You Could Be Minding Your Business And A Homophobe Will Come After You

You Could Be Minding Your Business And A Homophobe Will Come After You

Someone once observed after reading a kito story here: “These days, we aren’t even going out there, looking for trouble. These days, you could just be on your own and these homophobes will come looking for you.”

And that is true. Homophobia is not simply content with lying in wait. It has become a busybody that follows you from a WhatsApp group chat, looking to kito you. That sees your self-affirming Facebook stories and reports your account. That observes your online activity and has something to say to you about your comments and where you are posting them. That goes through your friend list and comes inbox to tackle you.

As it happened with a KDian, who was minding his business, until someone he barely even knew came to intrude on his day. The guy’s name (on Facebook) is Best Man, and just in case this is a kito alert, check on the conversation below:

Best Man (according to Facebook)


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  1. Higwe
    May 31, 16:47 Reply

    And you just exposed the Kdian too .

    All it will take is for some Judas to show the so called Best man this chat and bam , he’ll expose who he was admonishing .

    They have another target on their list.

    Sometimes apply wisdom rather than running off with emotions.

    Smh ??‍♂️

    If you knew you were going to expose his face , then showing us the chat isn’t necessary .

    You just gave them both evidence and confirmation that indeed the person he’s accusing is gay .

    Imagine a kito scum lurking around this premises … how hard will it be for him to get to work .

    • Pink Panther
      June 01, 02:21 Reply

      The next time you feel like acting like a contrarian to everything posted here, please apply wisdom.

      You think this was an emotional post? You make me laugh. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps it is the people who send these things in that WANT THEM POSTED???

      Here’s a news flash, defender of the universe, not everyone is as invested in their closets as you clearly are in yours.

    • Shawn
      June 01, 17:03 Reply

      but ehmmm, whatever happened to your psychic friend since you clearly like to run your mouth?? May 4th was like last month but Rona is still clearly slaying everywhere..

  2. Olly
    June 02, 15:48 Reply

    This “Best Man” definitely smells like Kito.

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