Before I hooked up with this Nigerian artiste (let’s call him Bigelow), if anyone had told me he was gay or bi, I wouldn’t have believed it. His songs are usually so all about sex, women and what not, so thick with heterosexual overtones, that it is hard to imagine him getting it on with anything but a vagina.

It happened at Owerri. I have a friend, Joe, who owns a club; he’s my on-and-off side nigga, a friend with benefits. During one of our trysts, I happened upon a WhatsApp chat with lewd messages on his phone which bore a familiar name as the person he’d been chatting with. I dismissed what I saw as unserious because in my wildest imagination, I wouldn’t have thought there was even the slightest possibility of what it implied being real. Then one thing led to another and I found myself asking Joe about the chat and the person he’d been chatting with, and he confirmed what I saw, saying the other person was indeed Bigelow. My mouth dropped open as he talked – stayed open for several seconds, in fact. I simply couldn’t believe it. No, really, I couldn’t believe it. I asked Joe to prove it. He said okay and called the number that was supposed to be Bigelow’s. No one answered. After a few more calls with no response, Joe explained that he almost never picked his calls because he liked to give the impression that he was too busy to get on the phone. But then he said there was an upcoming show at his club and he would ask Bigelow to make a personal appearance.

I couldn’t wait for the day. I was all a-titter with anticipation. When the night of the show was finally upon me, I took extra care with my appearance. During my toilette, I scrubbed every inch of my body thoroughly and brushed my teeth twice. I was not about to slack with my first impression.

The show pounded through the hours of the night, wearing on till about 12am; and still, Bigelow hadn’t shown up. Meanwhile, he’d been slated to perform by 9pm. Frequent phone conversations between the club’s personnel and Bigelow’s team had them reassuring us that he’d be there; that he was already in town for an upcoming Glo event and was sorting out a few issues at his hotel. Once that was done, he’d be on his way.

It was getting to 2am, when we were all tired and getting ready to retire and the show was winding down, that the singer breezed in like a hurricane, suddenly pumping life back into the club. The crowd went wild as he stormed the podium. He did about two numbers – lip synced through the performances of course – and then joined those of us club higher-ups at the VIP lounge, where we proceeded to do a lot of drinking.

During this time, Joe flirted outrageously with Bigelow. Back when he was revealing Bigelow’s sexuality to me, he’d told me that they had hooked up once way back in 2014 and that it hadn’t happened again as they’d both been too busy for a follow-up. However, it seemed, from his flirtation, that he was down for a second hook-up. But Bigelow didn’t seem to be vibing with him. He was too preoccupied with me, which wasn’t too surprising; aside from the fact that I’d taken extra care with my appearance that night, I fancy a handsome and fit guy. Bigelow and I weren’t even flirting but the chemistry was simmering and the body language was there, and anyone who’s reached the level of sexual expenditures I have would be able to decipher it.

Bigelow soon began to make the moves of one warming up to retire, and I took this as my cue. It was now or never. I told him he couldn’t go back to his hotel as he was already inebriated and knackered from the night we’d just had. I said my house was close to the club and we didn’t have to hit the main road.

As I was talking, he chuckled. He was on to me. I was getting desperate with desire. He was much hotter in person than on TV, and my trouser was already so tight in the groin area. My thirst was real! He told me he couldn’t stay at my place because he didn’t know me that well, but I was welcome to follow him to his hotel.

I hated fairytales as a kid because they set unrealistic expectations, but mehn! I could not believe I was about to have my magical moment realized. I followed him to his hotel and we settled in. He asked me if I wanted to have anything and I declined, as I felt I’d already had enough. Then he brought out a joint and we began smoking. I was highly strung with anticipation and the moment drew on with nothing happening but two guys smoking and not talking much. It started to feel like an eternity. I realized I had to make the first move.

So I moved toward him and kissed him. He kissed me back. His lips tasted like mint and alcohol. We kissed for several moments and then proceeded to strip ourselves of our clothes. His body was banging; he had a mat of furry hair in his pubic region and a decent sized penis. The most astounding thing about him was his smell; he smelled like flavored vanilla and strawberry – a perfect blend of manliness and cleanliness. It was such a heady smell. I was all over him the moment we tumbled into the bed, from sucking his nipples to giving him the best blowjob I’d ever given any man. I was even ready to bottom for him, but thankfully, he was splaying his legs for me when we were ready for the main action. His ass was one of the most beautiful and perfectly-shaped I’d ever seen. If not for a little black mark that stained the back of his fair ass cheek, just above the thigh (probably melanin that wasn’t bleached off), I would have rated the ass 100 percent. And the pleasure of fucking it made the sensation of topping him all the more intoxicating.

We fucked till about 8am in the morning. He had to leave as he had an appointment elsewhere, so we took our bath, got dressed and said our goodbyes. There was no exchanging of numbers or banal conversations about seeing again. We were simply two perfectly satisfied people.

PS: I’m not usually a kiss-and-tell kind of guy, but this experience was worth penning. I wouldn’t have believed it before that night that Bigelow was gay or remotely fancied men, even if someone put a gun to my head. This just goes to show you that you shouldn’t stop crushing on that someone you like but who you’re not sure of. Who knows – you might just get lucky as I did.

Written by Anon

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  1. Rapum
    April 26, 05:51 Reply

    There is only one lightskin, ripped musician in Nigeria, and his name is….

    Me, if no be Kiss Daniel, I no go do, haha.

    Meanwhile, I’d really looove to see the day I’ll hear or read something like “I topped FOR him.” It would feel so nice.

  2. Mandy
    April 26, 07:08 Reply

    Kai! I’m so envious of your experience. God knows it’s on my bucket list to shag a celebrity. The day I’ll get that lucky eh… *sigh*

  3. KryxxX
    April 26, 07:18 Reply

    Hmmn! Biakwa oh! Iz it the same Bigelow we know or iz there another? ? ? ? ? ?

    Cos the one I know is still all about loosing them pot belly and Aka Christian mother.

  4. Francis
    April 26, 07:47 Reply

    Seriously you even had to go as far as describing a birthmark or something on his butt cheek. Clap for yourself oh


  5. himbo
    April 26, 08:32 Reply

    That description of his butt gave me the confirmation I needed. I’ll be forwarding this to him..

    • Francis
      April 26, 08:45 Reply

      Please do as some people don’t have an iota of sense at all.

  6. Irish...
    April 26, 09:24 Reply

    phyno, olamide and psquare were the major stars from Lagos at the Owerri concert… i would have said flavor if he attended…

  7. philips
    April 26, 09:55 Reply

    Hmmmmmm…..I could have done with more description shaaaa
    Oh well I enjoyed this story until the ‘spreading cheek’ bit
    If anybody is spreading cheeks it should be me!

  8. Joel
    April 26, 09:56 Reply

    It’s between Peter or Flavour because they were also present…. The description points more at Flavour

    Either of them… It’s a win win sha

    • Lorde
      April 26, 12:31 Reply

      Lol I was literally thinking the same thing….those 3 names….

  9. Joel
    April 26, 09:57 Reply

    I need more gist like this jare
    Make I dey use am get hope for this life wey I come

    • cedar
      April 26, 10:28 Reply

      Dude, we dey d same boat. So so enjoyed d gist, dis is like taking shawarma and chilled radlar early in d morning. but no name calling or exact descriptions abeg.

  10. Kenny
    April 26, 10:18 Reply

    You usually don’t kiss and tell but this was worth penning because it was with a celebrity? People will put two and two together and find out who he is. Well done you hear.

  11. cedar
    April 26, 10:20 Reply

    Hey guys, let’s not crucify d guy abeg. Maybe he went too far in d “butt description” but tell me, didn’t u enjoy d story?
    @Anon, pls don’t go spilling dis gist around cos it won’t be nice of u to do so.
    Forgive me guys but sometimes, ashiri like dis dey sweet die. *widegrin*

    • Kenny
      April 26, 10:24 Reply

      Yea….. The ashiri is usually sweet until you’re the one being discussed ?

      • Francis
        April 26, 10:27 Reply

        Was about to say this. I’m not a fan of kiss and tell but to each his own BUT I draw a line when the kissing and telling is done in such a detailed and public way that leaves one open to ridicule, persecution etc

      • cedar
        April 26, 10:33 Reply

        daz true sha but I still can’t help laughing, dis story just made my day. Despicable me. kikikikiki

  12. Brian Collins
    April 26, 10:38 Reply

    So I gotta ask. How many celebrity butts has anyone here seen? Being the person I am, I just enjoyed the story and have no intention in trying to get to know who the celeb is. You people should just rest abeg. The celeb fancies guys, you fancy guys, just leave it at that.

    • Francis
      April 26, 10:47 Reply

      Nna may you never be a victim of malicious gossip especially amongst gays. I witnessed that shit and it is fucking terrible.

      All it takes is for some ogbonge tea chasers to track down who this person is and then start concocting stories using these specific details about the guy. Before you say hen, he has turned industry hoe a d his gist will circulate and reach maybe him madam sef

  13. Tyler
    April 26, 11:55 Reply

    @Francis I believe those ogbenge tea chasers don’t read kito diaries. I love what I just read, I’m not interested in digging deep to know who he is cause it’s non of my business. Let’s just read, learn and move.

    • Francis
      April 26, 11:58 Reply

      Is like you is a new comer here or you don’t have spiritual eye to observe what goes on in the comments section well well as well as outside this site

  14. Tyler
    April 26, 11:58 Reply

    @Mr himbo that wants to do forwarding, wehdone sir, one day someone will forward you too.

  15. Gaya
    April 26, 13:12 Reply

    This guy tried not to mention anybody’s name though he didn’t do well with the detailed ass but can’t we just caution him on that instead of mentioning (by guessing) names and forwarding this post to the person you only think he’s referring to??? hian… Tbs and drama

    • Francis
      April 26, 13:38 Reply

      You only caution naive gays. Whoever wrote this sounds experienced and knows what the fuck he was doing!

  16. Jason
    April 26, 14:02 Reply

    My ultimate fantasy. Hope it is not who I’m thinking, I will sell my left balls just to touch his skin. ???

  17. Dickson' clement
    April 26, 15:33 Reply

    For the love of bread and butter, this story could be fictional, real but very modified, Mark on the butt, so what? It was a story well told and I love all the spelling and the story was juiceee

  18. Delle
    April 26, 15:36 Reply

    This was quite interesting to read and even more so when I saw you topped. It was becoming cliche with bottoms doing more penning down on this blog.

    Good for you. Now lemme go and continue crushing on Peter Okoye.

  19. Dickson' clement
    April 26, 15:37 Reply

    And hey I had sex with a celebrity, he has a prominent eye, fair and a tattoo of a prominent psalm on his chest? And he is an actor living in lekki… And I don’t kiss and tell.. ..
    So, what now?

    Suddenly, the story is true, or I have called names… It could be just any actor… Let’s just sip the tea or coffee and sweat all over.

    By the way, I thought it was flavour too… Hahahahaha

    Ngwa bye

    • Fshaw
      April 26, 16:41 Reply

      No need to tell. Everybody knows IK Ogbonna. And truth is he doesn’t care!

  20. posh666
    April 26, 15:48 Reply

    Anon you made a big mistake penning this experience honestly. .You should have just shared your experience with your trusted friends if you really needed to get it off your chest. .Infact some experience I will never ever tell a soul because in this Gay circle Friends can turn to Foes really quickly and every major Tea you spilled to them can be used as ammunition against you.

    I shagged a member of a really popular and powerful royal family in the north once and we still exchange whatsapp chat every now and then but till date I have never told my most trusted Friend before..

    God knows I wish I could spill the Tea to someone,because this person will most likely become an Emir some day.I will just keep that memory and relish about it in my old age or probably tell a friend when the said person is dead and gone..

    Ps: Some people can do anything to protect their reputation especially public figures in a very dangerous way you can never imagine.

    • Brian Collins
      April 26, 16:07 Reply

      Oya, can we start trying to guess all those royal families who have sons that are likely to become Emirs in future already?

      • posh666
        April 26, 16:19 Reply

        Haha that would be an almost impossible task as you know how Northern Kings give birth to a whole lot of children.

        • Pink Panther
          April 26, 16:31 Reply

          So if it’ll be an impossible task to guess, why u come dey fear to talk the tori? ??

          • posh666
            April 26, 16:35 Reply

            Lool Pinkie and always trying to get the Tea out of his readers. Abeg lemme zip my mouth oh as I don’t know who might just be reading this. Ayam not ready to disappear life is too sweet!

            • Pink Panther
              April 26, 16:37 Reply

              ???????? Live a little, posh darling. Gist us the torrid affair abeg. Just get it off your chest.

          • El
            April 27, 16:17 Reply

            Pink, Trust me, i know exactly who he POSH had encounter with…. #1 hint i am giving out is Kano Emirate.

    • Baddest
      May 01, 20:06 Reply

      Posh u be correct guy,I don’t why people kiss and tell especially when the other party wanna remain a secret… posh I also think I know the royal guy u dey talk about,almost did something with someone that might become an emir but I didn’t take him serious back then in Obodo Oyibo…
      I also think I know the artist that pinky is talking about since he is a bottom,maybe I was his first,yeah even then his dick was not not big sef so it might be average now.i lost interest in him long time ago sha….
      anyway you guys gotta be careful so you don’t out anyone abeg,Gay peeps like to out peOple,please let them live their life how they want it

  21. Dickson' clement
    April 26, 16:20 Reply

    This is just hilarious.. … So, it has never crossed your mind that the commoner you snagged today may become the president tomorrow… and will eventually try to eliminate you to keep his image intact?

    I’m not saying People should spill things anyhow, but even if the said celebrity is reading this blog now, do you really think he would react to this… . He wouldn’t because if he did, he would validate the story! All we all know is that – this is one man’s singular story… Nobody can validate this story, not even his friend who got the contact! So, will a celebrity respond to every assumption he reads about himself ( even when they are true) ? No they don’t, unless they are still fame mongers, and wanna be’s

    • posh666
      April 26, 16:32 Reply

      It’s not about coming out to deny it but the feeling of being betrayed by someone you let your guard down with.

      Celebrities also deserve fun and should be able to have it without the fear of someone coming onto social media to divulge info.. Snitches get stitches and you might not see it as a big deal but those down low African American singers can do terrible things to keep up their straight image in public and some can even go to the length of having you sign a confidentiality agreement to never divulge your experience with them if they really like you.

      In fact if you watched Alist New York you would know that Marc Jacobs actually broke up with his boyfriend because he had warned him never to talk about him with his friends or even bring them to his house. Thats even an openly gay celebrity.

  22. Dickson' clement
    April 26, 16:55 Reply

    Feeling of being betrayed? The writer said he never even gave 2fucks about him after the sex! There was never any concern for confidentiality.
    Even a non celebrity ‘on-the-downlow’ guy, can ask you nicely to keep his secret and this is where I will strongly recommend we keep sealed lips because once you promise… You get to keep the promise.

    If a celebrity has developed an interest in you, and wants to keep a relationship with you. You can give me all that ‘don’t spill the bean’ talk.
    If you are just one other piece of ass he carelessly fucked at the club, then by all means , the only thing you can take out of the show is to brag about it to your friends….
    I am giving it out straight as it is…..

    • Francis
      April 26, 19:38 Reply

      Yes brag about it to your close friends not to the general public like all those attention seekers on social media.

      Anyhow lemme keep kwayet until the shit happuns to one of una den we can probably …. ????

  23. Rich
    April 26, 16:58 Reply

    Oh you shag with my flavour. Oya clap for yalself????????????????. That birth mark sha ????

  24. Cleopatro
    April 26, 17:00 Reply

    you know if you can’t say the name, just stfu

    • Pink Panther
      April 26, 17:51 Reply

      No. He won’t stfu. Every story told here follows the same strain of preservation of characters’ identities. Whether ordinary people or celebrities. He doesn’t owe you any obligation with respect to his story.

  25. rx
    April 26, 19:25 Reply

    Better gist, more of thisssss
    We promise not to discuss with non-kdians lol

  26. WhoIsUgo
    April 26, 21:50 Reply

    I don’t see anything wrong with this story, he didn’t out anyone as far as I’m concerned. Pretty sure the people pressed about him outing the celebrity don’t ever keep their mouths shut after hookups. Anon hope u no mind dem o. We need fresh tea ?

  27. Dickson' clement
    April 26, 21:55 Reply

    This story should continue, I need details of the shag!
    What and what went down
    Does he scream like a babe when u are digging him deep?
    Did he cum?
    Did he ask for more?


  28. Yazz Soltana
    April 27, 01:17 Reply

    I didn’t know we had so many Marilyn Monroe’s Elizabeth Taylor kind of royal penis bad bitches on here.. When some of us are still virgins

  29. Sucrescalada
    April 27, 12:24 Reply

    So i know who the celeb is… Been dia done that… Don’t ask me wont tell… And yes! That ass! That ass is a 100

    • doe eyed monster
      April 28, 06:44 Reply

      Ahnahn… Why so mean.. .oya say the first two letters of his popular name.. .just two letters… Thank you

  30. sammybhaws
    September 19, 04:25 Reply

    you cant come and wont give us the name of the celebrity abeg.

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