Kito Alert: The Police Are Actively Working With Gay Men To Entrap Their Friends

Kito Alert: The Police Are Actively Working With Gay Men To Entrap Their Friends

Previous kito alerts have been made on this forum, to inform us of how much the Nigerian Police, especially in Lagos are invested in entrapping gay people. There was the post about the police prowling through Gay Twitter, and the one where they are using community members they have arrested to target their friends. Apparently, there is a total disregard for the law, that they simply need people to be guilty by association to arrest them.

In that same vein, if you are friends with the two men below who have been identified on Facebook as Emeka Roman and Prince Hills, please beware of them.

They have been used to entrap a friend of theirs who is part of the community. This friend welcomed them into his house, and after some hospitality, one of them went downstairs to let the police who were lying in wait into the house. That is the extent of their wickedness, that they didn’t just try to lure the guy to a trap. No. They led the police to his house. They were not even compelled to work with the police. No again. It would seem as though they are working with the police against their community.

We will continue to fight this targeted ugliness aimed at our community by both civilians and police. In the meantime, let us stay safe, stay alert and minimize your trust in every situation.

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  1. Mandingo
    September 24, 08:06 Reply

    This is sickening. We live in fear of the outside world and yet we can’t even trust ourselves?

    I want this to end already.


  2. Sage Philip
    September 24, 09:18 Reply

    Just when you thought you’ve seen it all. You will just be in your house kito will just come in and say hi. Btw am still surprised on how people keep guys who are embodiment of kito waiting to explode around as friends.

  3. bamidele
    September 24, 11:30 Reply

    It is a shame that this is happening in a nation where kidnapping and other crimes have led to insurgencies everywhere. Also, it seems that they try to destroy people from within.

  4. Daddy p
    September 26, 07:50 Reply

    Plz I know the prince hill house at enugu, if they need to arrest him I can lead anybody to his house at enugu new heaven extention

    • vino
      September 26, 13:17 Reply

      thunder go fire u there u like buying other peoples problem have u heard the other side of the story that guy is a very nice guy get that in ur f*ckin head idiot….!!!

      • John
        October 13, 05:12 Reply

        Vino, that guy set me up, threaten me in my house, made away with my phone, 2,000naira, Ankara and Bluetooth speakers

  5. Peace
    September 26, 11:54 Reply

    Please let’s be very careful biko.

  6. Tristan
    September 26, 22:45 Reply

    Hey Gawd! The Prince Hill comes to lag and gets back to Enugu. We have been chatting on badoo but I haven’t moved him to WhatsApp yet.

  7. Sam
    November 25, 09:31 Reply

    Please let be security conscious of whatever one is doing,and know the person we are relating with well,about the prince hill it’s not today that he’s been doing that because he did that to a friend of mine in Lagos couple of months back.

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