Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV

Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV

Another week of TV has gone by. Like last week, this shall be a spoiler-filled rant/recap/review of Empire, Scream Queens, HTGAWM and Scandal. So if you haven’t seen the episodes and you detest spoilers, then I suggest you leave while you can. If you haven’t and you don’t mind spoilers, feel free to enjoy. If you have seen the episodes, then by all means read on and lets ki-ki.


So following what was a decent series premiere last week, Scream Queens seriously dropped the ball this week. I have no idea what happened but this was a weird-ass episode. The whole point of this genre is to be campy, funny and mildly scary. This week, it was none of that. Apart from a few entertaining scenes here and there, this episode committed the criminal sin in entertainment. It BORED me!!!

Emma Roberts’ Chanel #1 has been consistently one note so far. Chanel #5 didn’t do much but whine about having a threesome and being “spit roasted”. Chanel #3 (the one with the ear muffs) had a weird scene with predatory Lez, where she confesses to being the daughter of Charles Manson, so I’m sorta curious to find out more about that. Oh, and she is totally going to hook up with predatory Lez before the season is over. Ryan Murphy needs to be careful; both the way the character is written and portrayed reminds me of Brittany from Glee, and that’s not a good thing

Chanel’s transformation of Hester ‘Neck-brace’ Ulrich was meh at best. Every high school/college movie or show always has that nerdy girl who undergoes a cliché transformation; so therefore, this was a horrible transformation for Lea Michele’s Hester. I mean, what was that? What was that hair? Where was the makeup? And what was that prom dress? This pains me to say, but all I got from that transformation was Rachael Berry from Glee. Huge fail!

I am not convinced by the character, Grace, played by Skyler Samuel. She is supposed to be the protagonist that we the audience root for. But she’s a walking cliché and very bland. Both the writing for the character and the acting have been mediocre at best.

Niecy Nash’s Denise, the security guard character, was a huge part of what kept this episode afloat, and that is largely because of how Niecy plays her. Her scene with Keke Palmer’s ZayDay was one of the few scenes that got a chuckle out of me.

Jaime Lee Curtis’ Dean Munsch’s shtick joke with the noise machine was some of the most cringe-worthy things I have seen on TV. The joke – if that is what it was – kept floating out there and didn’t remotely come close to landing.

The red-devil, backstreet-boys fight sequence was fun to watch and was the highlight of the episode, and is exactly what I expect from the show – something so silly that it actually works.

The episode comes to a somewhat exciting close when the red devil breaks into the Kappa House and attacks Gigi, who – God bless her soul – doesn’t run, oh no. She stays and plays ring-around-the-Rosey with the serial killer, and then pulls out some kung-fu-esque moves to defend herself.

What we did learn plot wise regarding the red devil mystery is that there is at least two of them. So we have more than one character to suspect now.

Best Character in Episode: Niecy Nash’s Denise. Enough said.

Favourite Quote: “In my experience, whenever somebody asks, ‘Oh, I wonder if that is blood’, it’s almost always blood. I mean, you know how many times it’s like ketchup? Zero percent of the time.” – Denise (to Grace and Zayday)

Favourite Scene: Easy pick. The backstreet-esque fight scene with the Dickie Dollar Scholar’s fraternity was both enjoyable and clued us in to the fact that there is more than one red devil.

Rating: 3/10. Boring! This series is meant to be funny. Where was the funny this week?



How to get away with murder… Sigh. This is why Thursday nights (or in my case, Friday mornings) was made, people. I still don’t understand how this show hasn’t lost any steam from the first season, and that’s down to the incredible work of Peter Nowalk and the cast.

So last week, I didn’t mention the case that Annalise and Co treated because there was already so much to talk about. Like I said last week, Nowalk doesn’t do basic writing; instead of giving us Season-1-style case-of-the-week format, he has taken one case and seemingly built an entire season around it. And not just any case, but one of the weirdest ones I have ever seen dynamic wise. And that’s what I think makes it intriguing, because there are so many layers to be discovered with these adopted kids accused of killing their parents. I can’t be the only one getting some incestuous vibes from those two – and this is HTGAWM, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

That poor prosecutor though… Right from when she breezed in last season, feeling like she was the doro, I knew she was gon’ get it. She did put a good fight against Jean Grey at Nate’s preliminary hearing. And then she put Annalise on the stand and I laughed internally, because I knew she was about to be eaten alive. And Viola Davis does everything in this scene; she brings that dominating power and aggressiveness that we’ve come to expect from Annalise in the courtroom – and she was just a witness. Homegirl is eyeing a second Emmy, y’all.

Poor Michaela (I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot), she can’t catch a break. Last week she was hitting on a gay dude, this week the guy she gets interested in a most likely another round of bad news. Eggs 911, anyone?

Wes took a back seat to a lot of the action this week. Other than using his puppy eye super powers on murderous sibling Number Two, he didn’t have much to do.

Connor… Who would have thought that of the Keating Five, he would be the one with a rather stable-ish-looking domestic relationship? With every episode, he and Olive take giant strides as a couple, and I am happy to see that. Even if he is still a mess for blurting out Oliver’s status, I am glad they were able to move past it. Also, their talk regarding how Oliver got infected pulled at the heartstrings of Yours Truly.

Laurel… Have I mentioned that she is my favourite of the five? Well, she is. She has this mystery about her that I absolutely dig. She is smart and quiet, and has a certain darkness, and that’s what makes her so intriguing to me. I still can’t get over how genius it was to steal Michaela’s ring last season, because if she hadn’t, Little Miss Bitch Baby would have spilled to the po-po. And that scene with Frank in his apartment… *fans self* Good on you, Frank. Stand up for yo self.

In the end, Nate got off, and Annalise and Famke Janssen’s Eve Rothlow celebrate by also getting off. *wink wink* Did you see how she was glowing the morning after on the porch? Under the watchful eye of Nate of course, because that’s what happens when you kiss Jean Grey in PUBLIC!

They actually have a sweet genuine moment. Annalise rarely has those real vulnerable moments; the only ones that come close are the ones she had with her mum last season. And in true HTGAWM fashion, we get hit with a flash-forward, and who do we see as the next dead bodehhh?

It’s Madam Prosecutor.

Favourite Scene: The Annalise-Bonnie confrontation was absolutely stunning to watch. We get a little peek into the dynamics of these women and why Bonnie looks up to and “looks out for” Annalise the way she always has. Incredible acting here from both women.

Best Character in Episode: Bonnie. Finally getting to see part of the reason why she treats Annalise the way she does was quite wonderful. Liza Weil held hers in what was an emotional scene, and I want to know more about this dynamic.

Favourite Quotes: “You still have me, and I hate it. I don’t hate you, but I hate how you make me feel.” – Eve (to Annalise)

“Go home and don’t kill anyone.” – Annalise (to murderous sibling Number One)

“You don’t have to take him to your parents. You just have to sit on him.” – Connor (to Michaela)

Rating: 8/10. Nice follow-up to the premiere, and we get more intriguing pieces of that flash-forward.


This week’s episode opens with Cookie, Hakeem, and Andre packing their things after getting kicked out of Empire by Evil Jamal. They plan to start a new label. LOL. This whole starting-a-rival-label thing gave me vibes to The Good Wife Season 6, and that didn’t end well.

Remember sexy prosecutor lady from the premiere? Well, it turns out she means bidness. The woman is depriving Luscious of his meds. That’s just cold. I think I love her, so yeah, she can stay.

Next, we have Evil Jamal doing an interview with a Good Morning America-esque show called ‘Spilling the Tea’! LMAO! I can’t with this show, aswear. Who comes up with this stuff?

Having said that, everyone in the Lyon family needs to figure out where their loyalties lie and then frigging stick to it. Just this episode alone, we got so much flip-flopping. And frankly, I am over it. Of course, it wouldn’t be Empire without a celebrity guest appearance. This week, we get Ludacris. He plays some prison guard who seems to have a problem with Luscious. Why does he have a problem, you ask? Well, from what I understood, he has got to be a corrupt guard on the prosecutor’s payroll, yeah? But once again, this wasn’t clearly stated, and as such, this guest appearance also felt forced. Not as bad as Chris Rock’s, but still not good.

Two Words: Rainbow Sensation. Oh sweet lil Hakeem, forming all creative and shii. Seriously though, rainbow sensation… So stuuupid. lol.

The first twenty minutes of this episode was quite mellow, and that’s putting it nicely. I cringe whenever I see Jamal visiting Luscious in prison, talking like they’ve been pals all their lives. Cringe! The episode came alive though with Tiana’s appearance. The song Get No Better 2.0 was catchy and Yours Truly already has it on loop since Wednesday.

Evil Jamal tries to get Hakeem back at Empire, and he seems to consider it… Till he doesn’t? And then there is Andre who is forever the Lyon brother on the sidelines. His passionate plea for Cookie to let him go was wonderfully executed and most importantly true to his character. Andre also visits Lucious in prison to beg his forgiveness for his part in the hostile takeover and Luscious wasn’t having it, and once again, you had to feel for Andre here again. Poor dude.

We do get a flashback during that confrontation, and from what I got from twitter, most people were confused by it. The flashback showed Kelly Rowland (playing the role of Luscious’ mother) cradling him and singing Itsy Bitsy Spider to him, but then completely phasing out mid-song. It was a haunting scene and was the first time this season that a celebrity guest appearance had actually made sense. This scene was obviously a prelude to why Luscious has always treated Andre like an outsider. His mother’s apparent mental illness most likely scarred him and thus affects his relationship with Andre.

Luscious recording Snitch Bitch from prison was the funniest thing. The song is so stupid that it actually works, kinda like this show.

In the end, Luscious makes bail, courtesy of the best Lawyer that ever liveth (yeah I said it), none other than the legendary Thirsty of the University of GUAM!

Best Character in Episode: Andre. Trai Byers has always been one of the better actors on the show, and is definitely the best actor of the three brothers. He has the most fascinating storyline and always kills when he is given the material.

Favourite Quote: “That’s the dumbest name I ever heard, actually that might be the dumbest name known to man. Did your daddy drop you on your head?” – Cookie (to Hakeem)

“You still go to church, you still believe in God? Good. Then you pray to God that he forgives you, cause I don’t.” – Luscious (to Andre)

“For years, you rejected Jamal for who he is, and now he is running the company. Hakeem, he slept with your fiancé, apparently you want him back at Empire. Here I stand, contrite and remorseful, and yet you look at me, like I’m some kinda mutant.” – Andre (to Luscious)

Favourite Scene: The flashback scene with Kelly Rowland as Luscious’ mum, as short as it was, it was well filmed and acted. It was also intriguing and I am looking forward to finding out more about her.

Rating: 5/10. A slight improvement from last week; there was actually good Empire music in this episode and hopefully its upwards from here on out.


So this was a letdown. Following the bomb that was released in that last minutes of the last episode, I had expected a drama-filled episode filled with twists and turns and juicy DRAMA! Alas, Shonda went the other route.

Instead we get Liv working on what has to be the blandest case of the week in the show’s history. I mean seriously, who didn’t know that the boy actually killed the dad? I mean, literally no viewer cares about some rich kid and his dead daddy, not when we have an affair to handle. Eeiish! The only shocking thing here was learning that the Rich Kid, Gavin is 35!

I feel like the writers over at Scandal are working overtime to make the audience hate Fitz. At this point, I watch this show, not because of Olivia and her affair with Fitz, but despite it. He threatens Mellie with jail time. Are you frigging kidding me! Has he forgotten Justice Verna Thornton, or the fact that just last season, he went to war over his MISTRESS, thus sending soldiers to their death! Oh no, let’s forget that. Instead, let’s threaten Mellie with jail time over a crime that she didn’t actually commit and had no knowledge of. Nice work, Saint Fitz. *RME*

Okay, Sweet Shonda, I am over Huck, really. I love Guillermo Diaz, but his character literally has no purpose anymore if he isn’t going to be of use. I am bored with this character and his quirks, the way he shines his eyes and talks as if he is starving and smelling the aroma of hot dodo. It’s gotten tired.

Even the reveal of Elizabeth North being Sally’s source in the white house was poorly handled. I wasn’t shocked and I still don’t get it. Why would she leak the photos exactly? What’s her motive? Or end game? Arrrgh!

Who bought Fitz’s speech to Vice President Ross about him being a flawed person? Cause I didn’t. You’re not flawed, Fitz, you’re just a douchebag. And I wish they would have him quit playing the victim for once. I have always loved the Susan Ross Character, and I absolutely enjoyed that she called him out on his foolishness.

In the end, the case was bland, but after running from the situation the whole episode, Olivia finally addresses the press by answering in the affirmative to the question about her being the president’s mistress.

Best Character in Episode: Susan Ross. It took balls to call Fitz out on his BS. Not that the selfish dude is going to listen, but she played her part and played it well.

Favourite Scene: When the poor VP finally realizes that, well, POTUS really is having an affair. It was so sad to watch. It was like a kid finally learning that Santa Claus isn’t real.

Favourite Quote: “Do you really think she is gonna get in front of a camera and admit they are having an affair. It’s Liv. She’s the best in the business. The president is about to get POPED.” – Abby (to Elizabeth North)

“I’m wondering, do you think about us, the people who voted for you, America. Do you think about us when you’re having an affair in the white house, in our house? Do you think about why we voted for you?” – Susan Ross (to Fitz)

“Mister President, you don’t get to be like anyone else. That’s not the job you signed up for.” – Susan Ross (to Fitz)

Rating: 5/10. A dry episode saved once again by the final few moments of the episode. Here’s to hoping something actually happens in the next episode.

Written by Deola

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  1. Silver Cat
    October 03, 07:27 Reply

    2nd Wk, still nothing on Grey’s Anatomy? Different…strokes.

    • Pink Panther
      October 03, 07:32 Reply

      You love Grey’s? Very well, Dee, perhaps it’s time you move over to Seattle Grace and tell us what you think about what’s going on there. 🙂 Clearly some KDians want to know.

      • Deola
        October 03, 10:04 Reply

        Is that hospital still called Seattle Grace at this point sef??

        • Francis
          October 03, 10:06 Reply

          You really don’t care for the show sha. Grey+Sloan Memorial Hospital

          • Deola
            October 03, 10:12 Reply

            Lol. No i actually do. I love Greys, i have always thought that at this point, in its 12th season not many follow it anymore. A lot of the originals are gone and with em a lot of fans too.

            The last episode with the giant looking lady with a tumor in the pituitary gland was cool.

            And seriously how many times has the hospital changed its name?

  2. Mandy
    October 03, 07:30 Reply

    Out of all these, HTGAWM is the only one I’ve yet seen. And Deola, you’re right. The sizzle is still sizzling all over the series. There were so many favorite quotes and convos for me. Like when Connor revealed Oliver’s HIV status. And Asher intrudes.

    Asher: Wait, he has HIV and you’re gonna have sex with him?
    Connor: Yes. Lots and lots of sex.
    Asher: Dude, no! Look, I get that O-man probably has a sweet ass and all, but you could like die.

    Lol. This guy’s cluelessness is just adorable!

    • Ace
      October 03, 08:28 Reply

      Hahahaha! Exactly! I thought that would have made a quote too. Thankfully, you remembered“You don’t have to take him to your parents. You just have to sit on him.” I died!!!! Yo! Also when she said ” he is not my type” and Olive asked “what is your type” and Connor replied “gay”. I paused the scene and laughed like crazy. How to get away with murder makes my night.

      • Pink Panther
        October 03, 08:32 Reply

        That was my most favourite conversation too, the one between Michaela, Oliver and Connor. The chemistry between these characters is just giving me too many thrills.

  3. Ace
    October 03, 08:34 Reply

    I am really loving his your reviews Deola. It is like the only moment I get to talk about shows because I have no one to share my thoughts with. I am always delighted to see someone sharing the views about an episode. I am one of the few people that is trying so hard to keep loving Empire based on its successful first season. Two episodes now and there is little to hold on to except for Cookie’s comebacks. Yeah, and that scene where Cookie says Boo boo kitty markets ass and she replied that Cookie marketed “Pharmaceuticals” then Cookie replied ” If not for women like me, women like you will be on there knees under my 20 year old son”. Damn!

    • Pink Panther
      October 03, 08:37 Reply

      Before nko? You didn’t know that Cookie is the heart, soul and thread that holds that show together? Taraji P. Henson can demand more money than the entire cast and get it and not get fired, becos Cookie is very integral to Empire’s success.

  4. Francis
    October 03, 08:37 Reply

    #ScreamQueens truly dropped the ball like you say, I hope Ryan doesn’t mess up big time.

    Scandal finally woke up with this episode’s final scene. The hide and seek with the media was getting boring as f**kk and her cases are truly getting DRY. Gradually I’m tuning in for the drama and not the amazing cases. Can’t wait for the shit storm that follows. Hopefully Shonda doesn’t mess it up. I wonder if she plans on showing Cyrus’ pretend boo this season. I like that character.

    #GreysAnatomy is still Greys Anatomy. ?

    • Pink Panther
      October 03, 08:38 Reply

      Lol. Grey’s Anatomy is still Grey’s Anatomy? What does that mean biko?

    • Max
      October 03, 17:56 Reply

      Cyrus is my best character in Scandal.. He’s vile, dark, cynical, sarcastic, malicious… Part of me identifies with him. I hope they sack that white whore Portia(Sorry Ellen, but your bitch needs to get the boot).. Cyrus is way more fun.

      • Django
        October 03, 18:37 Reply

        That is Elizabeth North and NOT Portia de Rossi, get that. Liz is a character, not a bitch; Portia is a real person, never a bitch. Get that!

        • Django
          October 03, 18:47 Reply

          People should learn to separate tv characters from real life individuals. Why you would bring someone’s family member into a discussion and cuss out on a real life individual is really beyond me. Very unhealthy if you ask me.

          That person you know is just a script, she’s an actress, not a bitch.

          I know I have no right to be, but I’m deeply offended by this post of yours.

          • Keredim
            October 03, 19:06 Reply

            Django, please don’t get too riled. It’s Max, he is intelligent but his grasp of reality is tenuous?

  5. Brian Collins
    October 03, 08:46 Reply

    Good reviews i guess, Deola definitely did not go all out with the spoilers. I am actually behind on HTGAWM, Scandal & Empire haven’t seen any episodes of their second seasons.
    I saw that scene with Abby and Elizabeth North on E! news yesterday and i loved it. I am going off to download them ASAP.
    Oh, i don’t think i’ll watch scream queens.

  6. Chizzie
    October 03, 08:59 Reply

    I like the concept of this post but its becoming repetitive, probably because you keep reviewing the same shows. Empire, Scream Queens et al. Maybe pick a particular show that was stellar that week and review it while also suggesting people watch it and another show that was horrid that week and write a scathing review abt it. Plus it shouldn’t be all abt series too. Just highlight anything memorable that happened on TV the week before. And make it strickly once a week abeg, ’cause it seems this post is always up

    I’d like to write a weekly music review but I’m worried I might not be consistent.

    • Mandy
      October 03, 09:08 Reply

      But it IS once a week. When was the last time Deola’s Corner was up? Seven days ago.

    • Deola
      October 03, 10:07 Reply

      Hmmmm. I like that Idea. Duly noted.

  7. Max
    October 03, 17:51 Reply

    So I had to watch all of them before I commented.
    Note to unsuspecting readers for next time!!!- If you read this, the. You’re as good as someone who has seen it. This post (the whole movie review weekly thingy) should be read with extreme caution if you don’t want to have a bad movie experience.
    Do NoT Read this!!!.. I repeat, Never read this unless you’ve seen the shows.
    If you can’t review movies like a professional without revealing details of what happened, then I think you should stop writing it, I know your hands are always quick on the keyboard, ready to spill everything to the next person you see with such passion and delight. And Pinky, please take note. If you want to keep doing this, add a disclaimer at the top(at least that’s the right thing to do if an article contains spoilers).

    With that said, How to get away with murder just topped my list.. It gets better and better every week. Strong performance from Viola Davis.. Bravo gurl.. My favorite scene was her court scene while she was on the stand. Bonnie showed her vulnerability and as part of the audience, I was able to connect with her. I give it a 9/10..
    Outstanding performance from everyone.. Those siblings creep me out by the way, especially the girl.

    For scandal, I think you are being too harsh on it. Fitz gets more annoying as the day goes by.. Melly is still being Mellie. And Hawk is still a damaged good.
    All in all I give it a 6/10 for their effort.. I have a feeling next week is gonna be better.

    Empire displayed some emotion that I haven’t seen in a while.. Andre’s performance was spot on, so was Ludacris’ and Luscious. I’m not really feeling cookie in this episode.
    The flash back from the past was the best scene.. Was able to convey alot of message and emotion with just a few words in form of a lullaby.. Teana was looking hot btw and I actually liked those dance moves of hers. All in all, 6/10..

    • Pink Panther
      October 03, 17:55 Reply

      I’m sorry, are you blind or too hasty to lash out to notice this:

      ‘Like last week, this shall be a spoiler-filled rant/recap/review of Empire, Scream Queens, HTGAWM and Scandal. So if you haven’t seen the episodes and you detest spoilers, then I suggest you leave while you can. If you haven’t and you don’t mind spoilers, feel free to enjoy. If you have seen the episodes, then by all means read on and lets ki-ki.’

      That is the first thing written on the article. Enough warning to anyone who doesn’t like spoilers.

      • Max
        October 03, 17:59 Reply

        I guess I rushed into it, just like I always do..

          • Max
            October 03, 18:18 Reply

            Dr Tea, what can I “do you” for?

            • Francis
              October 03, 18:32 Reply

              No worry, I’m good …. for now. 😀

    • Keredim
      October 03, 19:19 Reply

      If you are going to critique a TV show critic’s critique, at least get the name of the show characters right.?

      It is “Huck” and not “Hawk”
      “Tiana” not “Teana”

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