‘Don’t You Have Any Other Thing To Advocate For?’ Said the Homophobe to Bisi Alimi

‘Don’t You Have Any Other Thing To Advocate For?’ Said the Homophobe to Bisi Alimi

Nigerians are still very much as homophobic as they’ve ever been. It’s a saddening thought, one that wells up inside me whenever I come upon social media threads handling LGBT issues to see the vitriol poured out by fellow countrymen. And it is especially exasperating when you see this homophobia coupled with ignorance, or a blind tenacious belief that we are a nation of heterosexuals. When people say things like ‘We are not homosexuals in this country’, I tend to wonder: ‘Really? Am I not Nigerian then?’

We are so invisible in this country. And when we endeavour to live our lives with a degree of visibility, often times scandalous, those surrounding us tend to want to squash us back to our invisibility using any means possible.

Like this tweet below that was instagrammed by gay activist, Bisi Alimi. I also took the liberty of screengrabbing some of the comments (most of them are worth a shake of the head). Check on it.bisi IG 1bisi IG 2bisi IG 3bisi IG 4bisi IG 5

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  1. Chizzie
    November 02, 08:08 Reply

    Wow the comments though, its too early to begin the week with such negativity.

    Kumbaya biko, kumbaya

  2. Deola
    November 02, 08:09 Reply

    “Its a barbaric act”
    And then she goes on to lump said barbaric act with rape and terrorism.

    …Really queen? Its not that serious.

  3. KingBey
    November 02, 08:12 Reply

    Well, that is Nigeria for you. Thinking or hoping they will accept Gay practice is like hoping for the impossible.

  4. Delle
    November 02, 08:26 Reply

    It’s official, I HATE NIGERIANS!
    Reading this, I got so inspired 2 make a name for my self and be my own person. I’m going to become so successful to the point of being an employer. Now this is where I’d strike my sting! For you to be employed, I’d ask, ‘What do you feel about the LGBT disposition of the country?’
    The answer given determines their employment. How I’m going to so destroy some homophobic IDIOTS!!!
    *rips bedsheets to shreds*

  5. Teflon Don
    November 02, 08:28 Reply

    How do you or where do you Even begin to educate this pathetic lot, some people are just irredeemable really. I don’t mean to rain on yall parade but this only buttresses the facts of what I have said here earlier and continue to say, ‘Homophobia can never be totally erased from the human race’
    Fortunately (or unfortunately, depends) I am well prepared emotionally and mentally for the worlds homophobic lot till day I die.

  6. Mandy
    November 02, 08:46 Reply

    To that bitch asking if Bisi can’t advocate for something else, how ignorant can you get. He’s a gay activist for fuckssake. He’s picked his struggle.
    Honestly I don’t know how idiotic some people can be around LGBT issues.

    • Pink Panther
      November 02, 08:51 Reply

      And did you see the one accusing Bisi of fabricating and lying about his claims. It’s really disheartening, this blindness to the plights of LGBT Nigerians

  7. Ruby
    November 02, 08:59 Reply

    I don’t even know where to begin.
    I’ve always said that I won’t leave Мy country cos of Мy sexualitynor the Hatred but I’m seriously beginning to reconsider that Decision.

  8. Dennis Macaulay
    November 02, 09:15 Reply

    Auntie Khaleesi the prophetess of doom and all things gloomy will soon come and remind us why she buttresses that Nigeria will never change!

    Na that one dey pain me now

  9. posh6666
    November 02, 09:39 Reply

    Hmmmm that part of “gayism is a demonic possession and God created Adam&Eve and not Adam&Steve” is officially the favourite line of homophobes.I saw that tweet of the bastard who said he wants to report a gay guy on his street,i was just dumbfounded like are u kidding me?i guess the gays deserve no privacy nor any form of human right.Can u imagine the bastard?like how is this any of ur business?Nigerians will never learn from the quote”mind ur business and live longer”this kind of amebo can get you killed in real life.I really wish some people knew how dangerous it is pokenosing into others affairs and trying to put them into trouble.I had friends in the past who went to extreme lenghts to deal with such amebo people and they totally deserved it some people never forgive nor forget.

  10. HERO
    November 02, 11:03 Reply

    I just laugh @ all this Animals who think they are better than us. Come to think of it LGBT run the world. The best make up artist in Niaja na Gay, the best fashion designers & Event planners are Gays, is it in domestic science? Name it. Even the sex sef we are still the best that’s why when the cross us once they become Bi. Abeg we are Beutiful in our way, God makes no Mistakes we are Born this Way. They can all moop the Atlantic for all l care.

    • Teflon Don
      November 02, 15:55 Reply

      “When they cross us once they become Bi”
      Surely you can’t be talking abt ‘Cross’ like when two dogs Mate.. Right? Surely you can’t mean that kinda ‘Cross’

  11. Max
    November 02, 11:18 Reply

    I experience homophboia everyday in my life, I did yesterday, I did on Saturday too and I’m sure before the end of the day I’ll experience another. Most times I engage them, other times I just don’t bother.
    I’m tired, I really am. Its very hard to change the minds of mindless orcs controlled by religious dogma, but it’s not impossible.

    However I advice that you don’t hold your breath on it, these people’s lives are so empty and they have nothing much to live for except for their boring job and naughty children, oh and a promise of eternal life if they keep doing God’s bidding( like hounding gay people). So in order to fulfill their self righteous ambition, they must keep hammering gay people because they think we sin more than they do, and maybe, just maybe if they condemn it so much, their own sin might be overlooked or forgiven by God.
    So don’t hold your breath people, by condemning gay people, Nigerians think they’re doing the work of God which is going to lead them closer to him, and the only reason they’re doing that is because they all want to live- Forever!!! #Immortality #EternalLife

  12. Khaleesi
    November 02, 11:35 Reply

    LOL @ DM & Pinky, i ask again, which country do you guys live in? No be the same Naija we all dey? Homophobia is deeply and firmly encoded in the average Nigerian’s DNA, you’d have to kill them to get it out … 200years from now, homophobia will still be alive and kicking vigorously in these parts, i’ll much rather believe that there’ll be a freezing snowstorm in Abuja than believe that a Nigerian wont by default be homophobic, well, perhaps if you stick around long enough, you might see the change we all so badly crave, maybe by the time we are a few months from our 100th Birthdays … I came across this tweet and i wasnt really surprised, very little done by the homophobes can shock or surprise me anymore ….

    • Max
      November 02, 13:05 Reply

      You’re right @Khaleesi. Children are bred to be homophobic too. I’ve been witnessing homophobia in children recently.

  13. Williams
    November 02, 12:40 Reply

    Its depressing really.

    I was speaking to a friend the other day.We were on about the protest on social media evoked by the dstv-transgender show,somewhere along the line, I got to ask what his reaction will be if he had a child who was gay or trans…..He aims to kill his child.,in thesame breath emphasizing how parents ought to be prayerful and raise their kids to be godly!!! This is a Nigerian Medical doctor in Post graduate training!!!How far can people go???How much education and exposure do we need to afford people just so we can live too????


    • pete
      November 02, 16:48 Reply

      Level of education rarely changes anything. Take it from somebody who have had stints in academia. Most Nigerians see education as a way to pass exams or earn a living.

  14. Tobby
    November 02, 21:46 Reply

    We are a wilfully ignorant bunch

  15. Eddie
    November 02, 22:06 Reply

    Hmmmm i’ve heard everything before…same old silly homophobic arguments….Nigerians would never accept us…fact of life…religion wouldn’t let them….self righteous pple…this heaven far sha oooo…..as if they r better than I am…..

    November 03, 12:21 Reply

    Why am i not surprised, oohh..this is Naija. Abeg how much be bike to Canada

    • posh6666
      November 03, 13:10 Reply

      Hahaha bike ke?why even pay for bike?my dear just find ur way to edo state they offer free flight to any country of ur choice at the stroke of midnight

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