Random Questions: About First Kisses

Random Questions: About First Kisses

I pretty much talked about my first kiss in this story, The First Times, and in the past few days, some friends and I have been talking about our first times as well. First kiss with a boy. First kiss with a girl. First sex with a boy. First sex with a girl. (A friend said that at 13, he’d first had his first heterosexual sex with [of course] a girl, and then the next day, he’d had his first gay sex with the girl’s brother. Lol. Wild!)

But for today’s purpose, can we share our experiences of our first kiss, what it was like and who it was with.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    June 15, 09:14 Reply

    October 2001, boarding school, apparently he’d been shooting his shot for a while and I was oblivious.
    When he kissed me, i saw stars! I thought I’d been living until that very moment (clearly i hadn’t had an orgasm by this point….i thought I’d died when this happened), but yea we ended up staying together for a few years.

    I still remember the details and everything…. young love ?

    • Pink Panther
      June 15, 09:31 Reply

      Staying together for a few years? As in a few years of secondary school romance or did it blossom from the boarding school into life?

      • Black Dynasty
        June 15, 10:52 Reply

        Oh it continued after school, moved to the UK roughly the same time etc. Lasted roughly 4 years.

  2. Jinchuriki
    June 15, 11:42 Reply

    2007.I’d been doing other BS with people but I’d never kissed anyone, till that Saturday night. He was one of the few who’d constantly make fun of me and sometimes bully me in high school, so the kiss was unexpected. He moved into my mouth while I was still speaking (we were discussing school related stuff), tongue and all. It felt different. I enjoyed it. I wanted more. I kissed back. I’d do it again. I still get a boner at the thought. Covering one RN on an ATM queue with my coat.

  3. Higwe
    June 15, 14:44 Reply

    Can’t really remember ….. kissing ain’t really my thing.
    I have a bad case of mysophobia , deep kissing makes me nauseous .?

    But I can eat and chew a clean ass like my life depends on it .

    Yup.I’m a ball of contradictions .?


    Pink P , my love .
    Hope you’re masking up and staying safe.? ?

  4. Tristan
    June 15, 23:35 Reply

    I’d always known I was attracted to boys before I was 12. It happened when I was on a holiday at their house. She made passes at me of how cute I was but I didn’t take it seriously until she complimented on the blackness and soft appearance of my ass. Bitch’d been secretly crushing on me?

    So that night when we slept ( we slept in the same bed), I grabbed her morsels and sucked on them. And before I knew it, my cousin sister reached for my lips. We were soon relishing the softness of each other’s locked lips, jamming our teach with so much naivety while we tried to taste our tongues. It was painful pleasure. But then it wasn’t enough, I yanked off her pant, my dick now swollen and ready to grind her insides,she resisted,obviously not ready for sex. Thank goodness it didn’t happen. Her momma ( my aunt) must have done a great job by telling her not to let boys put their ‘thing’ inside or else she will get pregnant. LOL. I fell in love with her. Yeah, you heard me right. My cousin sister made me think I was straight. It took a while before I realized I was pristinely gay af.

    The second kiss, I kissed a boy. It was right after secondary school during my pre-degree program. He came to keep me company when my roomie travelled for the weekend. He was a ladies’ man so I didn’t expect he would be sexually into me. But then he decided to crash in my room that night. Pheromones got into play and we started making out. The kiss was heaven. This comment would turn to an epistle if I talk about the romance. It was magic. We kept in touch for a while until life happened. It got worse when he relocated to another country. I still love him for that first kiss.

  5. Mikey?
    June 18, 14:17 Reply

    I had my first kiss when I was 16 with I guy my dad introduced me to, he came to stay with us after that and he confessed he had a crush on me so the night before he left we kissed. And it was magical, my dad was transfered to another church after that so we barely talk

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