In this year, we have laughed, fought, supported, scorned, and loved amongst ourselves. The differences and togetherness will remain no doubt on till next year. But in this one day, I wish to say a prayer of good will, joy, love, abundance, beauty and everything good on this day for every one of you.

A Pink Merry Christmas, guys. And a prosperous New Year ahead. 😉Butt Xmas

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  1. Kerr
    December 25, 06:15 Reply

    Merry Christmas KD. Merry Christmas everyone on here . God bless us all

  2. ken
    December 25, 06:15 Reply

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Next year is gonna be big for us!……and by “us”, I mean me!!!

    Cheers darlings

    Pls anyone who knows a lesbian that ready for fake marriage, do the needful and contact moi! Ok cheers

    My prayer for pp is that she will have so much fun this period, lots of laughter, haappiness and food and weight…so that she can stop competing for market with me! lol

    • Pink Panther
      December 25, 06:17 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahahaa!!! ken, how kwanu I can compete for market with you when we are not even selling in the same city, eh?

      • shuga chocolata
        December 25, 06:22 Reply

        not selling? hahahhahahah you people wih not kelt m oooo. hian.

        Merry Christmas folks. love,joy,peace and happiness to all KD.

  3. Mandy
    December 25, 06:48 Reply

    Merry Christmas KDians.
    Merry christmas, Teflondon. For today, I can put aside my animosity to wish you well in all your endeavours.

    Okay then. Let’s return next year bigger and better people, guys.

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    December 25, 06:59 Reply

    Very Merry Christmas everybody! Today do not count calories, eat everything!

    Merry Christmas Pinky, and thank you for always having my back!

    • Brian Collins
      December 25, 19:34 Reply

      Had this incredibly tasty cheese cake in my aunt’s house. Then went to her walker gyming thingy(not a treadmill) and burnt off 3.6calories (according to the machine) then went right back to have more cake.

  5. Kenny
    December 25, 07:02 Reply

    Merry Xmas to everyone.

  6. Dennis Macaulay
    December 25, 07:17 Reply

    A very Merry Christmas to the loyal friends I have on KD;

    JustJames(inserts love struck emoji)
    John Snow
    Tony Odekunle-Brown
    And others

    I wish you guys a very merry Christmas and may 2016 bring you so much laughter and happiness.

    • Pink Panther
      December 25, 07:19 Reply

      *searching thru the list, staggering back in shock* Jisox! I did not make it into the book of life? Chimoooo!!! :'(

      • Dennis Macaulay
        December 25, 07:24 Reply

        Lol ode! Check the first comment na!

        You? My number one voltron? How can I?

        **smothers you with kisses*

        • ken
          December 25, 08:03 Reply

          In other news, I have started building names in my book of malice 2016…..

    • JBoy
      December 25, 08:47 Reply


      Thanks Darl.

      Wishing you a Very Merry One…keep soaring; your best is yet to come.

    • pete
      December 25, 10:22 Reply

      Why does Jboy’s name come with an !?

      • JBoy
        December 25, 11:16 Reply

        Pete, how about we say it’s a punctuation for the ‘Special One’; innit? *winks*

        Merry Christmas, ShugAa

    • Stranger
      December 26, 00:13 Reply

      Dear Mandy didn’t make the list. Neither did Fly on the wall. Too bad.

  7. Mr. Fingers
    December 25, 07:19 Reply

    Merry Christmas yall.

    Am not big on festivities. I will just eat and see movies.

    • Pink Panther
      December 25, 07:21 Reply

      You and me are rocking the same boat, aswear. *stocking up on movies*
      Deola, shey you still dey house?

      • Mr. Fingers
        December 25, 08:00 Reply

        Am going to do mostly old classics. Pretty woman, sound of music, sister act, etc.

  8. Chizzie
    December 25, 07:28 Reply

    Merry xmas. I still hate Dennis Macaulay and wish I could stab him to death with a meat cleaver, I think Keredim is an agbaya and every gay guy’s worst nightmare at 40, I still think Posh is poor, and the living embodiment of everyone’s greatest failure. But Kumbaya. I hope everyone has a nice Christmas

    • Mr. Fingers
      December 25, 08:02 Reply

      Geez. I love me some keredim. He is my Christmas day crush.

      Don’t do that again. Make quarrel no turn to fight. Lol.

  9. JBoy
    December 25, 08:49 Reply

    Merry Christmas, Beautiful People.

  10. REV: HOT
    December 25, 08:49 Reply



  11. ronniephoenix
    December 25, 09:49 Reply

    Merry christmass guys!!!!!!!

    I love you all, even though we fight, maim and “kill” each other.

    You guys are family.

  12. lluvmua
    December 25, 09:57 Reply

    I just want to wish every one on here, a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year……………………*in chizzies voice* thanks pinkie dearest for this platform….. expect some stories soon

  13. Santa Diaba
    December 25, 10:07 Reply

    Merry Christmas everyone. I just recently lost the only remaining parent I have, so def not feeling very festive.
    But I wish everyone and their families all the joy and happiness of this season and beyond. Salut ???

    • Peak
      December 25, 10:19 Reply

      Sorry for ur loss man. Merry Christmas.

    • Masked Man
      December 25, 10:49 Reply

      Sorry for your loss.
      Accept my sympathy and condolence.
      May your grieving heart find solace.

    • JBoy
      December 25, 11:13 Reply

      So sorry, Dear, for your loss. God’s grace and strength to pull through this…especially, at a time like this.

      Remain Lifted!

    • Francis
      December 25, 14:46 Reply

      @Santa Diaba: Sorry for your loss man. May the Lord grant you and your loved ones the strength to carry on. ??

  14. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    December 25, 10:07 Reply

    Merry Xmas y’all … I want it to be filled with sex and fun wild stuffs but that is not happening. *insert wailing Yoruba woman*

    • Francis
      December 25, 14:48 Reply

      ?? Just got hug PornHub for today and fast for new year extravaganza ?

  15. Dickson Clement
    December 25, 11:05 Reply

    Merry Xmas peeps!! I woke up today opened my eyes, and there my mum was looking at me as I slept! Then there was steaming cup of tea and biscuits, rice and chicken, and cakes!! Then she said to me ”how time flies, my boy has grown! Goodmorning Doctor xxxx, what would u like to eat?” I replied ”Good morning Doctor XXXX Senior, I’d start wif the tea.” then it struck me really, am less clingy to this woman that is my best pal ever!!

    • Keredim
      December 25, 11:17 Reply

      Wow Dickson, that’s quite a lot to eat for breakfast. ?

      Enjoy. Merry Christmas??

    • Francis
      December 25, 14:49 Reply

      Hmmm, that’s a bit creepy. Lol. Merry Xmas man

  16. Dickson Clement
    December 25, 11:13 Reply

    Special shout out to @ Francis, I don’t know you but you have managed to get my honest attention

  17. Keredim
    December 25, 11:14 Reply

    Merry Christmas KDians. ?? ?

    Thanks for the memories–Porcine and all.????

  18. Oturugbeke!
    December 25, 11:51 Reply

    Merry Christmas everyone… I wish to fuck Dennis in the b. Heard he never allows a d down there?

    • Colossus
      December 25, 12:10 Reply

      He does, you just have to date him for 10years.

      • Keredim
        December 25, 12:13 Reply

        ….then leave him the next day…

        • Chuck
          December 25, 19:58 Reply

          Oh I see what the Mrs. did

  19. Teflondon
    December 25, 13:09 Reply

    Merry Christmas KD & Kdains!
    I wish you all a blissful holiday and an awesome time with your families!

    I’ll be holding a party with close friends Tomao 26th for the less privilege (who might not have much going for them) where I share gifts and give food.
    So please in the spirit of Kumbaya feel free to contact me via PP in my mail box. I promise not spill anything here on KD, so Pls Don’t be shy!

  20. Delle
    December 25, 13:25 Reply

    Merry Christmas to KD and family! I love you all so much. Really don’t think I’ve got any enemies shaa, DM, Max, Keredim, Tef (coughs), Posh…I love you all plenty!

    • Keredim
      December 25, 14:15 Reply


      Love you too, Delle.

      Merry Xmas?????

  21. kacee
    December 25, 14:30 Reply

    mtchewww what i’m i using this ASSES to do. Merry Christmas pp. PP my shirt nau, if i catch u eh…. don’t worry i’ll surprise u.

  22. Khaleesi
    December 25, 14:53 Reply

    Merry Christmas KDians, you guys rock! Have a fun filled day, and yes today am going to totally pig out! Fuck calorie counting, am stuffing my face till it bursts today … Toodles ***flips hair and sashays away****

  23. Francis
    December 25, 14:57 Reply

    Feliz Navidad to every one. ?? I used my pig out card last weekend so no show for me this week. Make una enjoy

  24. Promise4all
    December 25, 18:27 Reply

    Merry Christmas everyone, my Christmas wish is to meet Dennis Macaulay, next year if I’ll intern in P.H. his body on twitter just be like Eric in Trublood. Chizzie the bitch *wink* Have a nawti Christmas. kisses to everyone that made K.D fun this year, as our sexy fly on the wall once told Chizzie i mirror #livingForTheDrama. Do have a pink Christmas. PP, thanks for migrating us from WordPress, U are a darling.

    • Pink Panther
      December 26, 02:19 Reply

      Wish you all the best (plus including and Denni’s body as well 😀 ) this Christmas and the following New year.

  25. Uziel
    December 25, 22:25 Reply

    Merry Christmas people. Let’s do this again next year.

  26. Hema
    December 26, 11:06 Reply

    Merry Christmas KD family.
    The kind of LASTMA I’ve been carrying here these days.
    Jut got off work since yesterday.
    Have a blast family!

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