Previously On ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

Previously On ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

Spoiler alert!

Ok, forgive me, Deola, for doing this ahead of your ever scintillating review. But I simply had to bring this up on KD, not for anything but a sheer entertainment factor.

So last Thursday, the lesbian storyline came up again. All those tensions between Annalise and ex-lover Eve Rothlow were manifested again, this time ten years ago. And following the conversation below, and seeing as everything around here gets blamed on Internalized Homophobia (Hi, Max), I wanted us to hash this one out.

Pictures11Eve: Just say it, Annalise. You didn’t have the nerve to tell me back then, but I need you to say it now.

Annalise: Say what?

Eve: That you got scared, that’s why you left me.

Annalise: No, I left you because I’m not gay!

Eve: Bull.

Annalise: Alright. I needed something in my life, someone to love me. You did that. And I loved you back. But not in the way that either of us deserved.

Eve: I don’t even know what that means.

Annalise: It means you live your life, I live mine, straight or gay, whatever you wanna call it.

Eve: I am gay, that’s what I call it. And so do the women I’ve happily been with since you ran away like some scared little girl.

Annalise: Ok we’ve moved on. Good for us. Stop blaming me for your loneliness.

Eve: You don’t know me at all.

Annalise: I know you never forgave me.

I watched this episode with a friend, and in the middle of this scene, he gasped: “Oh my God, Annalise was internally homophobic!” Lol. He sounded hurt, like this perfect image he had of Ms. Keating had suddenly been besmirched by that denial that she dumped Eve Rothlow because she wasn’t gay. His words had me thinking, and so I wanted to have your opinions.

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  1. Mandy
    March 05, 08:04 Reply

    That Eve is so smitten by Annalise. I mean, this fight they had 10 years ago. And again 10 years later early this season. There’s just some loves you can’t get over.

  2. pete
    March 05, 08:28 Reply

    Personally, I think Annalise is bisexual. And like most bisexuals I know, they tend to downplay their gay side due to lots of factors.
    I thoroughly enjoyed that exchange.

  3. Mr. Fingers
    March 05, 11:43 Reply

    The Internalised homophobia gingle that they seem to ring on this blog just baffles me. U can’t say anything contrary to what most ppl here think or feel without being tagged with that name.

    People should realise that despite the fact that we ve feelings for some sex doesn’t mean we will react the same way to issues. Guy ppl come in different shapes, colours and they live in different backgrounds.

    The other day Caitlyn Jenner, who is a republican by the way, had some nice words to say abt Ted cruz one of the biggest opponents of gas marriage in America. Am sure if Caitlyn was Nigerian some of the ppl on this blog with their hatred and bitter minds will call it internalised homophobia. Smh

    • Max 2.1
      March 05, 12:31 Reply

      Like it or hate it, internalized homophobia is real, deal with it.

      • Mr. Fingers
        March 05, 15:28 Reply

        Max of course it does,but the question is how do u define it? Anytime someone says something contrary to what u feel u ring the internalised homophobia bell.

  4. Silver Cat
    March 05, 16:00 Reply

    Is it at all within the realm of possibility that Ms. Keating was telling the truth?
    I ask this because I’ve met some people who are “gay” only with me, simply because we go way way back.
    Let us not be so eager to yank out the IH cross and begin to crucify people needlessly.

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