Man Crush Sunday: Van Vicker

Man Crush Sunday: Van Vicker

Van Vicker 09The dude can’t act to save his life, but you have to admit, he’s kinda sorta hot. Am I right or am I about to get eviscerated by all these Kitodiariesians who never seem to have any love for African actors?Van Vicker 11Screenshot_2014-12-30-23-42-20Screenshot_2014-12-30-23-44-12

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He likes to de-stress in a guy’s mouth. Charming. Any takers?


  1. Max
    January 04, 04:11 Reply

    OK I’m not gonna lie, he just might be the only Nollywood actor I have a crush on.
    He’s easy on the eyes..

    • Mr Kassy
      January 04, 04:43 Reply

      Ya Max!the eyes thing is real,it makes me thirsty of him*O! Lawd dis is sunday*.

      • Max
        January 04, 04:50 Reply

        Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for church?

  2. Dominic Obioha
    January 04, 05:11 Reply

    Lawd! See shade of life… an actor who can’t ‘act to save his life’

  3. Queer Mike
    January 04, 05:23 Reply

    Different strokes for different shades- like my man very dark skinned, ripped, a tinge of tug roughness and must very handsome below the belt with mouth-filling luggage
    **if you know warrai mean**

    So, Van Vicker??? tsk tsk tsk I think I’ll pass.

  4. Adrian
    January 04, 05:28 Reply

    Naaaah…he’s ain’t got that pizzazz u get from a dark chocolate nigga! .. Dat pizzazz dat reassures u dat u gone be getting black prick… I ain’t feeling the nigga!

  5. kolesdairies
    January 04, 05:29 Reply

    Didn’t fancy him in 2014. Don’t fancy him now. Bae(PP) why you have to ruin a ni**a’s morning? *going back upstairs*

  6. Micky
    January 04, 05:37 Reply

    He is a terrible actor but a very hot eye candy!!!! Used to have a massive crush on him!!! Pinky didn’t u see better pictures of him???

  7. A-non
    January 04, 06:11 Reply

    Pinky, all your pictures of him on this post no follow o!

    I’ll kiss his juicy succulent lips a million times over.

    Don’t also mind digging my claws into those firm butt of his anytime, anyday.

    His eyes and eye brows are also a sight to behold.

    *runs off to prepare for church*

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 04, 06:13 Reply

      Ah yes, those juicy lips of his… *sigh*

      *snapping out of it*

      Idris and Tyson are still my darlings.

      • A-non
        January 04, 06:40 Reply

        Pinky, shebi you know that ‘away match’ is allowed and nobody has to know. It’s nor those guys have a PI following you about.

        Give it some thought and if you decide to act on it, I’ll be sure your ‘unfaithfulness’ is NOT a topic of our grapevine-in-council gist.

        @enigmous, kindly confirm you are taking notes?

      • enigmous
        January 04, 08:29 Reply

        Yes A-no…am taking notes, diligently

  8. KyrxxX
    January 04, 06:14 Reply

    Pinky is just wicked! Couldn’t you get better pics of him biko? All these lying in bed pics doesn’t make him any hotter than d Sunday stew in my freezer!
    Anyhoo, bro surely is fine, not a bad actor(that much) but he is short nd personally I think ur height adds 50% to ur looks. But tell that to African Magic women…………….

    • A-non
      January 04, 06:43 Reply

      Sunday stew in my freezer kwa??!!

      Hmmm….the things that KD has done to my lexicon.


  9. Chizzie
    January 04, 06:26 Reply

    He’s cute…when I was much younger he was my imaginary boyfriend.

  10. Dennis Macauley
    January 04, 06:45 Reply

    Let me just keep quiet before I am labeled a hater!

    Man crush ala

    • A-non
      January 04, 06:56 Reply

      Bad belle people everywhere…

  11. Samurai
    January 04, 07:02 Reply

    Oh purleeeaaassssee!!
    Pinky, what’s hot about this Vicker guy?
    The guy is short and isn’t even a great actor.
    Coming to African cinema, I prefer Majid Michel (not that he is even too fanciable like that) to this guy anytime anyday.
    Van Vicker ko! Hot guy ni!

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 04, 07:04 Reply

      My dear! I thot I was the only one! Cleary PP needs eye surgery! Warrisdis

      • pinkpanthertb
        January 04, 07:05 Reply

        Oh shurrup, Dennis. Your opinion over African celebrity doesn’t count.

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 04, 07:18 Reply

        No you shurrup PP

        I like Wizkid (those lips can swallow for africa) and I like Korede Bello!

        Are these Asian celebs?

      • Airdeecan
        January 04, 14:08 Reply

        Damn… love your twinks…don’t you.

    • Deola
      January 04, 07:04 Reply

      Well said, i would rather Majid Micheal than this one abeg.

    • Deola
      January 04, 07:15 Reply

      Vicker just seems like one of those people who are pretty until they open their mouths and you find yourself taking several steps back.
      He reminds me of Taylor Lautner, pretty but as bland of a personality as it gets.

      • Deola
        January 04, 07:25 Reply

        Lol DM you heard me right. Since The mess that Twilight was ended how many hits has Taylor got, zilch!
        Of that entire cast he was the least talented and it shows. A pretty face and pink lips can only get you so far.
        Mediocrity isn’t attractive. And thats what Taylor is, mediocre and thats even on his best day.

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 04, 07:30 Reply

        Who cares about his talent? Have you seen those lips and imagined what they can do to certain body parts?

        That body? And the full firm butt?


        And hun the Kardashians have trashed the talent-fame dynamics

    • Deola
      January 04, 07:37 Reply

      Hehehehe. You know when you’re right, you’re right.

    • Metorsexual
      January 04, 09:42 Reply

      Finally… Some one speaks my mind… Bless you, Samurai….. I don’t see anything hot about Van Vicker.. Maybe when he was younger, and new to the Nollywood screen, he had the good looks going for him….. Buh now….. *tsk*

    • Peak
      January 04, 10:03 Reply

      Seriously is it just me or has anyone noticed that DM is into “Shanko”? As in small framed men who like children. Wizkid? Korode bello? That deola guy (I don’t mind having that guy though). Cos everytime a fine-ass-GROWN-man is put up, he just something tricky to say.

      And as 4 the van guy? He is super cute and I ve a thing 4 light skinned boys, but………………..I will pass

      • Deola
        January 04, 10:51 Reply

        Small frame men who like children! Oh Peak I hope you mean small frame men who LOOK like children.

      • chestnut
        January 04, 12:19 Reply

        Hahaha! I thought I was the only one who noticed that about Dennis o! I didn’t wanna say anything b4 they will say I’m starting trouble. DM likes small,small boys ehn! Anyway,Dennis,I aint even mad at u though; I’d like to “spreculate”(I’ll retire the word after this one,I promise) all over Korede Bello; give him another reason to “wink” #DirtyOldManMode

    • Peak
      January 04, 11:27 Reply

      @ Deola yes na! The Deola guy that was his man crush a couple of months back looks like a 16 year old, wizkid looks like he is 18 and don’t even get me started on korode who looks like be should preparing for his SSCE. He is alomst 30 and is still crushing of zac efron and taylor lautner….I mean duh!!!!!
      Dennis! dennis!!!! U ve one sick dark dark twisted fetish for child-like boys.
      #pinky u seriously need to find men ….aaaahhhmm I mean …..boys to cater to the likes of DM. Not all of “US” are into FULL GROWN AZZ MEN!

  12. Deola
    January 04, 07:02 Reply

    Nope…doesn’t do anything for me at all.

  13. Ace
    January 04, 07:32 Reply

    Van Vicker? Really? Really? Thank God you highlighted the fact that he is an horrible actor.

    But anyway sha, If he comot cloth for my room, we wouldn’t be talking about his acting, shey?

  14. Pete
    January 04, 07:37 Reply

    Van Vicker? I’ll pass

  15. brynix
    January 04, 07:40 Reply

    Used to have a crush on him when I was younger but now…. But he’s a really crappy actor. Sure he’s easy on the eyes but that’s about it

  16. chestnut
    January 04, 08:09 Reply

    I won’t even lie, I’ve always had a thing for Van Vicker. I’d “spreculate” all over that…if he were an X-factor winner. Hehe…

    • Deola
      January 04, 08:32 Reply

      Throwing shade from one thread to another. Ok. Continu.

  17. enigmous
    January 04, 08:35 Reply

    Aswearigad if I was having a boner before this dude enters my room, I will gladly lose it.

    He doesn’t cut it for me at all. And I don’t understand those saying he’s fine cos he’s not (he’s just hiding under his yellow skin)

    ***celebrity nshi na ahu***

    • Dom
      January 04, 13:22 Reply

      Lol. You’re…wicked!!!

  18. trystham
    January 04, 08:35 Reply

    He never looks tip-top with his shirt off All that big body will only be good for bottoming. I’m fine not being lesbian abeg

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 04, 09:00 Reply

      Wait lesbian?


      You are a mess for this!


    • Deola
      January 04, 09:44 Reply

      Someone is going to hell on a Vespa for this mess. LAWD!!! Lmao.

  19. gad
    January 04, 09:23 Reply

    Fine African guy

  20. Khaleesi
    January 04, 09:33 Reply

    Bleh … he has a pretty face but he aint all that + i prefer my men dark skinned biko … hoes thirsting after light skin can have him abeg …

  21. Aproko Pikin
    January 04, 10:40 Reply

    Haba Pinky!

    Of all people to start 2015 crush with it is this one you went to pick! He’s a horrible actor, terrible at speaking English (trying to force accent wey no dey), yellow like bleached palm oil, relying too much on looks which I find annoying… list no go finish today!

    Abeg I go pass.

    BTW who gave this Vicker crush recommendation to you? If nnobody did, I guess you brought him here for crucifixion Pinky. Evil you! *smiles*

  22. Sheldon Cooper
    January 04, 12:49 Reply

    Hating on Van vicker just like ugly girl hate on Beyoncé. This is pure envy.
    *where is my flipflop *

  23. Dom
    January 04, 13:11 Reply

    Of course he can’t act to save his. And I’m not finding that he’s hot. Good looking but sexually attractive? Not for me.

    • Dee
      January 04, 13:25 Reply

      Ok I gotta admit I was expecting more, e fine yeah yeah but e looks too much like the usher dat got me feeling like a jujitsu warrior when e tapped my shoulder for dozing off errrr… point exactly……E is boring n not really memorable.

  24. Reverend Hot
    January 04, 18:40 Reply

    LOL! You guys comment like a bunch of horny teenage girls sha.

    *Hi Dennis* #shy

    • Absalom
      January 04, 20:42 Reply

      We happen to want the same thing girls want – dick – so…

      • Reverend Hot
        January 04, 21:32 Reply

        Hmmmm. Dick, remember when that was just a guys name…………………… Fellow KD-sians, Its not good to be naiive oooo

  25. iamcoy
    January 04, 21:48 Reply

    Seems king abi lord has good competition. Welcome Reverend hot.

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