Hello Future.

Like the long awaited episode of HTGAWM, I came back. But the difference is, I’m a not a bad person. At least I don’t think I am. Are you?

Welcome Future.

December 31: Our mutual friend’s birthday. Well as at the time that year, I wasn’t really friends with anybody, just Leo. He’s a nice and generous guy. He’s a sweet guy. I love Leo. Leo was organising this birthday party or get-together of a sort for our mutual friend. He’d invited the crew and invited me to. It was the last day of that fucking year, so I might as well just dress like a basic bastard and try to have fun. Oh yeah, I had to say, “Yes I’ll be there” and force myself to go of course.

The mall.

I left my house around 2pm, dressed in a… Dressed like a basic bastard with a bag across my shoulder. Do you ever feel incomplete when you go out without a bag? I do. I joined Leo on the way to the mall. He’s so awfully time conscious and nags when you’re never punctual for anything.

Let’s divagate a bit. Or no, let’s not.

We were all going to hang out, see a movie, and kiss our mutual friend happy birthday. Some got there early, other a bit too early. And the rest were just latecomers. So everyone knew each other except I who felt like the 23rd wheel. It was hard being there. God. It was really hard being there. I should have just stayed at home till 10pm, then go to church and just fucking cross over to the next year.

But here I was. And so were the others.

Second of all: introductions.

Meet Sege. Hi, hello. Meet Ola (oh is this the one? Tsk.) Hey, hi. Meet Ada. (Awww, so cute.) Meet the birthday boy. Hi. Hello.

I stood next to the railings. Then I saw one Kosiso like that coming up the stairs (remember him?). Same hey, oh wow, yeah. I was exasperated. Can we just see this movie already! No. The late comers weren’t there yet. And so Leo and Ola, who seemed to have, like, a thing going on – I don’t know what it was – they went downstairs and I went with them to a table where they talked about bald men with beards and cats with horns.

This time, I was starting to feel like the 44th wheel. I felt like I had to say something. I do that. But really I didn’t have to. Sege seemed like an awfully cheery young lad. I should talk to him. But all I did was throw glances, fiddle with my stupid phone, nod, force smiles.


The movie please!

Tickets bought. Snacks ready. Standing in twos. Talking and sharing secrets in twos. I stood alone. I wanted to be shadow cat and just slip through the floor.

We were seeing a Star Wars movie. Don’t even ask me about the sitting positions. I was the possessor of birthday boy’s chocolates, and so I treated myself. I was seated next to Sege. We watched and talked. We exchanged numbers. So basically he’d been eyeing me. I didn’t pay much attention, I just thought he was nice. You know what just skip.

Skip. I said skip.

Selfie time.

Who doesn’t take selfies at times like these?

(Hey, fuck, Leo, na you I follow come. Where are you going to? Who vex this one now?)

I really don’t know what angered Leo. But we left almost immediately after the movie had ended and just when he’d appeared in a selfie or two. Of course I left with him.


“Papi, did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yea, of course. Thanks.”


Written by Kizito

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  1. Mandy
    February 02, 07:34 Reply

    Kizito speaks again. So quick question, did you and Leo shag your way into the new year?

  2. .•*Sugaar.•*
    February 03, 13:36 Reply

    Pls sombori help!
    What does the 44th wheel and the other wheel means… ?
    Thank you sir!

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