Monsters Are Not Gentle

Monsters Are Not Gentle

A sudden sharp pain from my sphincter searing through my spine and finally stopping at my brain caused my head to shoot up. There he was positioned in between my thighs, his face contorted with utmost concentration, as he tried to work his 10.5-inch dick into my ass.

“Stop! Stop please,” I gasped.

Without even looking at me, he said, “I will put just the tip.” Then he looked up at me with a pout and added, “Please.”

Inukwam just the tip? Like is that even a thing? So only tip wee be inside until you cum? Ebenebe!

I threw my left leg over him so that I was now sitting upright. In a dramatic display, I grabbed hold of the dick that had the same girth as a can of coke and the length of a commercial candle. Shaking the turgid member, I said, “You do know there is no way this is entering me, right? It’s not a vortex I have down there.”

“I will be gentle.”

I smiled sardonically at him. “I don’t doubt what a gentle man you are, darling. I can’t say the same for your dick though. Monsters are not gentle.”

He held my hand and smiled as well. “This one is.”

Before I could come up with a rejoinder, he pushed me so that I fell backwards, navigated my flailing legs and positioned himself between my thighs again.

All this happened in less than a second!

I got angry.

“For goodness’ sake, Ejiro, I am not letting you top me!” I rearranged myself back into my sitting position. “I haven’t taken dick in a long while. And guess what?”

He kept looking at me morosely.

“I have not taken that” – I poked at his semi-hard dick – “in a very long time. And I’m not ready to start now or ever. Unless it’s over my dead body.”

I saw a spark of anger flash through his eyes. It was there, and then it was gone. And he was back to pleading.

“Please, Delle. You have no idea how much I’m attracted to guys with your type of body. Guys I can easily…” He took hold of my hips and thrust his against my body, while trying to twist and turn me like I was a ragdoll. “And your ass is such a turn on. You can take this. Trust me.”

Hian! I screamed within. Abanyego m one-chance o!

He was bigger than me. Stronger no doubt. And although he had a gentle disposition, this insistence on fucking me – persistently trying to spread my thighs – was beginning to scare me.

He was now all over me again, his teeth on my nipples, biting and sucking at intervals. His hand went down to my dick and tugged at it, rubbing his thumb over my swollen dick cap. I was turned on and trembled against his touch, moaning.

Moans he interpreted to mean I was good to go.

“So, can I?” He stopped all he was doing and looked at me with pleading eyes.

Biting back a groan of frustration, I heaved a sigh and laid back on the bed, bending my knees so they were each touching my shoulders. “You better take it easy or I’ll shout.”

He chuckled. Then he adjusted the condom he’d earlier put on. He crouched before my ass and began to rim me. He did that for a while and then reached for the lube.

All the while he was doing this, I had my eyes to the ceiling, my heart beating thunderously at the prospect of what was about to happen. For the first time, I realised, I didn’t moan to the sensation of a tongue working my manhole.

Then I felt it.

It was sharp. It was lingering. Then it was explosive, like I would crack open any minute. An image of a coconut dividing into two crossed my mind just then and I recoiled inwardly. Before the recoil would manifest itself outwardly, I willed myself to relax, hoping this technique that’d always helped would work.

It. Didn’t. Work!

Oh, the pain!

My brain felt like it was gradually freezing. My eyes watered, and when I couldn’t bear it anymore, I shot out both arms and pulled myself away.

“I can’t do it,” I panted. “No, no, no! This is going to kill me and I haven’t even gone to Canada. I like your perseverance but mba biko.”

Ejiro knelt there on the bed. I could swear I saw a nerve on his temple twitch. When he spoke, it was a growl. “But the tip had just gotten in!”

“Eh!?” I choked out. “Only the tip since that time?!”

He sat on the bed with a sigh of resignation and apparent frustration. I was sympathetic but there was just nothing I could do. If I can help it, I would like to avoid being a recipient of anal surgery throughout my bottoming career.

“If only you’ll just have patience,” he said grumpily.

“Shey you are versatile?” I asked pointedly.

“I am. But I want to fuck you.”

“That much is obvious, Ejiro. However, you can see that it’s just impossible. Not like we didn’t try.”

He scoffed. “You didn’t try abeg.”

I reared back in an exaggerated surprise. “I didn’t try? I did not just try to take that tree-trunk that has given me nyash burn? I didn’t try? How come you haven’t spread your legs open? What are you waiting for to try?” I released a loud Mscheeww.

He turned and smiled sweetly at me. It was such a genuine smile, it got me all the more vexed.

“This was supposed to be a flip-fuck na,” he said. “But you’re just being a chicken.” Then he burst out laughing as I rained ineffectual blows on his body.

He parried my blows and grabbed me to himself. We fell to the bed, back into the throes of passion and the sweetness that comes with two bodies coming together. I fucked him some and thereafter, we slept cuddled, his body spooning mine, with one of his arms draped over my body and his XL dick hiding in the crevice of my well-covered butt, probably waiting for that “Open Sesame” moment when my ass would open to receive it all the way inside.

A moment I do not foresee happening anytime soon.

Written by Delle

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  1. Bee
    December 04, 06:23 Reply

    You made me burst out in front of my dad ???
    But I have improvisational skills ?

    • Delle
      December 04, 17:05 Reply

      Very subtle invitation?

      • Bee
        December 04, 21:14 Reply

        No, no. Uh, no. ?

  2. Francis
    December 04, 06:57 Reply

    I’m almost at that point in my life where nothing other than a small penis or average sized dildo is going up my ass. I’m done envying those that “enjoy” collecting all manner, shapes and sizes of dicks. The aftermath is just not worth it for me again.

    • Delle
      December 04, 17:06 Reply

      Francis, look at me thinking that’s the space you’ve been all this while ?

      • Francis
        December 05, 17:40 Reply

        ?????? I’ve been living in denial noni

  3. Phydell
    December 04, 07:30 Reply

    LMAO…. Sometimes most heavily endowed guys think it’s easy to withstand an anal probe by their huge member.. Abeg oh, once bitten 10 times shy… Love this piece, funny and enlightening…….

  4. That dark-fair guy
    December 04, 21:03 Reply


    This is freaking hilarious Delle! I wished it did not end.Nice story.

  5. Law9
    December 04, 22:01 Reply

    Humm some guys carry wepon called it dick anyway love is pain.

    • Nonso
      July 02, 21:46 Reply

      I just loved ur command on the Igbo language, it painted a clear picture for me

  6. Sworld
    December 06, 15:18 Reply

    same girth as a can of coke and the length of a commercial candle? Lmao. You will not kill me delle. If I read this earlier before now I would have disturbed you for better gossip yesterday at biometrics.

  7. Jeancabrez
    December 07, 12:48 Reply

    ??? I’ve been laughing so hard, my sister nearly collected my phone to see what’s funny. Biko, I ran for my dear life?

  8. bamidele
    December 12, 18:29 Reply

    Very interesting story. Some size can be challenging to even a power bottom.

  9. Winans
    March 08, 23:00 Reply

    I wish to meet a massive dick guy some day,

  10. OB
    November 16, 16:17 Reply

    This was so fucking hilarious, but I can totally relate… I have an aversion to anything above average, say 7 …

  11. Brainie
    December 01, 21:27 Reply

    I think at this point, I think we guys need to rethink the whole idea of sex and gayness (that is, being gay). I haven’t had sex before since I came out.

    But wait, let me put forth some arguments that I have had on the topic of sex for gays.

    One, you will overcome the pain with time, and then you will start enjoying it. Someone told me that for him it was 100 percent pain, no pleasure at all. This made me laugh inwardly and jestingly to myself.

    How come gay relationship is like this? What kind of sex is that with no pleasure? It made me think of a vagina ( a virgin vagina regardless would still feel pleasure no matter what). It made me consider is it worth it? I mean, why should I put myself through such pain? For what good reason? For me, it just doesn’t make sense. And I am saying all this, so we might perhaps rethink the whole idea of gay sex and gay relationship.

    Also, there is this question that just keep disturbing me, and I don’t understand why no one ever seems to question the rightness of it.

    This culture of hookup we are building; of one-night stands; of just sex; of what though no one is saying, is something I will call promiscuity and prostitution (I see guys who say they are looking for rich men and I get disgusted). Like is anyone paying attention to the social system we are building for the gay community?

    Would it help anyone live a fulfilled life? I realized inwardly to myself that the majority of gays are all young people, which implies they aren’t really much of oldies out there who we can model our lives after. Aren’t we kind of all spelling doom for ourselves?

    I believe strongly that all our energy of young age would exhaust one day, and we would be in need more and more of someone to lean on; but what if we have spent whole time just being promiscuous and never building any real relationships?

    Do you imagine the loneliness?
    Do you imagine the heart pain ?
    Do you imagine that you will have to offer an advise to a young gay when you are old, what will you tell him?
    Do you imagine what you want to give to the world?
    Do you even have anything to prove to the world?
    That we gay guys are the capable of building a value system that can help grow a nation?

    There is a load of questions.

    But I want us to really think, what kind of value system are we building for the gay community and the nation at large? A gay gay once told me he strongly resist the idea of gays getting accepted in the Nigerian system. It made me think. And really hard thinking.

    I know this is kind of too long for a comment. But I just feel so heartached I just needed to pour out all my heart .

    I must say, I feel very disappointed and discouraged by what I saw and meet when I came out to myself. I anticipated a free life. A sweet life of joy. Now, with what I am seeing, I don’t think the gay life is worth truncating a relationship with my family. For goodness sake, I can’t see any long-termed happiness for me in all the practices in the community.

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