“Look at this moron,” Akere said, as she made a thumping motion with her right foot, which made her round breasts jiggle.

I was a student of a girls only boarding school, in my penultimate senior year, and Akere was my boarding house captain. She was famed for treating latecomers and those who crossed her with determined ruthlessness.

Akere had tawny eyes that peered out at you through heavy, thickly-lashed feline lids. Her nose was small and slightly turned-up, her mouth soft looking and infinitely pouty with her upper lip fuller than the lower lip. Her skin was sun-kissed with an orange hue that seeped into thick, curly hair, which was normally neatly cornrowed but was left unbraided this morning because it was a Saturday, causing the hair to crown her head in a halo of glowing auburn.

Akere was a breathtaking woman. She was fire.

“I’m sure she thinks because she’s in SS2, she’s hotshot, is that it? Too big for Saturday sports, yea?” Akere’s twin sister, Odion, said from her side, while giving me a withering once-over.

Odion was a spitting copy of her sister in looks and temperament, although she seemed to have a bit more zest for life. They were those kinds of twins who shared everything, and she was the assistant house captain.

I realized I’d been staring stupidly at them and then caught myself and began trying to form words that would save me from my predicament. However, my brain must not have gotten the memo on the urgent need for coherent speech, because I found myself instead muttering words I couldn’t even understand.

The sisters raised their brows at me, and a speculative look came into Odion’s eyes. She turned to Akere and they appeared to communicate something between them. And then Odion turned to me and said the words that I was dreading.

“Go to our cubicle and wait for us there.”

My heart dropped at the words that implied my doom and sealed my fate.

Go to our cubicle and wait for us there.

Of course they wouldn’t punish me for my latecoming to sports out here in the open. They would need the privacy of their cubicle in order to deal with me as cruelly as they desired. I wanted to cry as I turned on unsteady legs and began walking back to the hostel. I cursed inwardly at myself. Why had I woken up this late? What was going to happen? Where these two prefects ever lenient on errant students? I had only just transferred from being a day student to a boarder this year and so I didn’t know what reputation Akere and Odion had as prefects.

Through my dread however came a question that made my heart thump with a different tempo: How was it possible that there were two women so equally and stunningly beautiful up close?

I walked past the red gates of my hostel, Red House. I had never been inside the private set of rooms made for prefects, neither had I heard of anything good happen to a junior when she is sentenced there. These rooms were like a government to itself and this set of SS3s was quite powerful, so much so that teachers hardly meddled in their affairs. I got to and opened the door that sheltered the twins’ cubicle. It was a small neat room with a student bunk-bed similar to the one in the other hostel rooms. Aside from lockers that were padlocked shut and books arranged neatly on a large desk, there wasn’t much else that lent individuality to the cubicle. I pondered over whether to kneel or sit. They had not specified, so I decided to sit on one of the chairs by the desk.

I’d been waiting for about thirty minutes when they got back. Their leggings and sport shirts where plastered to their body and their temples glistened with sweat. I swallowed a little as I promptly got to my feet upon their entrance.

“She was sitting,” Akere observed immediately, with a lift of her eyebrows.

“I don’t think tomboys like her know understand that punishments are a serious issue,” Odion said, sweeping an indolent gaze over me as she bolted the room door.

My heart had begun to thump fast. I was a mess of conflictions between dread and desire. My brain kept on reminding me I was alone with the most beautiful girls in school who possibly had a cruel fate in store for me. I swallowed hard and stared stupidly back at them.

With a soft but firm voice, Akere asked me to kneel. I did so at once.

“Senior, I’m so sorry I came out late for sports!” I suddenly burst out, the imminence of whatever was going to happen to me finally unlocking my vocal chords. “Please, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” I didn’t sound panicked though. In fact, I was surprised by how calm I sounded, a demeanour that was at odds with the storm raging inside me.

“You’ve been a bad girl,” Odion said softly as she drew a bit closer to where I knelt, her movement careful and deliberate like a lioness’s. “And we are going to punish you.” There was a slight smile on her full lips.

I felt a deep stab of desire shoot through my lower abdomen, evidence of my desire pooling and moistening my cotton panties. Odion seemed to sense my discomfort and appeared to relish it. Her sister, Akere’s face took on a smirk that was identical to hers, and they both looked down at me.

Something fluttered inside me when I recognized the lust in their identical stares.

As this realization hit me with its unexpectedness, they both began to undress, their movements sensuous and in beautiful synchronisation. I watched them, paralyzed with lust, the view of their curvy bodies weaving before my spellbound gaze in a way that made me wonder fleetingly if I was hallucinating.

Then they went to the lower bunk of the bed and sat, legs spread open, exposing glistening thick vaginas shrouded by lithe pubic hair. They looked at each other and then looked at me, those alluring smirks still on their faces.

Then Akere said, “Sister, my pussy…”

“Is hot,” Odion said.

“Let us put her to use…”

“To cool it down,” Odion supplied, her smile deepening.

The twins were now finishing each other’s sentences. It was hot and I was aroused. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was a junior. These were my seniors. I’d never encountered a sexual interlude with a senior before. But this … This was really happening and I didn’t want it to stop.

As if their lust had beckoned to me as surely as if they had said the words, I moved closer to the bed, still on my knees, coming to a stop with my face a few inches from Akere’s womanly mound.

“Maybe I…” Odion started.

“Had her pegged wrong,” Akere dutifully supplied.

“She’s an obedient…”

“But bad little girl,” Akere finished.

They burst out into laughter, the sound of it so similar, like liquid velvet, exciting me, making my wanton insides shudder.

Using my thumbs, I pulled Akere’s cunt open wide and inched my head closer. The sharp aroma of pussy hit my nostrils. I smiled. It was a smell and sight that was new to me but I had already ingrained it in my mind. It would be treasured. It was the perfume of love; proof that this was happening, that Akere was ready for me. I reached out with my tongue and placed it at the opening, lingering there for a moment to savor the taste. Then I pushed in and began my assault on her clitoris, mixing in as much saliva as I could with her already wet pussy juices, making sure to draw patterns of swirls with my tongue and then sucking at her opened pussy with my mouth. She started making wet sex noises, writhing about the bed on her rump, as if willing me stop but arching her body for more.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw the sisters reach out for each other, embracing into delightfully erotic kisses. I put two of my fingers into Akere’s warmth, massaging and pushing upwards, feeling about as her slippery pussy tightened around my fingers. She bucked and gasped against her sister’s mouth. I withdrew my fingers and reached for Odion’s breast, feeling a little apprehensive but doing it anyway because I couldn’t stop myself. My hand met with no resistance. Akere’s fingers were already down south of her sister’s body, drilling Odion’s pussy while I kneaded her breast. Odion was a lewd mess, cussing and moaning with an incoherent note of pleasure. My hands fingers closed like a vice around her hard upright nipple and squeezed hard, excitement washing over me as she let out a squeal.

Meanwhile, Akere was grinding her crotch hard against my face. It was as though the tighter she became, the more filling she craved. And I was bent on supplying her with pleasure, digging and drilling as I continued lavishing her clitoris with saliva and aggressive licking. Before long, I was forcing my dainty fist into her tightness, and her vagina was making squelching noises, pussy juices dripping all the way to my elbows. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this excited or aroused. Akere spread her legs wider, calling for me to go faster, gasping with shock as I obeyed with gusto.

With one hand inside Akere and the other on Odion, I felt them both shudder at the same time. Akere drenched my face, neck and chest with her love juice. And I drew back slowly to survey my work. They were both lying there, spasming as echoes of their passion wound through their bodies. There was a sheen, a sex afterglow that had taken over their faces that made me proud of what we’d just accomplished. Feeling another spurt of daring, I put my fingers in Odion’s mouth. I wanted her to taste her twin. I was sure they must taste similar.

Then I flexed my mouth and hand muscles as I got up; my tongue and hands were sore. I leaned forward and boldly put my mouth on Odion’s. Her lips parted and my lips enveloped hers in a steamy kiss. I pressed, sucked and prodded until I’d memorised her rhythm. For awhile, Akere simply watched us. Then I reached out and pulled her closer so that we were soon sharing a three-way kiss. The kiss was perfect, melding and molding until I felt hot all over.

As the passion reignited and proceeded to go up some degrees of heat, the lunch bell went off, pealing through the afternoon air with a loudness that intruded heavily on the moment. We broke up our kiss.

For a moment, we sat, breathing fast and trying to recollect ourselves.

Then Odion began, “This…”

“Was fun,” Akere added.

“We would love…”

“To see you…”

“Tonight.” This they said in unison, while looking intently at me.

For the first time since I first encountered them, I felt my lips spreading into a wide smirk of my own, as I said, “Sure. After all, I’ve been a bad girl.”

Written by The Hedonist

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