Idris Elba Knows People Follow Him Because They Think He’s Very Well-Endowed

Idris Elba Knows People Follow Him Because They Think He’s Very Well-Endowed

“What am I gonna say? I’m not gonna go out there and pretend that I have a 12-foot dick. It’s just not how I was raised, you know what I mean?… For a minute, the rumor was great. I saw my Twitter account rise. I was like, What is this popularity? Oh, oh, I see, it’s ’cause they think I have a massive penis. But we all had fun with it. I certainly did.”

— Idris Elba discussing being objectified for photos like these that allegedly showed him to be incredibly well-endowed in his history-making interview as the first man to be featured on the cover of Maxim magazine.206_0915_idris_cv-360x468

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  1. #Chestnut
    August 19, 07:23 Reply

    But why does Idris Elba like lying? Is he still insisting that dat thing was a microphone wire,and not preeq? Hian! Ppl are never straightforward.

  2. ambivalentone
    August 19, 07:32 Reply

    But THAT is only one set of pics. No beach shots??? I mean, then we can really and truly decide

    • #Chestnut
      August 19, 07:40 Reply

      Trystie, I know what I saw, and what I saw is PREEQ! *bangs gavel hard*

  3. JArch
    August 19, 08:30 Reply

    Idris Elba should just just marry pinky already na haba… The amount of time and energy that pinky puts into making sure Idris gets the right kind of press is almost like a woman trying to protect her marital home from side chicks.

    Bia pinky don’t worry, we won’t take him away from. We just want the “tip” for like 10mins… dassol

    • Pink Panther
      August 19, 08:33 Reply

      The thunder that will faya you is on its way back from the market.

      • JArch
        August 19, 08:45 Reply

        Balogun market is more than 10mins away. So that gives me enough time to enjoy a bit of foreplay too

        Does he like KY gel or durex 2-in-1?

        • Heiress
          August 19, 14:12 Reply

          Durex? Honey ever heard of Astroglide or Rear Entry? ??

      • JArch
        August 19, 15:56 Reply

        Lool heiress astroglide is too much na, pinky said the thunder that would fire me is on its way back from the market.

  4. kacee
    August 19, 08:57 Reply

    Omg i thought it wasn’t real o, my Lawd, that monster is gonna kill someone (no matter the amount of lube is used), chai… No wonder PP wants him so bad…hehehehe

      • kacee
        August 19, 09:19 Reply

        Lol don’t kacee me o, i second JArch sef lol, we just want to play a little with him.

        • Pink Panther
          August 19, 09:26 Reply

          *cocks shotgun* Come any closer, kacee, and girls won’t just be having fun.

    • JArch
      August 19, 09:11 Reply

      Sweerie, pinky has been on Idris case since 1900…. it’s not just about preeq… i mean mic. It goes waaaayyy beyond that.

      Everyone is saying Eminem was the reason Mariah Carey wrote the song “Obsessed” but I think Idris too had a hand in it, cos am sure he’s well aware of Pinky’s obsession ***flees***

  5. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    August 19, 09:03 Reply

    I think that was truly a mic … The image of his D in my head shouldn’t be that slim n long. From the bulge in that “Takers” … His dick should be THICK!

    *signs out. That’s my dick analysis on him*

  6. Django
    August 19, 09:08 Reply

    What is all these preeq talk?

    • JArch
      August 19, 09:14 Reply

      Dhurling, what Idris Elba’s preeq does for us, is what Bey’s punani does for you.

      Allow us to swoon in peace bikonu

    • kacee
      August 19, 09:25 Reply

      Django dear we are just talking about PP and his obsession with Idris Elba’s emmm package, and why PP is so stingy to share him with the house. lol

  7. Tobby
    August 19, 11:49 Reply

    Why don’t you show us proof it isn’t ^__^

  8. Max
    August 19, 14:44 Reply

    You ppl are drooling over a man bcos of Photoshop..
    Pinky is ready to sell his soul to get a strand of his pubic hair. Chai. And people like Jarch will spread their legs across the two Petronas towers to get fucked by him..
    Akwuna koboko.. All of you.
    He’s not that good of an actor sef.

    • JArch
      August 19, 15:52 Reply

      Mbok don’t be a jealous bitch lol… Idris is an amazing actor with an amazing schlong to “cap” it up.

      Admit it, you don’t feel (sexually) attracted to him cos he’s old. Leave him for us like that biko. Zac Efron and co are there for you to swoon over lol

      • Max
        August 19, 16:30 Reply

        Hahahaha hahahaha. Lmao
        Did you just say Zac?? **faints**

  9. Sid Castellano
    September 03, 11:06 Reply

    I don t care if u don t find him attractive. You don t have to. I m sure many don t. I already told you why I responded to you since Im a part of people who do see something in him.

  10. NaijaTgal
    April 24, 11:23 Reply

    Idris is such an amazing actor and overall sexy black man. As far as the dick length discussions go, I feel he is just being modest. Just imagine how awkward it would be to actually ‘comeout’ and admit it…not his style, leave that to the thots…

    Like the Game, Wendy Williams made it so awkward by talking about his dick pics, that killed the sex appeal for me… And there’s saffari’s dick to ‘digest’ also…its a ratchet move to accept it, maintain the mystery lol.

    I love Idris even more for being modest in his response.

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