His name is Nnaji Chukwudi Michael, but he goes on Facebook as “Chuks Michel (Hakeem or Child)”.

Numbers are 08149123634 or 08143040919.

He lives in Gboko, Benue State, and masquerades as a sales rep for a company called Green Lab Enlargement Oil. He is MSM, and uses the excuse of delivering his goods to victimise gay men.

This is the story from one of his near-victims.


We became friends on Facebook and as we chatted, getting to know each other sexually, he told me he was a Green Lab Enlargement Oil sale’s representative in Benue State. Both because I liked what he was marketing and because I wanted to help him, one gay man to another, I ordered for an item which was selling for 5 grand. I transferred the money to him. He requested for my full name, address and phone number so that, according to him, he’ll deliver personally to me and then use the opportunity to meet me.

I don’t know why I became paranoid at this point, but I declined sending those details to me. I simply told him to send my purchase through a transport company coming to Enugu and I would go pick it up. He agreed.

The next day however, he called to let me know he was in Enugu, that I should tell him where I am so he’d come there to meet me and deliver the package. At the time, I was in a hotel with some friends and I directed him there. I met him at the bar; he was with two similarly-muscular guys he claimed were his colleagues. Believing they had me cornered, they began demanding for 50 grand, my phone and wallet – else, they would publicly disgrace me.

But these people didn’t reckon with the fact that this was my area. I had my friends there. The security knew me. In the end, they were the ones who were disgraced and then thrown out, their plan to extort from me fucked.

Thereafter, he blocked me on Facebook, but not before he had sent me messages threatening to get me one way or another. Realizing who he is made me wonder how differently the story would have gone had I given him my address and encouraged him to come meet me there to deliver the package.

And speaking of the package, I of course never got it.

Please, be careful, guys. Especially, if you’re in the Southeast – beware of this guy!!!

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  1. J
    January 19, 06:51 Reply

    That’s why muscles don’t freak me. I prefer someone I can fight, like let’s exchange blows instead of me to be strangled instantly ?

    It’s a shame if guys can be this dishonest. Selfish world!

    • Buchi
      January 19, 18:25 Reply

      True talk. Be careful with all these online shops

      • J
        January 19, 20:33 Reply

        I feel online is for hopeless and fake people. If I can not make an impression to someone I see face to face, then I don’t think online dating would be of help…. There are so many fake guys on social media looking for vulnerable people to take advantage of. Alot of users, bullies, leeches, superficial, materialistic buffoons.

        It’s just a sad world for people with good hearts. Please read “The Gift of Fear by Gavin deBecker” it could save your life.

    • Etobi
      February 13, 17:45 Reply

      LMAO ?? Biko you are correct

  2. Wonda Buoy
    January 19, 07:30 Reply

    This reap-where-you-did-not-sow thing is not nearing its end until people say no to flings, one night stand, hookup for fuck.

    Meantime the female pant saga continues…

    • Bussy
      January 19, 12:27 Reply

      fling, hook ups, one night stand has it bad sides but you cant use a bad kito eexperience to conclude on all mentioned above.

  3. ROCK
    January 19, 07:56 Reply

    You should have stripped him and recorded his shame for posterity.Trust me he will find another work.That’s what I did to one of these scumbags.Too bad I lost that phone

  4. Lokoloko
    January 19, 08:00 Reply

    Lol get out ??? btw if guys re taking pant,
    What are the girls gunning for ?

  5. Omiete
    January 19, 08:19 Reply

    The idiot!!!! Am so happy the story turned around and he lost in the end. Thank God he lost.

  6. David_M
    January 19, 09:48 Reply

    Hey guys, anytime any one of us encounters a Kito, let’s endeavor to save the number on truecaller as “kito” so as to help others too. I just did so to the numbers that were posted.
    Stay safe and happy weekend!!

  7. Bussy
    January 19, 12:34 Reply

    when I read kito stories like this i get cool feets about going out to meet up with people young especially all muscle plus six packs. not my kind of person
    I go for older chubby men, those I know I’ll be able to break their spine should they try shit , of course it has never happened tho ?
    have a date with a young person today being my first time with someone not 10yrs older me but I might make a u turn, worst it here in owerri, head quarter of kitos in south east

    • Davis
      January 19, 17:36 Reply

      Same here. Where I stay, it’s so bad that the Gays here are the same Kito Guys. Had a chat with 2 guys via Grindr Last Year, they happen to be around the environment… One got pissed cos he wanted us to see and I declined, he further said, his friend said, anytime he brings up the issue of us seeing, I tend to decline or change the topic… that if I’m not comfortable or ready to meet, what am I looking for on the app… that he is suspecting I’m not gay but a set up… Can you just imagine…
      I told him, if he likes he should tag me as a set up, it’s none of my business…With all the happenings going on, someone would wanna make matters worse for you. GOD FORBID… This Kito Diaries has helped me to just Respect my Bugina and save myself from future harm…


  8. J
    January 20, 07:25 Reply

    They made it seems as if all gays are the same. The moment you start to talk about dates or relationship they laugh at you and think you’re stupid… I met someone like that, he tried to invite me to Akwaibom but I told him no. Since then he has been on my case, he said that I am stupid enough to think I can find a relationship, he bombarded my dm with his nude pictures and that of other people.

    I tell them, before I do anything with someone I must know him very well and the extent of the friendship… I fall in love easily and I can’t forget someone I have sex with. I think about every touch, most conversations and moves. Call me whatever, I can not hurt myself because of silly hookups.

  9. St.
    January 21, 00:08 Reply

    Most of us trust easily but it’s time we apply wisdom and prevent sending out personal details on online.

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