I know a man

Who died of love

Who died for love

And who died in love

He was as radiant as the sun

As smart as any con

As swift as any run

Until he was done

Nothing could hold him down

Not even the society’s frown

He was his pride with a crown

The king of Happy Town

His skin was like no other

His body could seduce a fellow brother

His breath, like the air of fresh summer

To beauty, he was no newcomer

But like everyone in this world

He had something to hide

Something he wasn’t proud of

Something he kept inside

This forced his high spirits to shrink

And his feeble mind to think

On depression was he at the brink

In the pool of sadness he was ready to sink.

But then he met a man

A man so young, yet so wise

And just like that, his heart leaped

And it grew in shape and in size

This man showed him true love

And all that it could do

He told him to let himself be free

Like the caged bird that flew

What sweet love grew between the two

And this, they could not hide

Cos life was too short to be otherwise

They grew old together

The two of them

Touching the lives of people

Of people like them

Teaching them to be true to their nature

Despite what the world may say

Cos in the end, life is measured

By your legacy and not with who you lay

Time passed and the lovers passed

Moving on the same way they lived

In each other’s arms

When my wife and kids ask about them

Those two men who were my fathers

And I a son to them

This is what I say to them

‘I know two men

‘Who died of love

‘Who died for love

‘And who died in love.’

Written by Reverend Hot

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  1. Max
    August 19, 06:57 Reply

    Beautiful .. Its a good way to start the morning.

  2. papasmurf
    August 19, 07:03 Reply

    Beautifully written. Bless your heart Reverend Hot.

  3. papasmurf
    August 19, 07:06 Reply

    Y’all should see this movie “THE NORMAL HEART”
    Its a story of love and loss in the 1980’s when AIDS was discovered and they were calling it the “GAY CANCER”
    Its so touching.

    • Pink Panther
      August 19, 07:22 Reply

      Starring Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer (for which he won a Golden Globe).
      Yup. I’ll hopefully be seeing that movie tomorrow. I just loooooove anything and everything that Julia Roberts does.

      • Colossus
        August 19, 07:58 Reply

        Negodu, just Negodu gi. Mother where. tomorrow now na Meryl Streep

        • Pink Panther
          August 19, 08:03 Reply

          Bia Colossus, this is an LGBT community, Ayam free to acquire as many celebrity mummies as I can. Love is Love. 😛

      • Max
        August 19, 08:04 Reply

        Or Genevieve..
        **runs away before pinky will come with his bench warming fry pan**

  4. Kester
    August 19, 07:19 Reply

    Oh Rev this is really hot you are good. I am a fan of rhymes and for once in this segment I see what I was taught in school about medieval poetry. Chaucer would have been happy to make your acquaintance.

  5. ken
    August 19, 07:37 Reply

    Funny how just yesterday some of us were screaming its all about sex! Smh!!

    • Max
      August 19, 08:06 Reply

      Hoes will be hoes.. Leave them to do their thing..
      Lovers will be lovers… They’ll thrive .. Even in the midst of hoes.

    • Mandy
      August 19, 08:07 Reply

      And your point is what exactly, ken?

  6. King
    August 19, 08:06 Reply

    It’s all about love… is beyond all natural divides and classifications……let’s pursue love and purpose and find fulfillment in our uniqueness!

  7. Max
    August 19, 08:38 Reply

    My comment disappeared and reappeared in the wrong place

  8. kacee
    August 19, 09:01 Reply

    A lovely poem indeed, Nice one Rev.

  9. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    August 19, 09:15 Reply

    … Yes they were in love, which is a great thing … But I am sure they also had sex; lots of it.

    *side eyes the sex police*

  10. Eros
    August 19, 10:05 Reply

    I read the first few lines and I thought he was talking about Jesus

  11. Diablo
    August 19, 13:01 Reply

    Really nice. Real poetry and not just space bars.

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