Olumide Makanjuola Is Leaving TIERs, His Position As Executive Director Now Open

Olumide Makanjuola Is Leaving TIERs, His Position As Executive Director Now Open

After 12 years of being a part of The Initiative for Equal Rights and almost 6 years of being its Executive Director, Olumide Makanjuola is stepping away from his position. He’ll be leaving on the 31st of March to take a break before moving on to other ventures later.

Following his departure, TIERs has announced that the position of Executive Director is open to be filled.

The Executive Director is responsible for the overall and day to day management of the organisation, implementing policies set by the Board, setting annual goals and objectives, designing and overseeing programmes. The ideal person will have a passion for growing our operations and a commitment to building awareness of our mission.


  1. Providing vision, direction, and oversight for the organisation, leading the planning required to meet its ambitious goals
  2. Acting as key external voice and representative of the organisation, providing thought leadership and advocate for and with critical stakeholders
  3. Leading and managing all fundraising activities with existing and prospective funders, including sources of foundation, government, corporate and individual support, in collaboration with section programme directors.
  4. Overseeing the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of all activities and special projects and ensure that they are run efficiently and effectively, working with the Finance team and programme units to develop and monitor budgets
  5. Hiring, managing, and supporting staff and other external consultants and service providers
  6. Ensuring that the operation of the organisation meets the expectations of the target population for each project area and contribute to the organisation’s mission and priorities


  1. Charismatic and visionary thinker with the ability to manage and motivate others to perform
  2. 8+ years of experience as a successful leader in the non-profit, government, or private sector with proven management and strategic-planning capability. Previous experiences in LGBT rights/sexual rights and Human Rights advocacy is an added advantage.
  3. Willingness to associate with the organisation and her work publicly.
  4. Experience of creating and maintaining high-level relationships within the philanthropic community, government, and private sectors
  5. Excellent communication skills, both written and public speaking, and relating to a variety of stakeholders
  6. Entrepreneurial approach to activism and resourcefulness, with excellent problem-solving skills and result orientated
  7. Knowledge of the local cultural and political landscape of LGBT work in Nigeria, and the ability to network and collaborate with a wide array of stakeholders
  8. Willingness to travel locally, regionally and internationally

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: A graduate degree. A postgraduate degree is an added advantage.


Please submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae (including contact details of two recent professional referees) by email to jobs@initiative4equality.org by 28th February 2018. Please use the subject title: Executive Director (Only short-listed candidates will be contacted).

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  1. Mandy
    February 21, 07:18 Reply

    ?? Say this ain’t true! Olumide is Tiers. Tiers is Olumide. To me, I’ve never pictured one without the other. Be interesting to see who the new ED will be.

  2. Lizzy
    February 21, 07:37 Reply

    What?? why would he leave now? He gave everything he had to put lgbt discussion in public constructively. You mention tier people know their work. This is the most public lgbt organization and the most impressive and constructive activist I have met??? wish him well

      • Lizzy
        February 21, 07:56 Reply

        Yes, big shoe to fill!!! Still can’t believe he is leaving. I remember my talk with him at tier event last December, he is such a thoughtful and dedicated person. Kito people make una apply

        • Mandy
          February 21, 08:00 Reply

          But this kind of position, I doubt they’ll just leave it open for randoms to come and be interviewed and given the job. Pretty sure the board must have a couple of persons in mind already they want the job to go to. I mean, this is Executive Director, not receptionist.

          • Lizzy
            February 21, 08:11 Reply

            I agree. It not just anyhow position like that. But man was a no nonsense bullshit taking. My most impressive thing about him how was he uses is connection to get things done. The day I found out dude was my boss Close inner friend I was shock. I was in my head like how. I hope he will continue to do lgbt work after?

  3. Delle
    February 21, 08:38 Reply

    Thought he founded the organization and as such can not just up and leave. Whatever be the case, I hope it’s just the position he’s relinquishing and not his fight for the LGBT cos at this stage, we can’t afford to have people, especially well-connected ones, hanging their aprons.

    I wish him well. And personally, I feel the applicants shouldn’t be judged based on academic qualifications alone but personal qualifications too. This isn’t some clerk work. It needs more heart than head. More whims than brains.

    May the odds forever be in our favor.

    • Victor Ukpa
      February 21, 19:16 Reply

      Where did they get this one from? You thought he founded TIERS? Hope this time they get someone that won’t be offering people positions to have sex with him? Olumide! Chai! They need to cleanse that organization though! Terrible set of people!!! My skin crawls anytime I want think of the evil sowed in that organization

      • Olumide
        February 21, 23:19 Reply

        Awwww, so sorry my dear. It’s must have been extremely painful not to get on the list of those who got fucked for a position at TIERs, I feel your pain. I laughed over your comment when a random person sent this to me this evening because I don’t know how I do all these things without me not being aware about when or how. But again, I can understand why you always feel the need to hate or bad mouth people. I mean, when I became the ED of TIERs, you had an organization and within almost six years as ED you had founded more than 3 organization with none succeeding till date. Ever thought of focusing the energy you spent hating me and spreading lies on yourself? That will do you much good my darling and you can at least grow to show the world how it’s done. You know, life is really hard and you can’t go around wearing the burden of people you hate this much on your head/neck, it’s extremely not healthy.

        For your record also, if the board had any way to have me stay further, trust me they will but I know as usual people like yourself must prepare stories that will make you feel good about your insecure self, please carry go but ensure you pay attention to the high speed car on the road, you know Lagos driver don’t give a fuck that much.

        My darling, carry on with your false information as long as this makes you feel great and protect your insecure self.

        Not like you deserve a reply, not you or anyone really but I have come to better understanding that you can’t help people who wear the burden of hate toward you, so even if you give them love, they don’t get it and will never do. I mean, that shouldn’t be my problems because it’s your burden but carry on my love??????

        Please when you see a very good looking man who needs a job, direct them my way please. I can make do with more in these few days I have left.

        Love to you my dearest?

  4. Ade
    February 21, 09:36 Reply

    Uncle you no fit go oo. We are in this together biko and don’t go and join in the abroad activist them ooo, talking from across. He does such an amazing work with tier and not like this across the borders activist with self loathing narratives.

  5. Canis VY Majoris
    February 21, 10:48 Reply

    Wow. This is hard to swallow.

    I never thought this day would ever come. He’s and was an inspiration.

    I wonder why he’s leaving ?

  6. Dunder
    February 21, 15:10 Reply

    Wow! This guy is an effective activist! He comes across as someone with good people skills, passion for equity and strategy in wielding influence. That he has been able to grow TIERs in Nigeria to be so formidable and dynamic is a credit to him and his team. I wish he wasn’t leaving but I think bowing out when the ovation is loudest is also dignified. Even the best activists need time away to retreat and rest. I wish him the best going forward. His replacement may have massive shoes to fill but thankfully, also massive shoulders to stand on.

    • Lizzy
      February 21, 16:05 Reply

      Yes whoever gets hired should just make him friend so he or she can benefit for us personal connection locally

  7. Victor Ukpa
    February 21, 19:15 Reply

    Where did they get this one from? You thought he founded TIERS? Hope this time they get someone that won’t be offering people positions to have sex with him? Olumide! Chai! They need to cleanse that organization though! Terrible set of people!

    • Lizzy
      February 21, 20:19 Reply

      We know your kind! You use other people name to comment for creating evil. If you have evidence of those who got job by sleeping with him, bring evidence. Why is this community so evil? So hateful because people don’t want to join you people useless nameless NGO that you use to collect money you don’t account for. Of all of you collecting, it tier only we see their work. Fuck off with your lies. He’s almost gone anyway.

  8. Pankar
    February 25, 17:01 Reply

    An experienced leader with all the right skills needed now. Newer ideas looming

    • Lizzy
      February 25, 18:51 Reply

      He was experienced and we have to agree with that even if some of us might not like him. Is ideas were not of the regular advocacy style. He pushed the boundaries with conversations, gave a space for the issues without doing self selling. Whoever come after him must maintain quality of work or do better than he did and that will be hard. Everytime my boss talk about him and how he feel inspired by him, principle I get shock because my boss is 43 and has got great skills but always talk about the dude, that even made me started following is work more.

      Hope they get the best of best

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