Kito Alert XLVIII

Kito Alert XLVIII

Previously exposed on Kito Diaries as Chinonso Collins Bright Nwogu aka Kingsize, this kito scum is apparently still prospering, still using the Facebook profile, Wealthy King.

He resides around Igbelerin, Ojo/Badagry Road, and appears to have ditched his former M.O. of using the photos of his good-looking partner to draw in his targeted victims.

The fact that this guy is still thriving in his schemes against the gay community is the reason I’m so frustrated at those in our community who are active on the online hookup scene. Those who still won’t take the time to hit search on the kito alerts on the blog to verify who they’re about to meet before setting off to meet them. And those who have simply refused to learn that there are places in Lagos you JUST DON’T GO to meet with a hookup.

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  1. hyt
    November 20, 06:45 Reply

    but what’s wrong with him? i know this guy. we grew up in same area and even hooked up several times years back!

    I dunno mhen! this is absolutely disgusting

    • Mandy
      November 20, 06:56 Reply

      Oh, so he’s another kito scum who is also a community member. SMH. The kind of specific karma that is coming for this specific kind of kitoers eh.

    • Duc
      November 20, 06:59 Reply

      Someone needs to carry out a psych analysis of people who are gay but partake in kito. That level of self hate is mind boggling.

    • ken
      November 20, 16:17 Reply

      This is just a nasty disgusting mix of sadism with a dash of schadenfraude syndrome.

      Dont worrry, one day he will meet his punishment

  2. Higwe
    November 20, 08:22 Reply

    Those who still won’t take the time to hit search on the kito alerts on the blog to verify who they’re about to meet before setting off to meet them *

    Isn’t this statement an overreach – considering the fact that most of these people that get kitoed are not even aware of this blog.

    It’s about time you worked on expanding your outreach .

    And when I mean WORK , I don’t mean copy pasting every single thing you post here.

    You have over 10k likes on Facebook but the engagement there is piss poor .

    Twitter- ??‍♂️

    Your Instagram account is currently on shadow ban – no thanks to the raunchy pictures you keep uploading and a gazillion of reports emanating from homophobes and prudes .


    People like Bella Naija , Linda ikeji , SDK etc have very thriving blogs but they still find time to create lots of original contents to attract “stray” followers to their social media pages .

    That way if someone doesn’t catch it on their blogs , he or she might catch it on Instagram etc .

    I don’t follow kitodiaries on any other social media platform and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a closeted gay man ? but everything to do with the fact that there is hardly anything I’ll see there that I won’t see here – hence , why bother ?

    I think you should really put in more effort on other social media platforms.
    That way you can create more visibility and more people will get to see your contents.


    Of course that won’t completely eradicate kito stories .
    Oppression has existed long before we were born and will continue to exist long after we are gone.

    For every stud , there is a dam or BITCH .

    But I think we will have less and less stories like this , if more people get to see …after all , no one would intentionally put themselves in harm’s way – at least I hope ??‍♂️ .

  3. Lyon
    November 20, 15:07 Reply

    To think he’s even gay. Yuck!

    Anyway, I hooked up with someone here in Enugu and came to the conclusion that bad hygiene is a form of kito too. We had to meet before this at my own location just for me to assure myself somehow that I’m not about to do the wrong guy. Imagine all the preparation I went through after all the dirty chats about kissing, sucking, rimming and even the feet stuff and all that, not to talk about the fantasies about the penetrative part of it. All that was washed down the drain not when I was greeted by a terrible appearance that I decided to overlook, but when the air around me was filled with a mixture of pungent odours from my guy’s mouth and body.
    You can guess the rest.

    The things we go through for the love of sex sha

    • ken
      November 20, 16:34 Reply


      Very graphic picture. EEwww

  4. Mike
    November 20, 18:38 Reply

    You can’t blame anyone falling as this guy’s kito, mehn did you see that ass?, Let’s forget his ass and talk about his cheeks and dark skin. Lawd. I probably fall kito to him. That ass is legit hot.

    • Adichie
      November 25, 03:29 Reply

      Shebi it is ass oya come and taste and enjoy. You have a thing for chubs I guess. Oya oh before you say I refused you ass which made you get kitoed

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