her body.

She tried to wrestle me but I wouldn’t have that. I pinned her down and kissed the back of her ears, kissed and licked and nibbled on her earlobes. I heard her moan.

Ha-ha. Gotcha!

I moved toward her temple and gave her the lightest kisses, my fingers traveling down and getting ahold of one of her boobs.

Your beautiful tits, Teddy. I’m obsessed. I can’t even lie.

I took the boob in my mouth and flicked my tongue over the erect nipple. My moan met hers. I moaned into her nipple and sucked on it while my free hand played with the other. Her moans were making me lose it. I wanted to pleasure her body as much as I could. I sucked and gave her nipple gentle bites and felt her hands dig into my hair as her sounds began to crescendo. I continued my onslaught on her breasts, occasionally stopping just to blow warm air over each nipple and then give it hard, fast flicks.

“Oh Becks… Oh fuck… I’ve missed you…” she groaned as she trembled in my arms.

Yes, babe, I have missed you too. I have missed having to pleasure you like this.

I kissed her all the way down to her stomach and stopped for a bit. I found her navel and moved my tongue all over it. I noticed her body reacted to it in a good way, so I just licked and kissed some more. She balanced her legs and I could tell that she was ready for me to take her. But I wasn’t done teasing her. I lifted her legs and kissed and licked all the way to her honey pot, stopping right there to give the other thigh some love too.

“Becks please,” she said in a low voice, gently nudging my head towards her pussy.

I obliged her and parted her legs to get a good look at her, in all of her glory.

“You’re so beautiful, Ted. You have the most beautiful pussy. I can’t stop looking at it,” I said with a grin, like I had come across some long-lost treasure.

“You’re the one with the most beautiful vagina,” she said, disagreeing with me.

Well I’ll show you, baby. I’ll show you how beautiful you are.

I kissed her on a different set of lips this time. I planted kisses on her pussy before I took in all of her wetness with my tongue. I parted her lips and moved my tongue over her clit. It was wet and swollen and ready. I watched her move and take short breaths and gasps as I pleasured her clit with my tongue. I had started with slow intentional flips with my tongue before gradually increasing my pace. Her hands grasped my head and her legs spasmed widely apart. She cussed as I started sucking her wet cunt. I was losing it; her moans were making me lose it. My whole face was in her pussy. I sucked and flicked and my tongue made swirling movements on her clit. She was about to cum, I could feel it, but I wasn’t ready for her to just yet.

I stopped the assault with my tongue and gently slid a finger into her. She gasped. I slowly thrust into her while eating her out.

“Babe, fuck… Oh my god… Yes… Yes… Yes… Fuck me, please… Yes-yes-oh my god, Becks…!!!”

Yes, I will fuck you, my darling.

As I slid another finger into her and increased my pace, my fingers found her g-spot and I started to stroke her. Stroked and fucked her at the same time.

“I’m about to cum, Becks. I’m about to cum for you,” she said with her back arched and her hips moving vehemently against my hand.

I fucked her harder this time, watching her beautiful face in the glorious moment.

“Don’t stop, Becks… Don’t stop please, don’t – Oh my god, FUCK! MORE! Give me more!!!”

For someone who had tried to stifle my noise, her moans filled the room as I slid another finger inside her, fucking and thrusting her hard and fast while I stimulated her clit.

She sat up to ride my hand some more, holding me as she rode. Her knees began to jerk and I felt her muscles contract around my fingers. She shook for several minutes as the tide of her orgasm wash over her. She was breathing heavily as she looked at me. And I gently eased my fingers out of her.

We collapsed into each other’s arms and were silent for what seemed like forever.

“Thank you, Becks.” She was the first to break the quiet. “That was so good. I missed you terribly.” She kissed my forehead and looked into my eyes.

“I missed you too, Ted.”

Written by Becks

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    Becks, you just made this gay man who’s been getting none very very happy. I’d love to read more from you, be it about you and Teddy or about something else. This was a really beautiful experience.

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