Man Crush Monday: Wale Ojo

Man Crush Monday: Wale Ojo

Wale Ojo 01The first time I noticed Wale Ojo and his hunky self was on the movie, Phone Swap, where he co-starred with Nse Ikpe Etim. Dude was doing press-ups and then standing before a mirror with well-defined pecs, and I smacked my lips with appreciation.

Turns out J-Boy has noticed it way longer than I have, and has a thing for the actor. And so, today’s Man Crush is his eternal desire. I don’t know if that qualifies as daddy issues (JArch, could you consult with us on this issue?). Check on Wale Ojo’s pictures below.wale-ojo-by-justin-carrasquillowale-ojo-2Wale Ojo 02

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  1. Sage
    May 11, 04:41 Reply

    Luks. Hot for dudes dat hav somtin for hunky. Dads

  2. Sage
    May 11, 04:44 Reply

    Hey peeps ,am a 1st timer

  3. JArch
    May 11, 04:57 Reply

    This man is fine in a bland yet average sort of way (I’ve actually seen him up close a handful of times and exchanged a few perfunctory hello)

    I don’t see him being my baby daddy though, he’s just the kind of daddy you have a nice fun weekend with- nothing “too” raunchy or dirty- and then it’s back to your regular scheduled program… He’s definitely suave and got a killer smile too.

    As for whether J-Boy has daddy issues… Just because you drink wine occasionally doesn’t mean we can call you an alcoholic. It takes alot more than that. Nonetheless very interesting choice for a daddy.

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 11, 05:02 Reply

      Hehehehee. JArch, always representing in the Ministry of Daddy Affairs.

  4. Khristopher B!
    May 11, 05:03 Reply

    He looks good in some pics & like a crack head in others… I’m head over heels crushing on designer Mai Atafo! That man is all shades of grown & sexy… Hand me a tall glass of water, would you?

  5. Philip
    May 11, 05:22 Reply

    Vintage in his glory. That’s my spec.

  6. KingBey
    May 11, 05:33 Reply

    *waves hand in Luscious Lyon style* Pass !

  7. Ace
    May 11, 05:55 Reply

    This guy is aii. Not exactly fuck buddy material but konji could be a bitch sometimes and I may not be in the mood to fight a good ol’ erection.

    Anyways, when do I get to send my man crush photos of David McIntosh? His recent Instagram post about deepthroating a skewer got me feeling some kind of way. I swear, one of my sex goals is to fuck with that guy.

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 11, 06:02 Reply

      Ace, you too? Chestnut is going to have a problem with you o. Lol

  8. Dennis Macaulay
    May 11, 06:05 Reply

    **Looks lovingly at my Korede Bello screen saver while dancing to godwin**

    • Chris
      May 11, 07:38 Reply

      Confirmed statement of a twnk lover….( Sly grin)

  9. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    May 11, 06:42 Reply

    Ah Boda wale!

    *btw I am spec-less*

    He was very sexy in phone swap… plus there was a scene where he sat down and there was dick print full display…. good body for a man his age.

    *runs off to work. Will read other posts later*

  10. Max
    May 11, 06:44 Reply

    Lol.. I thought I was the only one.
    He’s d reason I was able to watch that phone swap. Man was all shades of hot.. I started to imagine me & him doing nasty things to each other.

    • Mercury
      May 11, 07:30 Reply

      Outta the abundance of the heart, the ass twitcheth and d cock peeketh.

  11. Bobby
    May 11, 07:21 Reply

    abeg this man is old jhor! …hakeem (from empire) likes old berries, am no gay Hakeem. i’ll have to pass.

  12. Masked Man
    May 11, 07:33 Reply

    That last picture, looks like someone in a refugee camp.

  13. Diablo
    May 11, 07:42 Reply

    Hmm he doesn’t look like he’s well taken care of.

  14. Chris
    May 11, 07:42 Reply

    Not being shady though……cant wait to see what some
    commenters up here would look like when they hit the
    famous 40, hmm

    • Gad
      May 11, 08:36 Reply

      Hahaha. Chris,y ou just spoke what has always been in the back of my mind. *laughingmerrily*

      • Chris
        May 11, 10:42 Reply

        I mean seriously, have seen dudes from when they were in their twenties and got into
        mid thirties and became unrecognisable. Perhaps due to bad genes or abuse of the
        physical body, or maybe it is just that time havent been kind to them.
        D’angelo the american r n b artist that came out with raunchy almost butt naked
        video in a toned ripped body ten years ago and his picture i saw four months ago
        are total contrast. I saw some commenters up here knocking Kriss Jenner for her
        looks forgetting that she is close to sixty. I will like to believe that such folks up here
        shading K Jenner’s have mum.c that are much more sexier and with better swag.

        • Gad
          May 12, 03:03 Reply

          You are right,Chris

  15. Arya Stark
    May 11, 08:27 Reply

    Hmmmm *in thick Igbo accent* OLUWADAMILARE OKORO!!!!!! I thought twas only me that say that *print dick* I means *dick print* ur eye new razorcharp ooh! I think he’s cuite/cute/quit for his age though would let him touch me anytime he’s ready #winksatwaleOjo# I had to raise my laptop so I could get a view of the kporo d time he was pressing up&down! Choiiii If I could just turn to that floor or be under that body……………he’s got just the type of body I love, the curves are in the right places ,not too much #justthewayilikeit

    • Oluwadamilare Okoro
      May 11, 20:37 Reply

      Hi Arya. Hoe recognize Hoe.

      Plus i pay great attention when watching ALL movies *iThink*

  16. Ruby
    May 11, 09:15 Reply

    Handsome, toned body, not Overly Sexy, I like him better with more hair on his head

  17. Sinnex
    May 11, 13:15 Reply

    Wouldn’t mind having a drink with him. I find him attractive, but not in a sexual kind of way.

  18. Metrosexual
    May 11, 18:29 Reply

    Umm… I don’t see anything sexy in this guy… (No offence)… But then, different strokes for different folks.

  19. Quinn
    July 30, 13:21 Reply

    This man is in my day dreams! really glad not a lot of guys here agree, now I can continue to **** to his photo!

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