“If you are homosexually inclined, Nigeria is not a place for you.” Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus warns

“If you are homosexually inclined, Nigeria is not a place for you.” Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus warns

The Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmus, who goes by the social media handle @opetodolapo, clearly felt it was her civic duty to remind the Nigerian LGBT community of their status as potential criminals and simultaneously stoke the fires of homophobia in the country, when she made a post on her instagram account, stating that Nigeria is not a place for homosexuals.

“If you are homosexually inclined, Nigeria is not a place for you,” she started her caption, going on to furnish her followers with details of the SSMPA. “There is a law (Same Sex Prohibition Act) here that criminalizes homosexual clubs, associations and organizations with penalties of up to 14 years in jail,” she continues. “So if you are homosexual in nature, leave the country or face prosecution.”

She goes on to let us know that all crimes are punishable under the law, no matter how small, circling back to the SSMPA and all the things it criminalises, before finishing with an ominous warning: “All LGBT candidates in Nigeria should beware.”

Predictably, while some of her followers expressed approval over her post, others were riled into pointing out that the police were neglecting its duty and that the likes of Bobrisky were going about their lives unapprehended.

In response, Badmus clarified that no one would be arrested based on assumptions and asked for anyone with evidence damning Bobrisky should come forward with it.

Read her post below.

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  1. Taul
    January 20, 07:53 Reply

    Typical of her. Using one of the country’s most inane laws to gain popularity and affection. Tueh!

  2. Brazyne
    January 20, 08:16 Reply

    It’s kinda funny….she thinks homosexuals aren’t present in her family or among her friends or neighbours. My only problem is trying to figure out why d said act is a crime. BTW The country can grant us visa to go to another country……I’m getting tired of this Nigerian atmosphere.

  3. Francis
    January 20, 09:53 Reply

    Don’t know why part of me wishes to see her trend for being on the receiving end of some seriously bloody domestic violence ish.

  4. bamidele
    January 20, 10:58 Reply

    I am not surprised about the statement of the police woman. Everything about Nigeria is turned upside down due to displaced priority! Compared to others wordlwide, Nigerian police are still among the worst in term of security. In a nation where politicians are criminals and religious institutions are vampires, what do we expect? Unfortuately, only the poor, the helpless usually suffer from these dehumanizing structures of Nigeria!

  5. Ajayi Ajah
    January 20, 11:13 Reply

    I had to heave a long sigh.

    And somewhere down the page the same coconut head says “no officer has the right to check your phone. ”
    But they have the right to check your sexuality.

    Super classic cognitive dissonance and Nigerian half wokery.

  6. ROCK
    January 20, 14:35 Reply

    She looks like a dyke.

    • Mandy
      January 20, 15:48 Reply

      I’m sure you think that’s a cool thing to say, like you’ve given the woman a major shade, but really, what you did was equate being lesbian as something insulting, something negative. So she looks like a dyke… If that’s supposed to be a sub on her, then you are saying the lesbian identity is a sub.

      Let us not promote homophobia when we attack homophobia.

      • ROCK
        January 21, 18:25 Reply

        It’s not an insult
        It’s just an observation
        Maybe I should have called her a lesbian instead

  7. Lorde
    January 20, 15:18 Reply

    Bitch die… by an assailant bullet

  8. Yazz
    January 20, 16:08 Reply

    Coming from someone that is notorious for sleeping her way to the top…

    • trystham
      January 21, 07:20 Reply

      Yass!!! Tea!!! I knew her ascension through the ranks was not through merit. If it had been, even considering how very much of male domination is in her profession, she would be more sympathetic to minorities. Idiot, Nonsense and the Nigerian police

  9. J
    January 20, 19:13 Reply

    Where do we go to? This is our geographical destiny, we are here to stay. If all the homosexuals in Nigeria should leave, which country will accommodate us all?

    This is where we know, where we have our family members, friends and homes. We’re used to the naira, our local dishes, our attitudes and mentality. How do you expect us to adapt in other countries when all we know and ever have is here in Nigeria? Seriously I disappointed in all these law makers and what they stand. They have no conscience, no humanity left in there hearts. It shows how ignorant, selfish and close minded they’re. They’re not educated and adequate enough to make laws for us. An educated person is open minded, reasonable, empathetic and selfless.

    When they say leave, it seems like we are birds that can fly to wherever we want to go. To get visa even with your money is something else not even to talk of racism, constant killing of black people, xenophobia, rejection and etc going on in some countries. We are living above that law, a law that violates our happiness and freedom to love is not a law we can obey. It’s slavery and we are not slaves. Long live gay Nigerians, we’re here stay.

  10. E
    January 21, 15:38 Reply

    What a fugly bitch

    • J
      January 21, 17:26 Reply

      This is quite unnecessary! You can do better, not everyone is genetically privileged to fit into your idea of beauty.

  11. Donna
    January 22, 14:20 Reply

    This country really sucks in terms of these government officials having a priority. She’s really sad to write such a homophobic epistle.

  12. Hedonist
    January 25, 18:22 Reply

    “Nigeria is mine and she had better get used to it.”
    –Nnanna Ikpo, author of “Fimisile Forever”

    We ain’t going anywhere. We, homosexuals, have come to stay. Nigeria is our home. Even though we go abroad eventually, our longstanding consciousness and psychology will always carry a heavy print of Nigerian sensibilities wherever we go.

    The authorities should “Fimisile Forever!”.

    I (we) want to breathe. We are tired of choking and suffocating under the stringent, prejudiced, homophobic law!

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