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And now, for today’s feature episode…


“Paschal, what do you want?” I said coolly as the bike-man vroomed away from where we were standing.

“Oh come on,” he complained. “Are you still carrying face for me?”

I ignored him and started for the gate.

“Look, Declan, how many times am I going to say sorry for what happened with Bryson? I’m your friend for heavenssakes, and he’s just some random dude who fucked you and was too embarrassed to own it.”

“I’m sorry, why are you here again?” I fired at him over my shoulder as I unlocked the pedestrian entrance of the gate. “Because, if it’s to give me an apology, then you need better practice.” I shoved the narrow metallic portal inside so I could stomp past the gateway.

He was right behind me, and caught the gate, which was on a momentum to slam shut in his face from my vicious swing of it. He gently shut the gate and shot the bolt home, before starting after me again. “I have been apologizing since, taking the soft approach. Today, I’m here to force you to become friends with me again. I’m tired of you not talking to me.”

I was warmed and amused by his words as I walked ahead of him, and felt the mask of annoyance on my face slip. However, I didn’t say anything in response, and my keys rattled and clinked against the burglary as I unlocked the entranceway to the patio.

“There’s no one at home?” he enquired, as he stood behind me.


“Will they come back soon?”


“Where did they all go?”




Interpreting my monosyllabic responses to mean an obstinacy not to budge from my resentment of him, he heaved a sigh of exasperation and said, “Declan nau, stop acting like this. To be frank, it’s kind of childish. It’s not like I ruined anything that could have meant something by saying what I said. Bryson could hardly have qualified as the love of your life.”

“How would you know?”

“How would I know what?”

“That you didn’t ruin anything that could have meant something? That Bryson couldn’t have eventually become the love of my life – how?”

“Well, for one” – he flipped his forefinger in the air – “he’s straight. And straight guys, even when they discover man pussy, can never make a great gay love story. There’ll always be commitment issues, and attacks of denial, and the omnipresence of the vagina. Relationships with bisexuals are bad enough. A relationship with a straight guy who suddenly developed a taste for the forbidden fruit would be a nightmarish emotional wreck. And you, my dear Declan, do not need that kind of drama. In fact” – he pulled himself to his full height – “we should think of what happened as me doing you a favour.”

“You don’t say,” I snorted. We were inside the house now, making our way upstairs through its stillness, broken only by the soft hum of electrical appliances.

“Yes, I did you a favour. Let’s say he started fucking you regularly on the down-low, there would have been no future there. He would never have wanted you two to be together. He wouldn’t even have wanted it to be known that you two are having sex. Just see how he reacted when I mentioned it.”

“He’s a guy who’s been fucking pussy all his life. Did you think he wouldn’t be embarrassed to learn that him switching lanes had become public knowledge? Did you? Don’t just come here and try to justify your actions with Bryson’s failing – don’t.”

“Okay, okay…” He lifted his hands in a gesture of surrender as he spoke. “I get it. You liked him. I ruined it with my big mouth. What’s happened has happened. Can we move on from it?”

“Fine.” I plopped down on my bed, suddenly feeling very exhausted, inwardly so.

Paschal came to sit beside me, and draped a hand gingerly over my shoulder. “You don’t look too good,” he said gently. “Do you want a massage? I’m very good with my hands.”

I chuckled. “I bet you are.” Then I shook my head as I continued, “No, I don’t want a massage. I’m just… I don’t know, too many things are happening to me all at once.”

“Anything you want to share?”

“Not right now, no.” Unburdening myself to Ekene was enough for one day. I didn’t feel like repeating the story of my debacle with Fabian to any other person. Perhaps, on Sunday, I’d tell everyone else at Biola’s place.

“You need a man, Dee,” I heard Paschal say, feeling his palm rub the end of my shoulder where it rested. “That’s what you need. You’re not like me or Adebola or Biola, who can play the field and not feel like we’re missing out on anything. Love is not for us. But you, you’re a romantic. So, you need a boyfriend.”

“Yea? Well, why don’t you host an audition, and then, when you find the suitable boyfriend, you send him my way.”

Paschal laughed softly. “Oh come on, don’t tell me you don’t already have options. What about Kizito?”

“Why does everyone think that guy is the one for me?”

“That is because, from what you say about your interactions with him, you two have a good chemistry. Give him a chance, you never know where you’ll find happiness, or that you might find it in the places you deem unlikely.”

I arched my brows as I turned my face to study Paschal. I was impressed by that remark, one that hinted at a depth to him. The guy was usually so blasé, that it was hard to imagine him harbouring any philosophical tendencies. My eyes swept over his face, taking in his features that were not remarkable, even though they came together to give him a degree of good looks, enough to get someone interested. It was however his cock that sustained the interest.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he murmured then with a self conscious laugh. His breath washed warmly over my face.

“I don’t know…” My voice trailed out as something suddenly charged up the atmosphere around us.

His nostrils flared and his eyes narrowed on my face. I swallowed, slipping my tongue out to moisten lips that felt suddenly dry. His gaze sharpened on the motion, and his hand tightened around my shoulder.

What is going on?

Even as I queried myself, I could feel my body reacting to the hunger I could see was in his eyes. I tried to move away from him, to shove off whatever it was that had possessed my system, but the images that had sprung to life in my mind were making my pulses rocket.

He’s your friend, for heavenssakes!

He’s also Eddie’s friend, and yet, they’ve shagged each other.

Stop that! That’s your konji talking…!

My breathing quickened. I felt a snugness in my groin as my dick swelled against my trousers, and my nipples prickled, its sensitive tips stinging uncomfortably against the thin fabric of my shirt. They swelled so much that they must have become visible through my clothing, because Paschal looked down at my chest, and his eyes widened fractionally before he turned his face up again and said my name in a husky tone, “Declan…”

“We really shouldn’t…”

That was as far as I got, before he leaned forward and crushed his lips against mine. The touch of his mouth snapped the final thread of my restraint, and I latched my hands over his shoulder and kissed him back fiercely. He slid one arm behind my back and lifted me up and into the kiss, devouring me with a hungry intensity I felt to the tips of my toes. I twisted closer, my breath emerging in short, shallow pants that mixed with his. His tongue slid inside, and took mine in prolonged, erotic strokes. I heard myself moan. I went with the sensations, my heart slamming against my ribs, my entire body starting a slow burn that spread and intensified rapidly.

I had no idea how long we sat there, kissing as if we wanted to consume each other. Eventually we broke apart to feverishly discard our clothes, before tumbling, all naked limbs and cocks, into my bed, hands grasping our bodies, mouths glued to each other. I felt his penis jab intermittently against my body, and so, I pushed him aside to get a good look at it.

I’ve seen Paschal’s dick a number of times in the past, in its flaccidity, enough to know that he is very generously endowed. This however would be my first time to see it hard, and the sight shot a quick bolt of fear through my heart. What he had on him was huge. I wasn’t familiar with dick sizes, but that angry length had to be about nine to ten inches, with the shaft spreading widthwise into a slab that defied any laws of gay sex that postulated the smooth, unhindered entry of a dick inside an ass. The dick bobbed and jerked under my stare, an impressive sight, a master demanding the supplication of a bottom. I was both fascinated and frightened by it.

His soft chuckle brought my gaze to his face. He was wearing the smug look of one who knew the effect his endowment had on potential sex partners. “You like?” he asked in a tone that implied that he didn’t expect me to not like.

“Oh wow…” I breathed out. “My goodness, that – that is what Eddie took exclusively in all that period you two dated?” My respect for my blogger friend was moving up several inches as I spoke.

Paschal gave a small laugh. “And he worked it well, I’ll give him that. And now’s your chance to get some loving from the exterminator.”

Something cringed inside me at the image of that plundering my ass. “The exterminator? It has a name?”

“Of course,” he crowed. “Every good dick has a name. And at the touch of mine, every konji and horniness perish. It exterminates with the pleasure it gives.”

I’ll bet, I thought, turning my stare to his hard-on again. I’m sure it exterminates one or two blood vessels inside the ass it’s giving pleasure to as well. I felt the muscles of my anal entrance contract spasmodically with the thought.

“So, can we get started?”

“Um…” I hedged. “That’s going to hurt. I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”

“With the right man, a guy can take anything. Don’t worry, Dee, I will be very gentle with you. It’s been a while I’ve been wanting to get down with you. You have got one of the cutest asses I’ve ever wanted to fuck.” As he said this, my eyes glazed over, whether it was the prospect of having hot sex after so long, or the thought of that pole up my ass, I couldn’t say. But I found myself powerless to resist Paschal.

I slid down, toward the dick, and brought my mouth tentatively around the mushroom head. At the touch of my moistness, he moaned, and instinctively thrust his hip toward my face. I nibbled on the head of the penis, flicked my tongue over it, trailing my lips and tongue down the sides of the shaft.

Really, I was trying to work up the nerve to take that thing in my mouth.

“Suck me, Dee…” he groaned, as he ground his groin against my face, trying to shove his member into my mouth. “Suck me…”

I obliged him then. I took his cock inch by inch inside me. The mushroom head slid toward the back of my throat as I pushed downward. I gagged, and the trajectory stopped when his dick was halfway into my mouth. I pushed my head backward and the dick slid out. I took a deep breath and opened up to take this guy’s huge pole for the second time. He placed his hands on my head and held them there as I shoved my face down on his cock. My throat clenched and I gagged again, before pulling back to get some air.

I tried a third time, and this time, I actually went the entire nine to ten yards. As soon as my nose crashed into his pubes, his cockhead popped into my throat and settled deep. My body tried to expel the intruder and I erupted in a violent gagging cough which forced saliva and mucus out of my mouth and nose. My eyes began to flood with tears. I was impaled. I could not breathe. He held me there. I slapped at his hands, and he let me up. I breathed, and then forced myself all the way down on his cock, then up again, then back down, until I’d settled into a rhythm.

But I could only endure a few minutes of the fellatio; my mouth soon started to ache from the distended opening it had to maintain to accommodate Paschal’s dick. We kissed some more, and then he flipped me around and went for my derriere with his hands. He moved away from me long enough to retrieve the tube of cream on my dresser, and then squeezed out a generous helping on his hand, before proceeding to apply it on my ass hole. It felt really nice to be touched back there, and he was being gentle as he promised. He lubed up my ass crack with his palm, and then started working the ointment into my hole with his index finger. It really started to feel good when he’d wiggle the finger around, to open me up more. Soon, he had two fingers up my ass, and then three, which felt increasingly uncomfortable, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to take much more than that. I’ve never been a fan of too many fingers up my ass. After a while, though, I got used to the feel of his fingers in my butt, and he helped things along immensely, when he leaned toward my head and turned my face around to kiss me while he fingered me. I felt a jolt of pleasure every time his fingers stroked in and out, and I began to move my derriere over the motion of his fingers.

Soon, I began to get impatient with Paschal, because I had gotten used to his three fingers up my rear end. He must have sensed this, because I felt him pause and withdraw his fingers slowly from my ass. Something rustled and ripped, and I looked behind me to see him stretching out the thin sheath of a condom on his major league sized cock. My heart began to flutter as I watched him squirt the cream over the shaft, moving his hand back and forth in order to evenly spread the ointment on it.

And then, he bent over to give my ass cheeks a sloppy wet kiss, before straightening up behind me.

Oh God, here we go, I thought with slight panic. I took in a deep breath as I mentally braced myself for his intrusion. I felt the head of his giant battering ram against my hole, and I stiffened.

“Relax, Dee…” he said soothingly, while tapping my bottom with his open palms. “Just relax. My dick is not that different from the other big ones you’ve been taking.”

Oh hell yes, it is! I thought, while willing myself to relax.

Soon, I felt the pressure of his cock head invading me, and a sharp bolt of pain rocketed up my spine as his head popped through my sphincter, followed by an incredible feeling of fullness. The pain quickly turned into an avalanche, and gasping, I stretched my hand backward to stop his further entry.

He stopped, and then cooed, “Relax, I’ll be gentle. Once it’s in, it’ll be easier.”

“You don’t have to teach me how to take a big cock,” I gasped with mounting irritation.

He chuckled at that. “Of course not. Oya now, let’s keep going.”

Slowly, very slowly, he started moving in again, sliding his well lubricated cock inside my ass hole. My sphincter muscles kept on clenching in protest, sending distress signals to my brain to compel my hands to stop the invasion. By sheer will, I kept those hands on the bed, grabbing fistfuls of bed sheets in a bid to ride the pain.

Finally, Paschal’s stomach was against my ass. He waited a beat, his breathing heavy against my back, before slowly pulling out. My anal muscles protested the reverse motion even more vociferously than before, and I felt the pain splinter in that area as something that was part of my anal anatomy moved. Paschal kept moving back until he was halfway out, and then he dived forward again, this time speedily.

That something moved again, dislodged from where it’d been positioned all my life. And I choked out a gasping scream.

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. Obatala
    October 07, 05:03 Reply

    oh oh. I wonder what was dislodged from position. I just hope there is no permanent damage. let this serve as decree nissi to all the power bottoms. I beg u, when u see something bigger than a conventional penis, dude, enjoy a blow and hand job and move on. before you start screaming in agony like dee when the exterminator abi excavator gets you.

  2. Ruby
    October 07, 05:56 Reply

    I sure hope some Blood Vessel has not been Exterminated by Paschal’s “League Sized Cock”
    Another Vivid Piece by Pinky! Bravo *applauds with well manicured hands and waves with a blush pink hankie*

  3. Rett.
    October 07, 06:04 Reply

    I was secretly hoping it would be Kizito calling Declan. Paschal though.

  4. daniel
    October 07, 06:15 Reply

    Well, once in a while we have that one friend that is irresistible in the bedroom..
    We teach bottoms to be competitors, not for jobs or accomplishments which I think could be a good thing, but for the penis sizes of men. *in chimamanda’s voice* hope Dee will be alright sha.

    • chestnut
      October 07, 06:45 Reply

      Hahaha! U’re a mess for this! Why u gotta do Ms Adichie and Mrs Carter like that? LMAO

    • R.A
      October 13, 21:26 Reply

      Lmao, why oh why? I’m gonna remember this anytime that song comes up naw 🙁

  5. Micky
    October 07, 06:16 Reply

    Ok Pinky. I don’t know how to feel about this. And this cliffhanger is on another level of wickedness. Lol. Now you’ve successfully worked up my testosterones this morning. Damn!

  6. evans
    October 07, 06:17 Reply

    Hmmmmm……. U can’t expect sme1 to bear pascal nd he won’t have it big. Dee, enjoy while it lasted joor

  7. Samaurai
    October 07, 06:23 Reply

    Declan sha.
    I just pray you find love (if that truly exists).
    You’re a special kind of person.

    Having sex with a friend?
    Well, for someone like me, if I ever friend-zone someone (not in the bad sense sha), if I ever convince my mind that someone is my friend, it will be easier for me to shag a random hook-up than to do it with that someone. As in, sex is totally off between me and him.

    I don’t know if it’s normal o. But it has happened to me on several occasions. No matter how hard I try, no matter what he does, I’ll never get aroused.

    • Metrosexual
      October 07, 07:27 Reply

      If I feel the same way too abt my close friend, then its normal….

    • gad
      October 07, 08:11 Reply

      The solution is simple.unfriend him in your mind.Infact, see him as a mortal enemy and it will be sagging galore

      • Samaurai
        October 07, 11:49 Reply

        Lol. This gad sef. You’re something else.

    • Mr Bassey
      October 07, 08:39 Reply

      Its perfectly normal…..I’m with u on this one.

    • maxonex
      October 07, 10:29 Reply

      Its normal….I don’t do close friends…there’s just no attraction..

  8. JArch
    October 07, 06:27 Reply

    I saw what you did there…. That wasn’t a shade, it was a full eclipse, and I caught it well. God is watching you in 3D.

    I saw what you did there…. Reviving the bisexual gist from yesterday and slowing awakening Bryson’s character from ancient history.

    I saw what you did there…. stealthy tales of the “wild weekend” you spoke of yesterday.

    I saw soooooooo many things

    *goes back to packing bags for impromptu trip*

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 07, 06:41 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahaa!!! Jarch, you should stop seeing before your eyes go blind o

      • JArch
        October 07, 07:11 Reply

        Oh not to worry…. I am sporting my “tinted” stunner Google glasses hahahaha

  9. enKayced
    October 07, 07:13 Reply

    Oh my goodness!
    This is not right on so many levels…
    So wrong, so right!

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 07, 07:30 Reply

      Werreminute dia, my friend! Are we talking about Declan or Pinky? *scowling*

  10. gad
    October 07, 08:19 Reply

    This Declan is a damned bitch. So full of attitudes and at the same time so generous.The type of guy that I can’t waist my time on. Everyone begs him and wants his friendship but he keeps acting like he is an island.Soon it will be the turn of Fabian et al to beg for his friendship.

  11. Brian Collins
    October 07, 13:22 Reply

    There are some friends you might have been attracted to and then you later became close. The attraction might not go away entirely. Just like Ricky and Noah from Noah’s Arc. I can totally relate.
    I don’t really think Declan is an ashawo kobo kobo like Dennis said. People do worse things than sleep with their friends.

    *Runs away and hides before Mrs Macauley shows up*

  12. insidiousmissmeiya
    October 07, 16:03 Reply

    Thank you for the plug, Panther!!!! :*

    Everyone, there’s an airtime giveaway going on 🙂


        • gad
          October 08, 19:58 Reply

          I suspect that there won’t be freedom of speech and expression of opinions on that sight since ones posts and membership are subject to the approval of some people with no clearly defined criteria

      • insidiousmissmeiya
        October 09, 22:54 Reply

        gad, you underestimate me. I strive for objectivity and fairness, always. The only thing I will not allow is hate speech.

        • gad
          October 10, 05:09 Reply

          Ok. I will be there

        • gad
          October 10, 05:13 Reply

          It’s ok.I will do anything Within my ability to support the cause of gays

  13. courtsofdomasiobo
    October 07, 17:48 Reply

    I really don’t get….if Declan is the hopeless romantic guy among his friends how come there is no distinct behaviour between himself and the “everlasting horny and kangaroo spirited” paschal? People who are cut out for romance and relationship do not have the stomach for promiscuousity. Just saying.

    • Dubem
      October 07, 18:38 Reply

      What is promiscuity? When one sleeps around. It hasn’t been established that Declan sleeps around. What has been established is that he has a healthy libido. That one is a romantic, does that imply that he has no libido or no propensity for been seduced to have sex with someone he’s not in love with?

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 07, 18:43 Reply

      Thank you, Dubem.
      Um, courtsof-etc, the title of the series is Love and Sex, and we get to see those happen through the eyes of the protagonist. Declan. He wants to love. He gets to have sex. He’s not even a romantic sef. He’s just someone who believes in finding the right guy to love. That may be misconstrued as being a romantic (personally, I don’t even know who a romantic is), but the Declan I had in mind when I started writing this isn’t someone who is straitlaced, buttoned-down, and starry-eyed. (What Lagosian TB is like that sef, really? lol)
      And as for promiscuity…well, before I say anything on that score, I’d like to know what led you to settle on that word.
      Thanks for reading tho.

  14. xpressivejboy
    October 07, 19:20 Reply

    So sorry, Dee, you’ll be fine.

    *thinking* When will this Pascal come my way?

  15. john
    October 08, 00:29 Reply

    Like I always say, some dicks are best admired from afar… I hope he’s ok shaaa…. Can’t wait for d next episode and to be honest @Pinkpanthartb I don’t lik whr d story is going but will enjoy d ride…..

  16. Constant
    October 08, 08:26 Reply

    Sex with the Close Friend is the best….#talking from experience….Pink hang not the story no more….

  17. Kryss S
    October 10, 09:22 Reply

    Hian!!!!!!! This Declan should have sense for Africa!!!! You have a situation @ hand nd u r being excavated by an excavator! Nwa nke a enwekwa uche? Choi!!!!! I don’t even want to imagine d state I would b in if I was found out, suicide would look so inviting than life!
    By the way, I don’t want to believe that all gays r as loose as dis Declan! He is too too loose/free joor! Isn’t there a “no” or “self control” in his vocabulary? I just can’t deal oooooooooo!
    Anyways, am loving dis blog, the stories nd d ppl in it although Dee’s loose waist is annoying me shaa! Lol! Hope we would all have fun together!
    I am Kryss S!

  18. Lothario
    October 15, 06:53 Reply

    Oh dear! I can’t help but laugh….honestly! But this was an unexpected turn, good one!

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