Trapped In The Closet

Trapped In The Closet

My son Savion and I had been close since he was a toddler; however, when his mother and I divorced and he came to live with me full-time at age fourteen, our bond became strained. My ex-wife was in the military and she had to move around the world multiple times due to her military duties; therefore, we both came to the conclusion that Savion should stay with me in Silver Spring, Maryland. Savion wasn’t acting out or getting into trouble in school, but he did begin to disrespect me and he stopped talking to me about things going on in his life. By the time he was eighteen and a senior in high school, we were barely saying two words to each other every day. And his behavior was becoming stranger and stranger.

I guess I let a lot of his behavior slide because I understood why he was upset. His parents had divorced and he only got to see his mother every now and then. It didn’t help when she got engaged to another man and became pregnant by him. Savion rarely spent time at home and when he did, it was always in his room. The thought of him being on drugs crossed my mind a few times and led me to do what I eventually ended up doing.

One weekend, I decided to fake going out of town overnight on business so that I could install a camera in his room to see what he’d been up to.

“He thinks I’m out of town until tomorrow,” I said to my friend Larry over the phone. “I parked my car at the city park a few blocks away and walked back home. I’m gonna know every single thing he does by watching him on the camera feed. If that boy is on drugs, he’s getting out of my house.”

“I doubt it’s drugs, Solomon,” Larry said on the other end. “Did you make sure to hide the camera?”

“Yeah. It’s hidden in between some of his coats hanging up in the closet. See, his closet has a two-way mirror. Outside of the closet, it’s a standard mirror. But from inside, you can see all of his room through the glass. All of the bedroom closets in this house are like that.”

Larry laughed and said, “Damn. That’s convenient.”

“I know. But I’ll talk to you later, man. I gotta head down to the basement before he gets here and knows I lied about being out of town.”

“Alright. Later, man.”

“Later.” I ended the call and then turned off the lights in Savion’s room before stepping out of it. I was about to go downstairs, but suddenly remembered that I’d left my other phone—the one I was going to use to watch the camera feed—in the hall bathroom. I’d been using my work phone to talk to my friend Larry with. So, I hurried inside the bathroom to grab my personal cell phone.

When I stepped back out of the bathroom, I heard the sound of the front door opening and closing downstairs.

Savion had gotten home before I could hide in the basement!

Not knowing what to do, I quickly turned off the bathroom and hallway lights and went back into his room as he was coming up the stairs. I closed his door and made my way through the dark to his closet. I hid inside without a second to spare before he walked into the room.

“Nah, you need to stop trippin’,” he said on the phone as he turned on his nightstand lamp. “You know you wanna give me that pussy. Okay, so bring yo cute ass over here then. You want me to what?” He laughed and continued, “Okay, bet. If I send them, you gotta come over. Alright.”

He ended the call and laughed to himself as he kicked off his shoes and took off his coat. He began to undress and I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to see my son naked. I’d seen him naked when he was little but that was different than seeing him naked at eighteen. I waited for a little while before reopening my eyes, hoping to see him in his night clothes. However, he’d stripped down to his underwear and socks. He turned his lamp back off and for a while, I had no idea what he was doing because he was just sitting on the floor in the dark. Suddenly, his phone flashed and I realized he was taking selfies. It took me a little longer to realize his dick was hard in his underwear.

While it was reassuring to know he was confident in his looks, I didn’t feel right watching him grab his hard dick and take pictures of himself. I was on the verge of stepping out of the closet when he finally stopped taking the pictures and stood back up. He turned his lamp back on and then spent a few minutes doing something on his phone, probably sending the pictures to the girl he’d been talking to when he walked in. She must’ve sent him something back because he got excited and jumped up and down a few times. He then reached under his bed and pulled out a silk sheet and silk pillowcases.

What on earth was he doing with all that?

I watched him as he pulled his comforter off the bed and replaced it with the silk sheet. He changed out the pillowcases and stuffed his main ones along with the comforter under his bed. He then spent a few minutes picking his dirty clothes up and spraying a little cologne around the room to cover up the somewhat funky odor. Not long after sprucing the room up, someone rang the doorbell downstairs. It had to have been the girl he’d talked to over the phone.

How in the hell did she get there that fast?

After he left the room to go down and let her in, I decided that I was going to stay in the closet, but that I wouldn’t watch them have sex. I was going to close my eyes and cover my ears and think of all kinds of innocent shit like puppies and my favorite college football players. However, when Savion returned to the room with Kyree Anderson, my mouth dropped and I almost fainted. Kyree was the effeminate boy from next door.

Why was he in Savion’s room at that time of night while Savion was in his underwear?

“Is your dad really gone until tomorrow?” he asked Savion while taking off his jacket.

Savion smiled and replied, “Yep. You can spend the night if you want.”

“Boy, my daddy is like a bloodhound. He’ll know I snuck out, and if he finds out I was over here, then he’ll kill you.”

“Baby, I ain’t scared of yo daddy. Fuck that nigga.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing. Why the hell was my son calling the gay boy from next door “baby”? My heart was pounding in my chest so hard that I thought they were going to hear it and discover me watching them from the closet.

Kyree giggled and then began to get undressed. Savion just stared at him while grabbing himself. I had no idea my son was into other boys. He’d had so many girlfriends, and while I knew he was sexually active – because I found condoms in his nightstand once – I never would have guessed that he was having sex with both girls and boys.

“You sure you’re ready to do this?” Kyree asked. “I mean, I’ve only sucked you before. Are you sure you wanna go all the way?”

“I been thinkin’ about it for the longest,” Savion replied. “You be suckin’ me so good that you got me curious about fuckin’ you. I even wanna eat your pussy.”

“You can call it a pussy all you want but you better not treat it like one. I’m tighter than pussy ever can be.”

Savion grabbed his hard dick through his boxer briefs and smiled while saying, “I won’t hurt that pussy, I promise. I know Calvin probably pound you though.”

“Calvin only fucks me every now and then. I mostly just give him head like I do you. Sometimes he can’t cum from head so he’ll put on a condom and fuck me until he cums, which usually doesn’t take that long.”

“See, I ain’t Calvin. I wanna take my time with that booty.” He pulled Kyree closer to him and began feeling on his ass. “Damn, you gotta let me get up in it raw.”

“No, I don’t do that.”

“Come on, boo, please. I’ll pull out when I’m about to nut.”

“Savion, I’ve only been fucked by Calvin and I make him wear a condom each time.”

“I’ll be your boyfriend if you let me fuck you raw. I ain’t never fucked raw with any of the girls I’ve been with. I can’t get you pregnant and we both ain’t been doin’ shit to catch any diseases. I don’t see why I gotta wear a condom.”

“Because I said so.”

“How about I let you and your homegirls hang with my crew after the basketball game next week? Y’all can even sit at our table at IHOP or wherever else we go that night.”

Kyree laughed and asked, “You really are on some new shit tonight, huh?” He shook his head and said, “You gotta let me and my friends kick it with y’all after next Friday’s basketball game and you gotta take me out on a private date next Saturday night in your car.”

“Shit, deal.”

“Shake on it?” He held out his hand for Savion to shake it but instead, Savion grabbed him by his waist.

“I can do you one better than that.”

He kissed Kyree’s lips while squeezing on his ass. When Savion pulled down Kyree’s underwear and turned Kyree’s back to the closet; the craziest thing happened, my dick started getting hard. When Savion parted Kyree’s butt cheeks and I saw his tight pink hole, my dick got so hard that it poked the glass. Before that night, I had never gotten turned on by the thought of two men having sex. Instead of considering the possibility that I may have been subconsciously curious, I put my attention on what my son was getting into.

“Get yo sexy ass on the bed,” he said to Kyree.

Kyree giggled as he climbed onto Savion’s bed naked and began sucking his finger. He looked at Savion and told him, “I’ve never had my ass eaten before.”

“Did you clean it out before you came over?”

“Boy, of course I did.” He put his head down on Savion’s pillow and arched his back.

Savion pulled his own underwear down and off before climbing onto the bed and telling Kyree, “That pussy so pretty.”

He smacked Kyree’s ass a few times before putting his nose up to it and sniffing it up and down. He must’ve liked what he smelled because he was kissing and licking Kyree’s asshole like it would be the last thing he’d ever eat. Had I been watching my son eating some girl’s pussy, I probably would have felt weird. For some reason, I was getting turned on watching him eat Kyree’s ass. As crazy as it sounds, I found myself imagining what it would be like if it was my face buried between those beautiful butt cheeks.

“Yeah, baby,” Kyree moaned while clenching onto Savion’s silk sheet. “Ooh, you’re so nasty.”

Savion paused and asked, “Calvin really hasn’t eaten your pussy before?”


“Damn, that nigga is trash. He stupid as fuck, because you got some good pussy, boo.” He smacked Kyree’s ass and then went back to kissing and licking it.

Kyree’s high-pitched moans were turning me on even more. He looked at the closet at one point and I thought I’d bumped something without noticing. It looked like he was looking right at me while my son was busy pleasuring him. At that point, I couldn’t resist anymore. I guided my hard dick through the opening of my pajama pants and began masturbating as I watched them. Kyree’s body was amazing. He had pretty skin for a guy and his feet were beautiful. I loved massaging and kissing a woman’s feet if they’re nice and I would’ve made love to Kyree’s pretty feet. If I was going to have sex with another man, he’d have to be similar to Kyree.

“Turn over, baby,” Savion said to him while backing up. Kyree turned over on his back and Savion put his dick in Kyree’s face.

Like me, my son’s dick had serious length and girth. I didn’t want to look at it but at the same time, I couldn’t take my eyes off it while Kyree’s pretty lips were wrapped around it. Savion put his hands behind his back and just sat there on his knees as Kyree sucked him. When Kyree began deep-throating him, he tilted his head back and started moaning. And then Kyree began deep-throating him all the way to his balls. I never knew what it was like to have my dick sucked to the base because no woman had ever been able to do it. I now understood why my son had been getting head from Kyree.

“Fuck, baby,” Savion moaned while shaking. “I love when you do that shit. Ah!”

Kyree gagged and released drool all over Savion’s dick. I almost blew my load seeing that and had to stop masturbating. Every few minutes, Savion would make Kyree stop sucking his dick so they could kiss, and then he’d shove his dick back into Kyree’s mouth. Gradually, he worked his way up to shoving his dick into Kyree’s throat and would only let up so Kyree could catch his breath. After nearly choking Kyree several times, he pulled his dick from Kyree’s mouth and then lifted Kyree’s lower body to eat his ass again.

“Ooh, baby,” Kyree moaned. “You like it, baby?”

Savion stopped licking for a second to reply, “I love that fuckin’ pussy, boo.”

Kyree’s dick was rock hard, and for a while, I thought Savion would put it in his mouth. But he never did. Instead, he spent a long time getting Kyree’s pretty asshole wet and slippery with his tongue and lips. In between licks, he fingered Kyree with his middle finger. When he got Kyree open enough to take two fingers, he pushed them deep into Kyree. I came close to blowing my load again when I saw precum rolling out of Kyree’s pretty dick.

“You ready for some dick?” Savion asked him.

He smiled and replied, “Yeah, baby.”

“You brought the lube, right?”

“Yep, it’s in my jacket pocket.”

Savion stopped fingering him and licked his fingers as Kyree climbed off the bed and picked up his jacket. He pulled out a little tube of lubricant specially designed for anal sex and got back onto the bed. Savion laid down on his back and Kyree climbed on top of him. I tried not to focus on my son but the way he was lying down with his legs slightly spread looked good to me for some reason. I found myself wondering what his socked feet smelled like. Adding to the taboo nature of it all, I wanted to see what his asshole looked like. He spread his legs a little more while Kyree was lubricating his dick and I caught my first glimpse of it. It looked extremely tight and had a little hair around it. My mouth watered at the sight of it.

“Fuck, that dick is big,” Kyree said while trying to take my son’s dick into his tight ass. He winced in pain but managed to get the head in and told Savion, “You better not push up into me. Let me get used to it.”

“I’m not gonna hurt that pussy, baby,” said Savion. “Damn, how many times do I gotta tell you I ain’t Calvin?” He sat up a little to kiss Kyree’s lips before relaxing back down on the pillow.

It took Kyree a while to get used to my son’s dick, and Savion’s dick stayed hard the entire time. Savion kept his word to Kyree and didn’t push his dick up into him. But he did put his hands on Kyree’s waist and made Kyree go down further on his dick. Whenever Kyree went down to a further point and held it, Savion’s toes would curl up in his socks. Kyree wasn’t going all the way down on Savion’s dick but he was taking in a good bit of it. All the while, his ass was getting wet and gushy. It would only be a matter of time before he started getting cream all over my son’s dick.

“Ride that dick and quit playin’,” Savion said to him. “You want a nigga to be your boyfriend, don’t you?”

“Mmm hmm,” Kyree replied while moving up and down faster.

“Then ride my dick like you want me to be your boyfriend. You gotta show me that you can handle this dick if you want the title, boo.”

Kyree bent down and kissed Savion before placing his hands on Savion’s chest and riding him harder and faster. Savion started moaning and squeezed Kyree’s butt cheeks. After a few unsuccessful tries, Kyree finally managed to take all of Savion’s dick into his ass. He had my son moaning like crazy at that point. When Kyree began gyrating while taking all of my son’s dick inside him, Savion quickly pulled him off his dick and started kissing him.

“You almost made me nut,” he said to Kyree while laughing. “I knew that pussy was lethal. Turn yo cute ass over.”

Kyree giggled as he moved to another part of the bed and got on his hands and knees. Savion made him put his head down and ass up. He arched his back for Savion and when Savion entered him, he bit down on the silk sheet. Their backsides were facing me so I finally was about to get the chance to see what my son’s asshole looked like. However, he was simply fucking Kyree from behind instead of full-on doggystyle.

“Fuck me!” Kyree shouted while throwing his ass back on my son’s dick.

Savion began fucking him harder and deeper. He put one arm under Kyree to make him lift his ass a little higher, and when he did, I finally got to see my son’s asshole in its entirety. He was bent all the way over, fucking the hell out of Kyree. His asshole puckered every few seconds and was just begging to be licked. In any other setting, I would’ve been ashamed of myself for having such thoughts but I guess since I didn’t know my son was into boys in the first place, I wasn’t thinking rationally due to being in a state of shock.

“This pussy belongs to me,” Savion told him. “You hear me?”

“Yes, baby,” Kyree replied quickly.

“Don’t give it up to Calvin no more. You can suck him but he done lost his privileges to fuck. If he wanna say some shit, then me and him can scrap. This is all mine now.”

He began pounding the hell out of Kyree. Kyree was taking it but had collapsed flat to the bed while Savion was pounding him. They went at it like that for a good while. Then, Savion pulled out and made Kyree turn over on his back. He got in between Kyree’s legs and slowly reentered him. Instead of pounding away, he slow-stroked Kyree’s ass in the missionary position. And they were kissing like lovers.

“Give me all that dick, baby,” Kyree said while wrapping his arms around Savion’s neck. “Go as deep as you can.”

“That dick feel good, boo?” Savion asked him while kissing and licking Kyree’s lips.

“It feels so good.”

“That’s what I wanna hear, boo.”

He put his head on the pillow beside Kyree’s head and went as deep as he could go into Kyree’s ass. Kyree kept his legs wrapped around Savion’s waist with his feet resting on Savion’s ass. They fucked in that position for the longest time and I had to take frequent breaks from jacking off because I wanted to cum when they came. After nearly forty minutes, Savion began breathing heavily and moaning.

“I’ma cum, baby,” he told Kyree. “Ah, fuck!”

“Cum inside me,” Kyree told him while keeping his arms tightly wrapped around Savion’s neck. He also tightened his thighs’ grip on Savion’s sides. “Cum in me.”

“Oh, shit! Damn, baby!”

He pushed deep inside of Kyree and started shaking hard. His toes curled up and stayed that way. I couldn’t see too much but I did notice his dick pulsated a few times and his balls jumped. After calming down, he pulled out of Kyree and his cum combined with Kyree’s cream rolled out onto the silk sheet. He sat up and began gently rubbing Kyree’s gaping asshole while Kyree began jacking off. When Kyree began moaning louder and louder, Savion moved closer to him.

“Ooh, Savion!” Kyree hollered out as he began to cum.

Savion put his mouth on Kyree’s dick and sucked the cum out. Kyree jumped a few times and looked so sexy squirming and moaning like crazy. Savion kissed him and they shared the cum. After swallowing it all, they kissed a few more times and then climbed off the bed. I thought they were about to get dressed but they started hugging and kissing again.

“You sure you don’t wanna spend the night, boo?” Savion asked. “You can wake up super early and sneak back into your house before your parents wake up.”

“Nah, I can’t risk it,” Kyree told him. “Maybe another night.”

Savion gently put his forehead to Kyree’s and said, “I was serious earlier. I wanna be your boyfriend.”

Kyree laughed and asked, “But you wanna fuck girls still though, right?”

“I do but it won’t be like what we just did. And the only pussy I’m ever gonna eat from now on is yours. That shit is so good, baby. Had me lickin’ my fingers and shit.”

Kyree laughed again and they started kissing again. After a few minutes, they left the bedroom to go shower together. And that was when I finally got to leave the closet. Instead of leaving the room right away however, I paused to pick up my son’s underwear and sniffed them. I then picked up Kyree’s underwear and sniffed them, too. The scent had me addicted. So, I took Kyree’s underwear and left the room. I went into my bedroom and jacked off while holding the underwear up to my nose. It didn’t take me long to cum, and when I did, I shot it all over the inside of Kyree’s underwear. I quietly went back into Savion’s room and put the underwear back on the floor. I then went downstairs and into the basement to watch the camera feed.

“You got me so sore,” Kyree said to Savion as I watched them on my phone. He bent down to pick up his underwear and when he noticed my cum in them, he asked Savion, “How did cum get in my underwear?”

My son shrugged his shoulders and suggested, “It might’ve fell out your ass when we were leaving to go shower.”


They got dressed and then left the room so Savion could walk Kyree next door. When my son returned, he took the silk sheet and pillowcases off his bed and took them downstairs to the laundry room. I could hear the washing machine start up and then minutes later, he returned to his room with a glass of apple juice. He got on his MacBook and looked at stuff online before getting sleepy and going to bed. I turned off the feed and then lied down on the basement sofa with the blanket and pillow I’d brought down there.

While I was happy that my son wasn’t on drugs, I didn’t know how to handle the fact that he’d just had sex with the boy from next door. More importantly, I didn’t know how to handle the fact that I got turned on watching them have sex. Was I suppressing sexual feelings for men that I didn’t even know were in my head? Why was I so turned on by seeing my son’s asshole and by smelling the scent he’d left in his underwear? In one night, I’d somehow made the relationship with my son that much more complicated.

Written by D.A. Morrison


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  1. Mandy
    January 17, 10:48 Reply

    Lol. This is just some serious shades of sick. ??

      January 17, 14:18 Reply

      Lmaooo. As in. But it’s also sexy AF. Daaaammmnnnn ???

  2. Ay
    January 17, 13:18 Reply

    I don’t know I kinda feel sick! One incest two perv! The thing that keeps playing in my head is that that’s your son man ?! This is wrong no cap! I can’t fathom this!

  3. E
    January 17, 14:47 Reply

    This isn’t sexy. It’s deeply disturbing. I don’t subscribe to this kind of literature, and it’s not a good look for this site. If we wanted to watch incest or voyeur porn, we can just go to xvideos. I think we should try to keep things wholesome, where possible, and this story is all kinds of trashy.

    • Dav
      January 17, 16:31 Reply

      Exactly, we have heterosexuals who rape their Daughters or do shady things, incests and all… now in the Gay World, same thing… Please my head is aching me…

    • Wavy
      January 17, 18:27 Reply

      Finally! A gay man with some reasonable inhibition.
      This website is great, but some things I see here are just…

  4. elikem
    January 17, 20:01 Reply

    this is crossing a line …. abaaaaa. is this what you want to use this essential platform for ? Pinky !!?

  5. David
    January 17, 23:35 Reply

    Abeggi I loved every single line.

  6. Malcolm
    January 18, 07:50 Reply

    I agree this might be very disturbing for some people but then, it’s is literature. It’s is also fiction and it well and truly expresses how unpredictable our emotions can turn.

    Whether you believe or not, the story depicts some people’s realities and so, it is worth talking or… writing about. Avoiding it is tantamount to sweeping real issues aside and invalidating these urges, thereby not even seeking a solution if one is needed.

    • Malik
      January 18, 10:19 Reply

      It does reflect some people’s realities but there’s a way the story was told that seems to normalize rather disturbing behaviours like a father masturbating into the underwear of his son’s lover. In a way, realism was sacrificed for sensual appeal. Of course, it does happen that fathers get attracted to their sons, getting unwanted erections and all, but they can be handled in better ways than the care-free, juvenile, indulgent behaviours portrayed.

      The writer is obviously very skilled and talented but this story, and its important themes, could have been explored in a deeper, more compelling and less off-putting way.

  7. Tristan
    January 18, 09:13 Reply

    How can I unread this? This is silly.

  8. freshlaundry007
    January 18, 17:38 Reply

    This is soooo fucking nasty. So fucking perveted! So fucking tabboo! the dude is sick!!! ……. but why did i love it so much? rofl. Maybe its because I secretly fantasize about fucking my cousin. He has the prettiest ass you ever saw and those muscles… HOT Dayuuum! Are you allowed to fuck your cousin? LMAO

  9. Jinchuriki
    January 18, 20:11 Reply

    Nigerians are not ready for this.

  10. Eddie
    January 18, 21:35 Reply

    I thought I was the only one that was creeped out about the story….
    A hot mess! Lol

  11. ROCK
    January 19, 10:56 Reply

    Thank God it’s fiction.

  12. Delle
    January 19, 20:53 Reply

    Please I loved EVERY bit of this story.

    Literature isn’t supposed to be morally-bound (go to your Priest tomorrow for a healthy dose of that). Literature, very much like gender, has no rules. Should have no restrictions. It seeks to explore parts, no matter how off-putting, that exist because OFF-PUTTING stuff exists (not like this is even off-putting but I won’t project)!

    Take your sanctimonious, overly sensitive asses out of the comment thread. You all read from the beginning to the VERY end only to vomit disapproval? How quaint.

    Please PP, if you have more of this, put them up! If some people aren’t ready for edgy literature, they should move to the next post that butters their sentiments up.

    Toodles ✌

  13. Dickson Clement
    January 21, 16:57 Reply

    My Gahd! Who is this Morrison? You have it ! That was a good story- well written!

  14. Sage Philip
    June 14, 10:43 Reply

    Who is complaining? Cos i just wanked reading this. #smiling, while looking up at the ceiling#

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