Random Questions: Would You Marry Your Bae?

Random Questions: Would You Marry Your Bae?

We talk a lot of talk about wanting the freedom to be who we are and to love who we love.

What happens if we get what we wish for and Nigeria suddenly repeals the SSMPA, making it legal for same sex marriages to happen and criminalized homophobia instead? If that happened today, would you marry the person you’re dating?

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  1. Delle
    September 08, 07:23 Reply

    This question will be so easy to evade seeing as many of us have been in committed relationships with singledom for God knows how long ?

  2. Dillish
    September 08, 07:55 Reply

    I’m gradually getting to that point where I will close the chapters of my life due to “boo drought”. 600years for him to show up after that chapter is closed

  3. Quinn
    September 08, 08:22 Reply

    Seeing that I had a little hand in making his marriage come to a halt, maybe I’m taking too much credit, maybe I just gave him a reason to get out of that toxic marriage, I’m willing to marry him, but I don’t think he’s ready yet, in the next 15 years maybe, I don’t think family members will be ready even if we become decriminalized..we still need their approval deed down

    • Pink Panther
      September 08, 08:28 Reply

      This sounds like a story that needs to be told. ☺

  4. Chijioke
    September 08, 08:37 Reply

    With polygamy (to both sexes) legalised too?

  5. Jake
    September 08, 08:38 Reply

    We’ve been in a relationship with our hands for the longest of times.

  6. Mitch
    September 08, 09:31 Reply

    This is an attack on us single folks! We wee not take it oh!

  7. RichieMichie
    September 08, 11:45 Reply

    Pinky, can you see how this question isn’t for kdians? ???

  8. Fred
    September 08, 15:19 Reply

    Given those conditions, I definitely would.
    It’s been our dream for years and I see no better way to crown our joy than make it official and celebrate it

  9. Pie
    September 08, 15:58 Reply

    Yes, would have married her. And then..NO!

  10. Brown
    September 11, 16:51 Reply

    I think I would, she’s amazing.

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