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Two weeks later…


Abbey woke up the way she had slept: Naked. She had cried herself to sleep the past two weeks. She had heard her mum’s voice downstairs a fortnight night ago after catching her dad with Edirin, but hadn’t bothered to move from where she lay. She should have been leery of Edirin’s constant visits every now and again…but she hadn’t been. How could she have known that her lifelong best friend kept visiting frequently for the last five years because she was sleeping with her father? Who envisioned crap like that? Abbey shook her head ruefully.

Her phone rang and she grabbed it almost immediately with the intention of turning it off. Her caller ID showed it was Mofe calling. Rolling on her stomach naked and turning to face her window, Abbey picked the call.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

Abbey truly smiled for the first time in a long time. “Hey, handsome.”

They spoke for forty-five minutes before Mofe insisted she get off the phone to have breakfast. She acquiesced. From where she lay, Abbey looked up and at the wall clock. It was 8am. Her belly rumbled just then. Eager to get something to eat, Abbey quickly wore her pyjamas, left her room, and went down to the kitchen.

She wouldn’t stop smiling from hearing the sound of Mofe’s voice. More than anything, she was excited about the big news he had just given her: his birthday was on Saturday next week and he had decided to have a birthday dinner. He had planned it all without her. At first, she had been mad at him but he had explained that he wanted to make sure everything was perfect without her stressing herself about any of the hassles of planning.

Maybe he had OCD when it came to the way he liked things done, Abbey thought. If I really think about it, so do I. Besides, I could definitely get used to a man helping out with planning stuff with me and for me… birthdays, anniversaries, stuff like that. Finally! A guy that makes me his only priority! So much for my reluctance to get involved with him. She smiled again.

She still hadn’t seen anything to complain about regarding Mofe. She had been on a vigilant lookout for warning signs about him but she had found none. The only time he had ever seemed scary was that first night she met him at the club when he wanted to break that Nnamdi guy’s hand for disturbing her. Maybe OCD and being scary to protect people was his pet peeve. Either way, she knew deep in her heart that Mofe would never hurt her. She didn’t know how she knew but she just knew.

She had asked Mofe if she could invite Bukunmi to his birthday dinner and he’d said she could invite anyone she wanted. There was absolutely no way she was inviting Edirin though. The slut! Hell no! Bukunmi’s presence would do. Not knowing what to wear for the dinner, she had asked him who would be coming so she could dress appropriately. All he had said was it was not going to be a big deal and she could wear whatever made her happy.

And then he’d mentioned wanting her to meet someone. “It’s my closest cousin on my mother’s side. I haven’t seen him in a while, but we talk all the time. I really want you to meet him. We tell each other everything and he’s been asking me when he’ll meet the woman in my life that I keep raving on and on about every time we talk on the phone.”

Abbey had started to say she wasn’t ready to meet anyone from his family because they might not like her, but he simply said, “Don’t worry, baby, you’ll do great. You’ll win him over just like you’ve won my heart over.”

She couldn’t have been any happier. Abbey had quickly begun to realise that when it came to Mofe, she lost her self control. Now that she thought about it, she wasn’t actually sure that she ever had any where he was concerned. So far, the only reason she hadn’t had sex with him yet was because he hadn’t asked her for it. He had never even bothered her for sex. She was so humbled by his gesture to not prod her for sex that she decided within herself to give into her fantasies and go all the way with him on his birthday. Saturday was only a week away. She’d let her defenses down on that day and give herself to him after the dinner party. She had often heard that birthday sex was out-of-this-world. Well, it was time to discover just how with Mofe. Edirin had always teased her that she played things too safe. This time, she was going to take a risk for the man she was beginning to fall in love with.

As she was pouring herself a glass of orange juice, her father stepped into the room. With a smile, he set his newspaper down on the table and said, “Just the person I wanted to speak with.”

It had been two weeks since the incident in his bedroom and she had avoided him until now. “What do now?” she snapped.

Jafar stiffened. He fixed his eyes on Abbey and stood silent for a moment. His warm smile turned to an icy stare that seemed to bore a hole right through her. Finally he said, “I have been much too tolerant of your rude behaviour. I am your father and you will address me with respect.”

Abbey didn’t meet his eyes, nor did she reply. Jafar motioned toward the table. He waited until Abbey took a seat, before sitting beside her. He watched her, apparently waiting for her to look at him or to say something. She did neither.

“I take it you are still upset with me.”

Upset? You’ve been screwing my best friend and you think maybe I’m still upset? “I don’t want to talk about it,” she said flatly.

“What has Edirin told you?”

“I haven’t spoken to her. And I don’t intend to.”

“Very well. I expect you to keep quiet about the incident. You know how fragile your mother is. We wouldn’t want her blood pressure to rise unnecessarily, or for her to get all worked up. You know soon you too will be married into your husband’s house. You need to consider her in this. Put yourself in her fragile position.”

Her fragile position? Is this man retarded? He’s got to be kidding me! Abbey fumed inwardly. I can’t stand to even look at him right now. Five years of him sleeping with my supposed best friend and all he can say to justify his actions is I should consider mum’s health and keep quiet? If my future husband did this to me, I’d kill him on the damn spot!

“Won’t you say something? I’m waiting for an acknowledgement from you,” Jafar said.

“I told you, I don’t want to talk about it,” she said irritably.

“Have you spoken to your mother?”

“I haven’t told her, if that’s what you’re asking,” Abbey said, each word dripping with cynicism.

“Perfect. Thank you. The knowledge would only hurt her. That particular indiscretion with Edirin was completely out of character for me. It is now over with, and we can all move on.”

Abbey snorted. She couldn’t take it anymore. She lashed out in full force at her father. “You disgust me, you know. You care more about how your reputation is perceived than what the reality of things actually are. I should have told mum what I saw the minute she got back from vigil that night. I see no reason why she is still with you. I can’t wait to get married and get out of this house. Oh, and when I do, I’m taking mum with me. You don’t deserve her one bit! You and Edirin can have this big house all to yourself and live happily ever after. As for me, I’m done with your sick twisted ways. I have things I need to do. Excuse me.”

Abbey started to get up, but Jafar put his hand firmly on her arm and held her in place. “Not just yet, you little shit. First of all young lady, you will mind your tone with me. No matter what, I am still your father and the head of this home. You will do well to remember that. As for your future husband, maybe I should have a little chat with him and discuss your attitude. Let’s see if he’ll still be interested in you then. And your mother stays with me. Till death do us part! That’s my favourite part of wedding vows she and I took all those years ago and I will fulfill those vows till my dying breath. She’s never leaving me.”

“What happened to the other parts of those vows, dad? What did you do to the other parts of those vows you love so much where you promised to love and cherish mum, forsaking all others for as long as you both shall live? What happened to them? You can be such a hypocrite, you know. You must be joking if you think mum won’t be leaving with me when I’m leaving this house. Hell will freeze over before I’d let that happen.”

“That’s fine,” Jafar said coolly. “We will eventually see who’s got more of a say in the matter. You will however respect me from now on or else I’d take it you don’t mind dating and soon to be planning your wedding with a dead man.”

Abbey finally met her father’s stare head on. She matched it with her own fury. “What the hell is that suppose to mean?”

“You are a smart girl. Figure it out.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“I don’t make threats, Abbey. If you don’t want this Mofe idiot dead, you will behave yourself and respect me from now on.” Jafar’s tone was matter-of-fact.

Panic rose from within her. How did he know about Mofe? She hadn’t told anyone in her family about her relationship with Mofe yet. She knew her father was powerful and had connections and eyes everywhere, but she’d been very careful.

There could have been only one source for him to get that information. Edirin. Damn it! I trusted that bitch too much! “You bastard!” Abbey spat at him.

The unexpected slap knocked Abbey’s head backward. Jafar stepped back, dropping his hands to his sides. He gave a slight nod as his lips turned from a straight line to a slight smirk. “Like I said, you will respect me from now on.”

Abbey wanted to spit in his face again. Instead she took a deep breath. Her face stung but she would rather die than give her father the satisfaction of seeing her wince. “You have no right to do this,” she said calmly.

“Of course, I do. It is my right, as well as my obligation as a parent to protect and punish my child when necessary. You certainly had no moral dilemma when it came to living in my house free of charge, enjoying the education I paid for, or travelling around the world with my money. I did those things because it was my responsibility as a parent but I will not spare the rod and spoil you for anything. I don’t care how old you get. As long as you are under my roof, you will be obedient.” He turned and started making his way back upstairs then stopped and looked back. “Oh and there’s one more thing, Abbey. Don’t get any ideas about running away with Mofe. If you leave this house without getting married and bring shame on this family, your mother may not survive the trauma.” As he continued his ascent up the stairs, he said, “Have a good day, my dear.”

Abbey stood there, looking after him, determined hatred settling in her heart.


A couple of minutes later, Abbey trudged up the stairs to her room with her glass of orange juice. As soon as she sat on her bed, her phone rang. She retrieved it from her purse and answered it without bothering to check the Caller ID… a mistake she instantly regretted.

Hearing Edirin’s voice set Abbey on edge. Her grip grew tight on the phone. Her breath caught in her throat. She was about to disconnect the call with Edirin began speaking quickly. “I’m sorry about what happened. I never meant to hurt you.”

“Then what the hell were you doing having sex with my father?” Abbey asked with venom in her words.

“I’m sorry. You probably won’t believe this but I love him. I’ve been in love with him for years.”

“You are right. I don’t believe you. I don’t know how many guys Bukunmi has been with but I’d sooner believe her if she said she’s found love than believe you. How can you say that you love somebody? You!”

“Please, you have to believe me. I’m not like that. I don’t go after married men.”

“Oh please!” Abbey scoffed. “Save that for someone who’s going to believe any more of the bullshit that comes out of your cursed mouth.”

“It’s the truth.” Edirin’s voice took an edge of desperation. “Abbey, I really need us to be friends again.”

“When hell freezes over,” Abbey said. She disconnected the call and squeezed the phone tightly, barely keeping herself from throwing it across the room.

Her face still stung from the slap her father gave her. An unexpected sadness swept over her. In a way, Edirin was simply another one of her father’s victims. Maybe Edirin had no idea what he was truly like. She had never seen the arrogant, self-righteous part of him. Unfortunately for Edirin, she probably believed her father was in love with her too. She had never experienced his violent mood swings like her mother had.

Or had she?


Hurdled beneath the warmth of her covers, Abbey dreamt of Mofe. His dark, intense eyes, his contagious smile, his muscular arms wrapped around her. Jiro was somewhere in the distance begging for her forgiveness and asking her to take him back. An angry voice tumbled into her quiet dream. Her father’s voice, loud, full of rage. His voice mixed with sobbing. Her mother’s.

Abbey turned in her sleep, trying to get the emotion-laden voices out of her dream, but it just became louder. And then, she was jarred awake by the sound of the angry shouting downstairs. Abbey opened her eyes and lay still a moment, listening. The voices were muffled. No distinct words, just sharp garbled noise. Her peaceful dream evaporated, leaving behind her reality. Wide awake now, Abbey sat up. She blinked in the darkness, listening to her parents fight. Things between them had gotten much worse, much more volatile than ever before. None of this could end well.  She sat up and checked her clock.

4 am.

With a sigh, she climbed out of bed, pulled on her slippers, cracked her bedroom door open, and stepped out into the dark hall. As she walked down the hall, her parents’ voices grew more distinct.

Her mother was sobbing. Abbey knew that sound anywhere. It was that type of crying that bordered on hysteria, when you can’t seem to catch your breath. Her father’s distinctive tone chastised…mocked. She couldn’t make out all the words, but bits and pieces drifted toward her.

“You know better than to question me, Tari. You know me.”

“I can’t stand it any longer… I want to know who…”

“How can you even think I’d do this…”

Tari’s voice grew louder, stronger as she cut his sentence short to make her point clear. “You’re obviously happier with whomever you’re sleeping with, because you never touch me anymore. Sometimes you don’t even come home at nights and I cover for you so that Abbey won’t find out and hate you. Why bother coming home at all, Jafar? Ehn? Why won’t you just give me a divorce and make it easier on all of us?”

Jafar’s reply was low and muffled. Abbey couldn’t make out the words. Then she heard a mocking sound – Was that him laughing? she wondered.

“But I can’t continue to live this way,” Tari complained again.

“Stop whining and shut up,” Jafar snapped. “You sound pathetic. What are you trying to do? Wake up the whole neighbourhood?”

Tari’s sobs continued. A stinging slap echoed down the hall.

“Please stop…”

“I have warned you before! You know better than to ask such a ridiculous question.”

Abbey reached the bottom step at the exact moment that her father backhanded her mother across the face a second time. Tari stumbled backward.

“Stop it!” Abbey raged. “Leave my mother alone!”

Jafar turned. In the dim light, his face took on a haunted glow. Abbey shivered.

She said again, “Stop hitting mum.”

“This is none of your business. Your mother gets nothing she doesn’t deserve.”

Tari gripped the back of the sofa for support. “I’m okay, Abbey,” she said softly.

Abbey remained where she stood. She couldn’t keep walking away. Each time she did that, it was like she was giving him the go-ahead to keep hitting her mother…like she was saying that it was okay. Abbey had been a party to her father’s continued abuse of her mother – of all of them – because she hadn’t spoken up. But not anymore. She was going to stand her ground this time.

Abbey met her father’s stare. His cold anger radiated off him in waves. She forced herself not to flinch. “You are wrong. No woman deserves to be hit.”

Jafar closed the space between himself and Abbey. Fear crept into Tari’s eyes immediately. It was one thing for her to take a beating. She was used to it. Tari however knew she would never forgive herself if she let Abbey become another punching bag for Jafar. Braving up, she quickly said, “Abbey, please go up to your room now.”

“Keep quiet, Tari!” Jafar roared. “Apparently Abbey feels as if she has something worth contributing here.” He turned to face Abbey. “Go on. Speak your mind.”

Determined not to be bullied, Abbey stood firm. Putting as much confidence into her voice as she could muster, she said, “You have no right to hurt anyone.”

Jafar chuckled without humour as he brushed imaginary lint from his shirt. Finally he met Abbey’s eyes. “The treatment given is that which is deserved. Therefore, you are incorrect. I have every right.”

He held Abbey’s gaze for a moment longer. His eyes burned hot with fury, but something else burned there as well. That nameless emotion sent a chill down Abbey’s spine.

After a moment, he turned back to his wife. “I’m tired. You and I are finished with this subject. Don’t bring it up again.”

He went around his daughter and disappeared up the stairs. Abbey and Tari stood in the silent shadows until the bedroom door clicked shut. Then Tari let out a soft whisper of breath. Tears glistened on her cheeks as she said, “Thank you, Abbey.”

Abbey shook her head. This life her mother was living made absolutely no sense to her. “Why do you stay with him, mum?”

“It wasn’t this bad before,” her mother managed weakly. Walking over to the stool by the kitchen, she managed to slump to a sitting position. Her legs seemed too weak to hold her up.

Abbey walked over to the water dispenser and got her a cup of water. Placing the glass cup in front of her, Abbey started again. “I know, mum, but –”

“Not now,” Tari murmured. “We’ll talk later.”

So many unanswered questions and it seemed they’d remain unanswered, at least for now. Abbey’s stomach churned but she agreed to let it go. She muttered a good night and headed back up to her room. She climbed into bed and stared up at the ceiling, letting the scenes of her life play over in her mind. Eventually, she fell into a restless sleep. This time, she dreamt of her father being chased by lions and bitten by deadly snakes. As they tore at his flesh and the snake’s poison wormed its way into his blood stream, his tormented screams rang through the air.

Abbey smiled in her sleep.


Abbey drove herself to Four Points Restaurant on Saturday night. She had gone all out to make sure she looked sensational tonight: her nails were perfectly manicured, her hair was on point, and she had gotten a full body wax. She was wearing her Jimmy Choo shoes, and the Vera Wang ‘freakum’ dress that she had kept for a special occasion made her look good enough to eat. It was all going to be worth it though. Tonight was a special occasion. It was Mofe’s birthday, she was meeting his closest cousin, and she was finally going to give herself to Mofe.

Yes…tonight was definitely a special occasion.

She followed the restaurant attendant who directed her to the dinner table where she saw Mofe looking at his watch.

My man! she thought. He’s so cute when he goes all OCD like he’s doing now.

As she walked up to the table, he looked up and she gave him her award winning, you-are-definitely-getting-some-tonight smile. He rose from his chair when she got to the table, and they bussed each other’s cheeks.

“Happy Birthday, my darling,” Abbey said. “I’m sorry I’m late, baby.”

“That’s okay, baby. I already anticipated that you’d want to make a grand entrance. It’s everyone else I’m worried about. I know the traffic on Third Mainland Bridge might be bad, but I really hope they get here soon.”

Abbey counted the number of seats at their table. Six chairs. That was odd. She had only invited Bukunmi to Mofe’s birthday dinner, and Mofe had said he was only expecting his cousin and a plus one. Who was the last seat for? Oh, Bukunmi, she began to seethe, if you decided to bring Edirin here tonight, I will never forgive you!

Looking over at Mofe, she said, “Baby, I want to go to the Ladies real quick. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, love. I’ll order some drinks while we wait for everyone else.”

Abbey took her purse with her and went to the convenience. She brought out her mobile phone out and dialed Bukunmi’s number. It rang twice before Bukunmi picked up.

“Hi sweetheart, I’m just walking into the restaurant now. Are you already here?”

“Yes I am. B.K., Please tell me you are not walking into this restaurant with Edirin or so help me God I will never speak to you or that lying back-stabbing witch again.”

“Edirin? Of course not. How could you even think I’d bring her along? I’d never betray you like that. Besides, I like Mofe and I don’t want his birthday to be ruined because of the drama between you and Edirin. I’m walking towards Mofe now and I don’t see you. Where are you?”

“In the toilet. Okay, I’m coming out now. And Bukunmi…”


“Thank you for always having my back.”

“Anytime, baby girl. Now get your big butt out here already.”

“Okay, hon.” Abbey cut the phone and quickly checked her make-up in the mirror. Everything was going to be perfect tonight.

So if it wasn’t Edirin, who was Bukunmi bringing to dinner? She’d probably found another hot guy. Trust Bukunmi to always have a plan for an after-party rendezvous in the sheets later on. At least she kept it real, Abbey thought.

Adjusting her hair, Abbey walked out of the convenience and back into the restaurant.

“Sorry babe,” she said to Mofe, “girl stuff.” She turned to Bukunmi and blew a kiss to her friend. “Hi, sweetheart. So glad you could make it.”

“Uhm…Abbey, there’s something you need to know,” Mofe started.

“Sure. What’s up?”

“Uh, wait, Mofe. Maybe I should tell her myself,” Bukunmi said nervously.

“What’s going on here?” Abbey’s voice sounded slightly panicky. From the way Mofe and Bukunmi were talking, something wasn’t quite right. She turned to Mofe. “Mofe, please tell me what’s going on.”

“Bukunmi brought a date.”

Typical Bukunmi. I’d guessed as much. Abbey smiled. “B.K., always the man magnet. That’s no problem. Whoever you deemed fit to invite here is fine by me.”

Her friend didn’t seem reassured by her words. She looked constipated in her seat.

Abbey stared at her. “Ok, so where’s this mystery man?”

“He went to the bathroom,” Mofe said, sounding cautious.

“Oh, okay. I can’t wait to meet him. I’m sure he’s a catch if you brought him here.”

“Babe…about the guy Bukunmi brought, you may not –” Mofe’s words were cut off by the sound of a familiar voice speaking directly to Mofe from behind them.

“Happy birthday, cousin! It’s been forever!”

The three of them turned to see who it was. Mofe was the first to stand up with a big smile on his face as he said, “Andrew! You made it! Finally! I was going to give you a hard time if you had missed it. And who’s your plus one? Is this the famous best friend I have heard so much about? It’s really nice to meet you. My name is Mofe.”

But no one was paying any attention to Mofe. Not noticing the tension that had suddenly descended over them, Mofe went on. “Andrew, let me introduce you to love of my life. Abbey, this is Andrew, my closest cousin and his best friend.”

There was heavy silence around the table.

“Abbey…” Jiro said in shock.

“Jiro…” Abbey said with a look of disbelief. “Andrew…”

“Abbey,” Andrew returned.

“Jiro…” Bukunmi said with a small gasp.

“Bukunmi,” Andrew and Jiro said in unison.

Mofe did a double take and looked around the table. “Wait, you all know each other?”

Another voice chose that moment to interrupt. “Hello, everyone, I’m Bukunmi’s date.”

They all turned at the intrusion.

Bukunmi smiled.

Mofe looked at Abbey nervously.

Andrew stared blankly.

Jiro’s eyes widened with disbelief.

Abbey gasped.

Written by The Controvert

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  1. Mandy
    October 03, 07:23 Reply

    They all turned at the intrusion.
    Bukunmi smiled.
    Mofe looked at Abbey nervously.
    Andrew stared blankly.
    Jiro’s eyes widened with disbelief.
    Abbey gasped.

    Oya, what? What! WHAT?! What is this shocking revelation of a somborri youleft us hanging here, eh?! Kai! Controvert, that hell where PP and Rev Hot are both burning for the sin of Cliffhangers is where ya going!

  2. Teflondon
    October 03, 07:48 Reply

    Great piece.. Sad I’ve not been following this for a while now. As usual we have great Talents on KD. What more can be said that hasn’t been said.

    Abusive Fathers! The Jafars of this world, What can I say abt them.. I hate them to my guts. To me its the highest form of cowardice. I’ve met a few of them and Even tho they are unware of it, I still have some unpleasant plans for them.

    How do people fall in love again? I just don’t get the dynamics of love. True love I mean. Edirin is in love with someone old enough to be her father? Wow! Love is truly messy.

    For the stories told on KD, they are so good that I’ve got this mental picture for a while now, of how a thousand years from now someone will stumble on this domain? Site? Blog.. And will make movies from stories told on here and no one will know where the inspiration is from or he/she source of stories. And the person will make loads of money and live happily ever after.
    Crazy right? But it’s just all up in my head.

    • Brian Collins
      October 03, 09:20 Reply

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone falling in love with someone old enough to be their father. The crazy thing was Edirin letting herself fall in love with the married father of her best friend. Ain’t nothing crazier than that in this story.

    • Brian Collins
      October 03, 09:27 Reply

      So, this is one of my favorite series on KD and i very surprised that the comments it gets each week are very few. #JustSaying.
      The drama this week is just crazy. Jafar is a blood curdling demon. U just hate men who think they can do anything and get away with it vecause their victins are too weak to do anything about the oppression and Tari is such a weakling.
      I just wonder who B.K’s date is.
      Thank you Controvert.

  3. Queen Blue Fox
    October 03, 09:11 Reply

    Noooooooo! You can’t do this to me! I demand a double episode this week.

  4. Dickson Clement
    October 03, 09:28 Reply

    I predicted Jiro would be Mofe’s cousin and Andrew would be there too, well it turned out the other way round! But who could bukunmi’s plus one be? The HIVV infected guy Andrew was dating abroad or abbey ‘s Dad? Or A new character? Pls who is writing this piece? I commend how you develop ur storyline!!!

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    October 03, 09:40 Reply

    ****Smh vigourously****
    Oh no! Oh no! You didn’t just! You didn’t just do what I think you did! Are you for real! WTH!!!!!! I practically screamed at my phone! Stop dis nonsense oh! Stop it! Ah ah!

    Andrew and Mofe, connected? And who is this mystrey dude they r all being fidgety about trying to tell Abbey? The twist is getting too meandering oh! My head is spinning!

    And as for Abbey’s mum, it had always been so! He never changed or switched! He hit you once, he is gonna hit you again! Some women need to rise up above emotional blackmail! Stamp ur foot down nd go for d divorce yourself! Serve it hot or get served in a coffin to maggots!

    Jafar shaa…… Why r thou so bitchy? Ah ah! I thought “women” r d ones with much drama! Sounds like a closeted bottom ??????????????????????!

  6. Eugene
    October 03, 11:44 Reply

    Dah !! Dah !! Nigerian movie watch out for part 2, mehn this is really
    Uhmmm …….

  7. Peak
    October 03, 12:32 Reply

    The mystery guest is Nnamdi (the guy mofe threatened to break his hand at the club).

    @KryxxX if you have witnessed or been in an abusive relationship before, you would realise that this

    “And as for Abbey’s mum, it had always been so! He never changed or switched! He hit you once, he is gonna hit you again! Some women need to rise up above emotional blackmail! Stamp ur foot down nd go for d divorce yourself! Serve it hot or get served in a coffin to maggots!”

    Is just you talk tough, it takes a great deal of will power and emotional strength to get to the point of standing up for urself and saying NO MORE! Its not as easy as u just made it sound.

    @Controvert, splendid writing mhere man. Roulette is giving Awkward Moment a good run.

  8. Delle
    October 03, 17:43 Reply

    Umm, sorry isn’t this a ‘straight’ prose?
    *checking the website again*

    • Francis
      October 04, 01:34 Reply

      Gay this gay that gets boring after a while. This is a welcome distraction. Gay/Bi characters are involved too sha

    • Delle
      October 05, 12:48 Reply

      Kk…then I’m looking forward 2 seeing its follow-up

  9. Francis
    October 04, 01:24 Reply

    Na this kain gist dey make me fantasize about killing person, disposing of the body in form of mince meat for dogs and not feeling remorse. Some people are just evul sha.

  10. MagDiva
    October 04, 06:29 Reply

    I wanna have your babies the Controvert

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???!!!!! You got my heart pounding and pulse racing at the end there. Brilliant piece

  11. Kester
    October 04, 07:48 Reply

    Methinks the original evil person here is controvert and his minion PP for dreaming up such salacious drama. Is real life ever like this, I wonder? Well I won’t give you both the joy of having high blood pressure over all the cliffhangers you are sharing I have a busy week ahead and Sunday will be here in no time. The thunder that will faya both of you if una fall my hand is doing press up.

    • Pink Panther
      October 04, 08:05 Reply

      Chai! I don see nwii. On top of another man’s cliffhanger, I’m not a prime candidate for the guillotine, eh? God is watching all you false accusers o.

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