Kito Alert XLVII

Kito Alert XLVII

His name (at least on Facebook) is Themba Okoye. But from the situation with the last community member he encountered, it would seem as though he goes by different names to different people.

He allegedly stays in Lekki, claims to work for an engineering company, that he is a lawyer and a PhD student of Unilag.

His number is 08136389729.

He is gay, and a thief who specializes in hooking up with you, and then upon departure, steals away with your valuables.

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Kito Alert LV

His name Gbabi Emmanuel Oryina, and he’s on Facebook as Sailor Emmy Oryina. His number is 08063689021. He stays in Ojo/Agbara area of Lagos State and is from Benue State.

Kito Stories 30 Comments


EDITOR’S NOTE: Remember this kito alert post that was made to alert lesbians and bisexual women to a twitter account preying on the lesbian community? Well, the lady who was

Kito Stories 26 Comments


I have been reading kito stories on this blog, and never thought I’d come close to experiencing it until February 27. I got acquainted with this guy on Facebook. His


  1. Delle
    November 05, 07:58 Reply

    So he’s a hungry, frustrated, pathetic, poverty-stricken man who most likely doesn’t know what PhD means

    • trystham
      November 05, 17:25 Reply

      Well, he does have the forehead of a lawyer

  2. Mandy
    November 05, 08:30 Reply

    *waiting for the “But to steal is not kito” brigade to emerge* 😀

  3. Kristo
    November 05, 18:06 Reply

    This guy is ugly as fuck …nyama!

  4. Xede
    November 05, 19:15 Reply

    I know the fool. Thank God I didn’t fall for his antics

  5. Jake
    November 05, 19:31 Reply

    And to think that this guy has been disturbing my life to come and visit him. Thank God for intuition. I had a funny feeling about him self. Oh ?.

  6. Jake
    November 05, 19:32 Reply

    He also has another Number 0703 066 0866
    That’s the number he has been calling me with.

    • Colossus
      November 05, 20:30 Reply

      Its always a red flag when they have different numbers from the same network.

  7. Finesbury
    November 05, 20:54 Reply

    It appears Themba Okoye is his real name, he has a boarding pass stub with that name on his FB page. Dude could be married too, he wears a wedding band in some photos.Isn’t there a way this post could go viral so things can get uncomfortably hot for him?

  8. Baddest
    November 06, 21:16 Reply

    This one is ugly as fuck, I like rough necks but God no matter how drunk and konji wey hold me ehh, I no fit consider this one

  9. Eclectic
    November 07, 01:39 Reply

    See the manner and guts some of you use to call someone else ugly. SMH. So if he was “Handsome” you’d have better things to say about his crime? From observation, really handsome guys hardly jump into calling another guy ugly, it is guys that are not that are quick to say someone is ugly. Since we cannot see yourself physical identity, calling another person ugly is funny.

  10. Eddie
    August 30, 11:46 Reply

    I know the criminal. Last I knew, he lived at ikorodu.

  11. Eddie2
    August 30, 12:01 Reply

    I actually know this guy quite well. He is no doubt a rogue, full of false hype and always looking for sharp ways to make it big. Last I knew, he lived at ikorodu. Beware!

  12. ClonedThemba
    August 30, 12:05 Reply

    Chukwuemeka Okoye. He also goes by the name Themba (following a trip to south africa). He is a barracks boy, I think he went to LASU. Always forming, but has no substance behind the forming.

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