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Silent Christmas

How do I start this without leaving any point untouched? Because you know holiday sadness randomly hits you and you cannot deal with it. You could just be out and

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Have Yourself A Merry Christmas, KDians

This has been a tough year. But even if you have no reason to be joyful, remember that there is life. And with life comes the promise of a better

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Merry Christmas, KDians

Being a part of this community has truly been a blessing. Here’s to wishing you all the best that life can bring. May you give and receive much love, joy,

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Have Yourself A Merry Christmas, KDians

May this Christmas end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. For all the pain and turmoil and upheavals you

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WHAT WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: 10 Wishes KDians Wish 2017 Will Gift Us With

Merry Christmas. Father Christmas, I hope you are listening. After the tumultuous year 2017 has been, I believe we all deserve something nice for staying good and enduring all year

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A Word From Me To You, My Brethren

I’m not much of a blog or website guy. For me, surfing the Internet simply means Facebook, Badoo, instagram and the occasional trip to Manchester United’s website, with just the

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In this year, we have laughed, fought, supported, scorned, and loved amongst ourselves. The differences and togetherness will remain no doubt on till next year. But in this one day,

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What We Are Most Grateful For At Christmas: 15 Gifts 2015 Gave To KDians

Last year, I asked KDians to tell us what they’d like for Christmas. The responses I got were varied and humorous. This year, the theme changed to gratitude. I simply

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A Very Christmasey Sex

It is the twenty-fourth of December. We finish from the bar at nearly midnight. We are high on booze and stoned from weed. The streets are getting noisier and rowdier.

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Those Awkward Moments: Episode 24 (Christmas Special)

Harmattan in Lagos wasn’t as pronounced as it was in other less populated urbanities in Nigeria. But that morning, I woke up shivering from the icy weather that had descended

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