As he stepped into the car parked in the parking lot of Ikeja City Mall, Ehis took a moment to appreciate the golden-brown hue of the sun rays that bathed the city this early evening. It was really beautiful scenery – and the beauty seemed to extend to the gorgeous man who was settling down in the driver’s seat beside him. He briefly recalled how enthusiastic Xavier was when he suggested that they go see a movie together, grab some dinner and then talk. Xavier had agreed to the movie, but wanted them to go back to his place for dinner and the ‘talk’.

The evening was going really great. Ehis had enjoyed the movie, more so because of Xavier’s company, and he was looking forward to the rest of the date as Xavier drove out of the lot.

As he reclined on his seat while Xavier navigated a turn onto Alausa Road, Ehis couldn’t help but recall how he’d been momentarily taken aback by what happened earlier in the day, when Doctor Adeoye questioned him about his plans for the evening. It had taken him a few seconds to recover from the unexpectedness of the question and the niceness that preceded it when the older man had complimented him; he’d only been working at the hospital a couple of days and it already felt as though Doctor Adeoye’s scorn of him was becoming legendary. He had finally been able to reply that he was going out with a friend.

Imagine the man, Ehis thought to himself for the umpteenth time that day. After being such an ass, he thinks a compliment and an outing will make me develop selective amnesia and forget about all his crap.

He was considering the ridiculousness of the situation when he let out a chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” Xavier asked Ehis with a raised right brow as he turned to give him a look.

Ehis looked at him and was struck anew by how impossibly gorgeous he was. On a normal day, he reckoned Xavier would be miles out of his league.

“Nothing o,” he said. “Remember how I told you about the patient we operated on today? Well, after the surgery, Adeoye complimented me.”

“He did?” Xavier said with an exaggerated widening of his eyes.

“Indeed he did,” Ehis said laughingly. “Talking about how brilliant I was in the theatre and blah, blah, blah.”

“I take it you were not impressed by the compliment,” Xavier said with a chuckle.

“You bet your ass I wasn’t,” Ehis agreed robustly. “I was even suspicious of the words as they came out of his mouth. In my mind like, OK, what’s the catch?” As Xavier laughed at that, he continued, “And get this: he also asked what I was doing this evening. Apparently, he wanted to invite me out to go get grilled fish at some joint.”

“Oh no, he didn’t,” Xavier gasped.

“I kid you not. Had me thinking for a moment if he is gay,” Ehis said.

“Oh god,” Xavier said with a shudder.

“I know, right? Rainbow Jesus did not make me gay for me to share a community with that man. That ugliness belongs to the straights.”

Xavier let out a peal of laughter at that, an attractive sound that washed down all over Ehis as he smiled and listened to him laugh.

As he sobered up, he turned a tender look to Ehis. “Well, I’m glad you didn’t let any need to impress your SR cause you to cancel on me.” He placed a hand on Ehis’s as he added, “Tonight is about us, and I have been having fun so far.”

“Me too,” Ehis agreed, as he felt a swell of desire for the man seated beside him.

“Good, because I was half-worried that since we jumped the gun by having sex before our first date, you’d be so over me at this point,” Xavier said with a grin.

“Isn’t that how things are usually done in the gaybourhood?” Ehis rejoined. “If you ask me, I say we followed the script of gay dating. Because that sex was just what the doctor ordered.”

“Glad I could be of service,” Xavier said with a laugh.

“Seriously though,” Ehis began a bit hesitantly, an earnestness taking over the look he gave Xavier. “I really enjoy being with you. I know we’ve only known each other a couple of days, but I feel like I can connect with you on multiple levels. You are intelligent and nice and the kind of sexy that makes me wonder where you’ve been all my life and how I got so lucky.” He paused before adding, “I am actually looking forward to spending more time with you.”

“Looks like we’re having that talk already, huh?” Xavier said with a gentle smile.

“Well, you started it,” Ehis returned.

“That I did.” After a pause, Xavier said, “Well, like I earlier said, I have been having fun with you. And I like you a lot. I would also love to spend more time with you, and for us to see where this goes.”

Ehis felt a warm glow inside him. He would never know, but that was the moment he started falling in love with Xavier. “Yes, I’d really like that too.”

“Well then…” Xavier reached out to take his left hand in his right so as to plant a quick kiss on it, while still steering the moving car with his other hand.

And this was the moment that Ehis became aware that he had started falling for this man.

Their conversation went back to less weighty matters such as mutual hobbies and television shows and food and fashion. Soon, they’d gotten to Xavier’s apartment and he’d started making dinner. Ehis watched as Xavier washed and chopped, sliced and diced, and boiled and fried food items, while they bantered. He didn’t participate in the preparation of dinner because Xavier had insisted he simply help with the minutest of activities.

The cooking was soon finished and Ehis was in awe of all the culinary skill he had witnessed. He assisted in setting the table with matching fancy plates and cutlery, while Xavier got a bottle of white wine from the mini bar and set it on the table along with wine glasses.

The food was even more delicious than it looked; the blend of different flavours all rolled up on his tongue with each fork full of food that he put in his mouth left him wanting more.

“This is so yummy,” he enthused as he ate.

“Why, thank you,” Xavier said as he poured some more wine into his glass. “Only the best for a really special someone like you.”

After dinner was over, Ehis insisted on doing the bulk of the clearing up, saying that it was the least he could do after Xavier had treated him to such a wonderful evening.

“It is getting late and I feel so lazy and pampered by your cooking,” Ehis said as he set down the last dish he’d wiped clean from the wash.

“All the more reason why you shouldn’t even think about getting back out there to go home,” Xavier said while taking a sip from his wineglass. He was idly moving across the small kitchen to where Ehis was standing.

“Oh, you think so, do you?” Ehis said with raised brows and a chuckle.

Xavier shrugged and said with a grin, “Hey, I’m just adding to what the doctor ordered.”

“And who am I to resist such good advice from the doctor,” Ehis said just before Xavier came to stand next to him and claimed his lips in a kiss.

There seemed to be a sort of hunger in the manner in which Xavier took Ehis’ lips. At least, that was how Ehis felt. It was a combination of both sensual and erotic, and needy and desperate. Standing there with his back pressed against the kitchen cabinet, Ehis felt himself matching Xavier’s hunger with an equal intensity, kissing him back with passion he didn’t know he was capable of mustering. Each tug and slide of Xavier’s lips and tongue against Ehis’ mouth seemed to fan the embers of desire that stirred in his loins.

Without breaking the kiss, Xavier led Ehis to his bedroom and they both settled on his bed. Xavier then broke the kiss long enough to connect his phone to the sound system; moments later, the sound of Boyz II Men’s I’ll Make Love To You began to encompass the room.

When Xavier returned to him, Ehis was very ready to welcome his intentions. Without any verbal exchange, the two men resumed their kiss, each man sucking on the lips and tongue of the other as if the very essence of life itself lay on the other’s tongue.

Xavier’s hands, which were cupping Ehis’ face, moved to caress his neck and then his shoulders and his back. His left hand went on to rest on Ehis’ waist, pulling him even closer into himself, while his right hand went underneath Ehis’ shirt to search for his nipple. He brushed the side of his thumb lightly against the apex of Ehis’ nipple, causing Ehis to purr into his mouth while intensifying the fierceness of the kiss. He went on to use his thumb and index fingers to assault Ehis’ nipple some more with more intense flickers, caressing that hard, pointy teat and causing Ehis to shudder and moan into their kiss.

When Ehis could no longer stand the intensity of the caress, he broke away from the kiss and took his shirt off, while looking into Xavier’s eyes. He saw nothing but raw passion glistening in the black of Xavier’s eyes, and then he brought Xavier’s face to his chest while reclining unto the bed. Catching on, Xavier straddled him and moved his face over Ehis’s chest, taking his nipples, one after the other, in his mouth. Ehis writhed about in pleasure as Xavier went on exploring his nipples. He flicked his tongue over them, bit them, sucked on them, and bathed them with his hot breath.

As his nipples were getting feasted on, Ehis kept one hand on Xavier’s head, pressing it into his chest and urging him to continue the onslaught on his nipples, while the other roamed about Xavier’s toned body, taking in the curves and bulges of it. He eventually reached down to locate Xavier’s very turgid penis and he ran his fingers over the length of the shaft, feeling the girth of that dick that he could not wait to have.

While Xavier milked his nipples, Ehis’s hand milked precum out of Xavier’s bulbous pecker.

When he could not hold back any longer, he pushed Xavier back, kissed his lips and then his neck while biting lightly on each side of it. He took Xavier’s shirt off, after which he bathed his chest with kisses, trailing his tongue down to Xavier’s navel, before taking his engorged member in his mouth.

He could taste the precum on his tongue and the saltiness of it drove him nuts. He wanted more of that salty goodness, and he slobbered and slurped on the dick. It seemed as though his gag reflex had been turned off because he expertly took in Xavier’s long dick to the hilt of it, deep into his throat without choking. He held it in there, using his throat muscles to massage the penis while Xavier moaned and mouthed several obscene things that he wanted to do to Ehis. Ehis did this over and over, deep-throating Xavier’s cock as if his life depended on it. He sucked on his balls, taking them in one after the other, causing Xavier to tremble and groan.

An extremely-aroused Xavier eventually reached for the nightstand to fetch the lube and condoms. He lubricated his index finger and leaned forward over Ehis’s still focused on his dick, to slide it inside his asshole. This caused Ehis to moan over his dick, which in turn made him shove his dick deeper down Ehis’ throat.

Xavier then proceeded to take off Ehis’s shorts as well as his, and both men took a moment to behold and appreciate each other’s nakedness.

While Ehis resumed sucking Xavier’s dick, Xavier was rhythmically moving his finger in and out and around the insides of Ehis’ ass until he found his prostate. At that point, Ehis started moaning and gasping for Xavier to fuck him. However, Xavier was not done pleasuring him. Seeing Ehis splayed on the bed, hands clutching at the sheets, legs wide open and writhing in ecstasy was such a turn-on.

Two extra fingers in later, Ehis’s voice had become reduced to raspy moans, filled with pleas for Xavier’s cock up his ass. At that point, Xavier was more than happy to serve his condom-sheathed dick to Ehis.

Fucking him in the missionary position, Xavier looked into Ehis’s eyes, and in that moment, he could not tell if it was just the sex or something more – but he could feel a very intense connection develop between him and Ehis.

As his thrusts got deeper and his rhythm got faster, his strokes became stronger and Ehis’s moans became louder.

Ehis wrapped his hands and legs all around Xavier and moved his way to get them in a sitting position – Xavier seated on the bed with him astride Xavier’s dick. He gyrated with his hips while bobbing up and down Xavier’s pole. He simply could not get enough of that dick and he moved his body with such eroticism all over it, while squeezing his ass muscles around Xavier’s dick.

Xavier had become so possessed by Ehis’s lovemaking, he almost lost control. But he was not finished with taking the lead; he reclined on the bed and began jerking Ehis off, all the while thrusting deeper to meet Ehis’s gyrating hips.

A few intense thrusts later, Ehis began to shudder as spurts of semen jetted out of his penis, flying forward to land on Xavier’s chest and shoulder. The sheer eroticism of it all drove Xavier over the edge and he climaxed, coming into the condom with his dick driven deep into Ehis’s ass.

And Ehis collapsed on Xavier, both men lay on the bed, spent and satisfied, luxuriating in each other’s arms.

Written by Bryan Peters

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    So I waited 3weeks just to read about the Ehis and Xavier sexcapade???… nooo, i want my money back…when I first started reading I was yes I am loving the romantic vibes and all that…I want more drama please not just tilted towards the sex aspect, more intriguing content…but all in all u are beautiful writer,u took me to lala land right from the beginning until I got to the sex part that one didn’t work for me, i had to skip to the end… please release the next episode on time

    • Mandy
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      What’s wrong with these sex though? Just asking. Sex is a perfectly natural dynamics between two gay men attracted to each other. Him not writing about it would not make this thing developing between Ehis and Xavier realistic.

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        I am not saying anything is wrong with the sex mind you…am just saying there are other ways to tell a beautiful story about love and romance without having to give too much graphics on the sex aspect…
        “Him not writing about it would not make this thing developing between Ehis and Xavier realistic”

        I don’t think so, I think what make a story realistic or real is the ability to make others (readers) go into the characters mind and also conjure/live through the characters… remember when he wrote about the ehis’ roomie in the earlier episode it didn’t have to do with sex we could all relate, or ehis’ plight with Dr.Adeoye…not all story concerning gay love has to be written with sex as a major theme

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      Exactly….. I tot I was the only one who’d skipped to the end.???

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    Everything is going yori yori now. Ehis and Xavier are very into each other, Xavier has found a lovely woman in his aunt’s matchmaking, Ehis now has the approval of his mean boss…
    I feel like Bryan is setting us up for a major disaster.

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    Ohhh if only life was that simple. Meet a guy you like and who likes you, have great sex and just move slowly into a relationship

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