This guy has been linked with Idowu Adeyemi. Like Idowu, he is also MSM. He actually sleeps with guys, but has been reported to used the threat of embarrassment and drama to extort from his victims.

His numbers are 08068226377 and 09056175991.

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  1. Gad
    July 23, 17:52 Reply

    He operates in Abuja too. Claims he works with Samsung Garki. I think he belongs to a cartel because he is not literate yet he chats online. This means that someone chats on his behalf.

  2. ala
    March 28, 00:58 Reply

    What I do is anytime a number of a kitois posted here , I save it, and it has help me, have been chatting with a guy on grindr , when we exchange numbers only for me to save the number I noticed I already have his contact save as kito from kito diaries

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