Let us continue to use our stories and our experiences to build a greater and stronger community, and our actions to show that love is love.

Happy sixth anniversary, everyone.

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  1. Mandy
    April 16, 07:49 Reply

    Six more years to you, Pinky. I know the journey so far hasn’t been easy. But it’s a journey that’ll be recognized by posterity.
    Happy 6th anniversary, KDians.

  2. Orobo Hunter
    April 16, 08:26 Reply


    The biggest cheer goes to you Pinky. You’ve been amazing these six years. ❤️

    A toast to many more years of great writing, visibility and activism. ?

  3. Tman
    April 16, 09:25 Reply

    Happy sixth anniversary, guys! Make we keep growing in love, wisdom and unity. And may this platform keep basking in its glory. Thanks Pinky.

  4. Zoar
    April 16, 09:25 Reply

    Thanks Pinky.

    Atleast this site helps so many while away time while they interact with like-minded people.

    Congratulations to Kitodiaries!!!

  5. Persimmon
    April 16, 09:50 Reply

    Awwww!!!! KD has come a long way! I Started reading this blog a few days after it opened… Still miss oldies like Dennis Macaulay + his very very interesting weekly series(I remember how he screwed his straight friend who he offered to house ?), Chizzie (trouble maker, who knew everyone…lol), Francis (resident Doctor), Trystham, Just James (the sweet youngie) and one married man (King,I believe) who was always cursed out here…lol. among others too numerous to mention.

    God bless you pinkie for creating this platform. I have introduced KD to every of my friend and LGBT folks I come across with from all works of life/countries, so much so that at one time they thought I owned it.

    Reading KD helped me mature in a lot of ways and realize that I was not alone. It made me better grasp my self worth as a young gay man, learn there was more to sexuality and queerness… Although recently, it appears not to be as interesting a read as it used to be from way back ?

    Sending love and light to you all…. 6 years down forever to go!!!

    Whatever happened between Dennis Macaulay and Pinkie should be solved… Those his stories were really something!!!!!!!

  6. DexStar
    April 16, 10:34 Reply

    Happy Anniversary KD!… and congratulations Pinkie. It takes a lot to keep a unique platform like KD running this long, more power to your elbow and many-many more fulfilling and fabulous years to come. Cheers ? ? everyone!!!

  7. Sewa
    April 16, 10:37 Reply

    Whoop whoop!

  8. Gaia
    April 16, 12:56 Reply

    And this was the platform that made my Journey to self acceptance very very easy. I’m now an unapologetic gay man… thanks to you all for sharing your stories. We’ve really learned alot from them.

    Congratulations Pipo…..

  9. Tristan
    April 16, 19:22 Reply

    To everyone who’s shared his story — giving us the liberty to share your experience with you — A “THANK YOU” as collosal as the world is not enough.

    Pinky, your idea of of this blog has been of immense help to our lives. Thank you for your devotion and doggedness to keeping us in the know and bringing this community of celestial beings together.

    Here’s ???? to 6 years of superlative valour.

    To the struggles and journey of being different and self-acceptance.

    To our lost heroes whose voices declared our hopes and dreams.

    To the activists whose unalloyed and dautless efforts continue to give us hope for equal rights and freedom.

    To us who – despite the homophobia in a society that threatens our own very life to live – keep surviving, thriving and living.

    Let’s do this again and again and again?

  10. Net
    April 16, 19:32 Reply

    Cheers to more years!!!

  11. Audrey
    April 16, 19:41 Reply

    Better years to come and your best is yet to come. Thanks for all you’ve done for the community and Cheers to a new year.

  12. Rudy
    April 16, 19:51 Reply

    Happy 6TH Anniversary to you KD!!!

    You’ve made a positive mark in a world where being different is something to be frowned upon especially being an African.

    In the midst of an oppressive and homophobic system, you gave us a space to express ourselves irregardless of our different backgrounds with our sexualities, faith, educational backgrounds and what have you. We are able to express our trials, toils, hopes and beautiful talents(writing-wise) and shared stories and ideas that have been life saving and eye opening.

    I hope for you to keep up with your great work, never to kowtow to the ignorance and oppression that might come in your way now or in the future and continue to make an impact in this world for us and our future generation.

    Posterity will indeed remember you and treat you very kindly KD.
    Cheers and thank you Pink Panther and all your associates who make sure this blog is always up and running.

    You inspire us all KD ❤️

  13. Lyon
    April 17, 03:48 Reply

    Thanks Pinky and everyone for being a part of my life all these years.

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