“Homosexuality Is Not Natural.” Simi’s Homophobia makes an appearance on her show, Stoopid Sessions

“Homosexuality Is Not Natural.” Simi’s Homophobia makes an appearance on her show, Stoopid Sessions

Singer Simi debuted her Youtube show, Stoopid Sessions about two weeks ago, with an episode that was supposed to tackle the topic of dating among millennials. The show had on co-hosts Sess, Kiekie and Iyanuoluwa, and sampled an array of opinions that ranged from dating that starts without much preamble, sexual propositions that are forthright and who owns the dating prerogative between men and women.

In a twist that no one saw coming, the conversation turned on its head and suddenly centred homosexuals. When Simi mentions the issue of sexuality being a more outspoken issue, religion quickly reared up its head on what was shaping up to be a liberal, free-spirited show when Iyanuoluwa begins with “Everybody will face God,” before clarifying that she didn’t know homosexuality “was happening in Nigeria. I thought that it was an America [thing]”, and then talking about how she gets texted by girls a lot.

Kiekie agrees that she too gets texted a lot by girls, and that it gives her concern. “I do pause and I look at myself, like, how do I attract a girl.” She goes on to say that she has a “very huge problem” with homosexuality, because “it defaults what I stand for” and “my religion, I live by the Bible.” [Never mind that this is the same girl who moments earlier, when talking about dating, said she doesn’t like getting courted by guys. “Just tell me you want to strip me naked. Don’t be telling me ‘You’re like a rose, you blossom in the sun.’”]

Apparently, straight-up fornication is fine, not at all condemned by the Bible. But homosexuality…Now that’s a big problem that any person who lives by the Bible should have a problem with.

“Sin is sin,” she goes on to say. “Do not tell me that ‘I’m a liar. Accept me,’ ‘I’m gay. Accept me,’ ‘I’m a cheat. Accept me.’ No. If a liar cannot boldly come out and say ‘I’m a liar. Accept me,’ then if you’re gay, don’t come at me and say, ‘This is who I am. Accept me.’”

Sess countered this however by coming close to point out that religion is not a good enough reason for one to invalidate someone else’s sexuality. “Human beings exist in a spectrum,” he says. “There’s this side and there’s that side. Society wants us to exist in a place that is comfortable, that feels normal. I feel like the essence of being a human being is to express yourself, in any way that you can. At the end of the day, it’s your choice and I respect that.”

This would end up to be the sole voice of tolerance on the show, as Simi, who has become well-known for her feminist views on the social media, goes on to reveal what a bigoted person she is by first pointing out how children are at risk from online agenda that spreads the message that homosexuality is okay, speaking to how religion makes homosexuality an uncomfortable thing for her to understand, and how “it just doesn’t seem natural to me.”

To the question of how homosexuality affects her, she says, “It’s not only things that affect us that we’re uncomfortable with.”

“They say they’re born that way, but I haven’t seen any biological proof,” she adds, before going on to express a very ignorant view about intersex people, using her opinion of them as an argument against homosexuality.

“How do you validate [homosexuality]?” Kiekie has the nerve to ask, to which Sess had the best response: “Do you have to validate it? I feel how I feel. Accept it. Just respect that I feel the way I feel. I don’t have to explain it to you.”

In addition to sex-shaming and lectures about boundaries, Simi goes on to express her frustration with “political correctness”.

This episode came as a shocker to social media netizens, with most of Queer Twitter expressing reactions that ranged from astonishment to outrage, mostly because a majority of the singer’s fans who have come to admire her for her bold feminism could not understand why she’d be so prejudiced against LGBT people.

Activist Pamela Adie was first in line to express her disappointment in the singer with a Twitter thread.

Other Twitter users also reacted.

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  1. Richard
    March 21, 09:05 Reply

    Lol. How people are quick to call religion beats the shit out of me. I can put my inheritance on the line that Simi and Adekunle Gold fucked a zillion times before they got married. But now mama have turn mommy G.O. Anyways, that one concerns her and her terrible fashion sense. Rubbish!!

    • Quinbeta
      March 22, 15:41 Reply

      How are you so sure that they had sex before marriage?
      Not everyone is like that you know.

  2. Ifechukwu
    March 21, 09:18 Reply

    LMAO! And this is supposed to be a problem how?

    The crave by the LGBT community to prove how “natural” their desires are is the problem. I mean, the science of it is pretty much settled, LGBT orientations are very very very much natural, no matter your understanding of the word “natural”.
    But even if it was, ANSOFOKWOT?
    Choice is natural, and that’s that on that. FINISH! Even if the orientations are not natural, I am absolutely entitled to do whatever I please WITH MY OWN BODY and no other person’s opinions are relevant. I am entitled to do unnatural things with myself! Keep your moral paternalism away from my heart and genitals. Thank you.

    It’s time for the conversation to become more centered around choice and the inherent dignity of the human person in making decisions for how they live their life. Latching onto things like “natural” and “unnatural” derails from the main issue which is A PERSON’S ENTITLEMENT IN THEIR OWN BODIES TO DO WHAT THEY WILL WITH THEIR BODY, THEIR MIND AND THEIR LIVES of course so far as no one else is harmed (without their consent).
    Homophobes should take a chill pill. If I decide to start drinking water from the gutter, it is my entitlement. If I decide to jump into a lion’s den, it is my entitlement. That’s what human rights means – the right to do the wrong thing without which human rights are meaningless anyways.

    We don’t need to be natural, my rights and my choice are what are natural. Fokoff with your homophobia.

    • Dimkpa
      March 21, 11:47 Reply

      I cannot like this comment enough! You’ve taught me something new.

    • Gaia
      March 22, 11:23 Reply

      Ifechukwu abiago….?????

    • Higwe
      March 22, 21:22 Reply

      Choices can always be questioned though .
      While it’s totally your choice to drink from the gutter , someone can make an argument on how drinking from the tap is healthier , safer and make something that is naturally your choice look like something deleterious .

      While it’s your right to haul yourself inside a den of lions , one can also argue that while it’s your life to take , you’ll be making the Lions develop a taste for human flesh which could affect others even when you’re long demised .

      That’s the thing about choices .

      There are always comparisons .

      Your sanity is constantly questioned .

      There is always a choice many people feel it’s better.

      There are always questions – list of consequences and effects .

      While the claim “natural ” doesn’t exactly eradicate these stuffs , it does attenuate them to a reasonable degree .

      When people understand that this is who you are and absolutely nothing can change it , they’ll be forced to accept you for what you are.

      When they understand that you’re not making a choice to drink from the gutter but you are a gutter specie and you can’t help but drink from that gutter , they’ll be forced to let you be. ??

      I don’t know about you though but if I had a choice to be gay or straight ,I’ll definitely want to be straight .

      That’s the reason it’s especially important to me for people to understand that I didn’t exactly choose to be here.
      The same way they didn’t choose to heterosexual.

      And even if it takes a fucking lifetime , I’m willing to keep educating them about it ….so they can understand that they’re not in anyway superior to me , just because in their heads they made a better choice. ?

      • Favour
        July 11, 12:01 Reply

        Sexuality is not a choice
        Nobody will choose to be hated by all…
        Some wished they never existed

    • ISY
      July 07, 16:30 Reply

      My main concern is homosexuality has been made criminal by a government which doesn’t understand what a crime is. A crime is a perpetration against society or an individual, which means a crime MUST have a victim. But the victim of homosexuality is what I don’t see. The Bible is OK to use as a basis for your personal life and spirituality but to use the Bible and other religious as a standard to judge everybody…. Now that’s just madness

  3. Wiffey
    March 21, 09:23 Reply

    Me right now going through my song list and deleting every stupid Simi song. Nonsense and Stupid Homophobe.

    And to think I even had respect for her and her art. Disappointed.

  4. Ifechukwu
    March 21, 09:24 Reply

    Also, the audacity of this clownery is top-notch! To dare to dare to think that homophobia is miscible with feminism???
    I’ll love to see how she reconciles them. Because is it not the same rationalisations that ground sexism and homophobia? How does she deal with the cognitive dissonance?
    Heterosexuals just Heterosexualising as usual

    • Pink Panther
      March 21, 09:30 Reply

      “Because is it not the same rationalisations that ground sexism and homophobia?”

      I mean, I cannot fit to can with this kind of idiocy.

  5. bamidele
    March 21, 11:29 Reply

    A major problem plaguing Nigerians, like many Africans, is the switch from polytheistic African spirituality to monotheistic Abrahamic religions; which proposes one way to life. Hence; man/woman equals husband/wife; no in.-betweens, no exception. Whereas, the African worldview proposes that the world is made of varieties. and not just man and woman. Also, this worldview suggests that since there are many deities, (unlike the concepts of one god) people can also vary in ways of life; hence no need to project your views on other.

    Unfortunately nowadays, many Africans/Nigerians reason and impose their views on others. Even many lgbts unconsciously do this. As we can see, Simi, like many only see the world from her religious/sexual orientation perspective. Anything else is bad. Well, we know that this is not only outdated already, but it has never been part of African worldview; the west that propagated such concept in their relations with the OTHERS, have now begun to move on. More terrible, indeed, the homophobes, ignorantly forget that discriminations is the umbrella name, and spread across age, socioeconomic status, sex, gender, etc. Thus, if you partake in just one, you (unconsciously) support all forms of discriminations.

  6. Mandy
    March 21, 11:30 Reply

    Lol. So that Kiekie finished looking at herself and expected us to believe that she’s hot enough to attract any lesbians? Aunty, please shettup your mouth. You are right, there’s nothing on you that’s attractive to lesbians. Please gtfo with that your low-key conceited famzing.

    • Mandy
      March 21, 11:32 Reply

      As for Simi… So madam, you opened your mouth to finish singing “Love don’t care”, and you’re using that same hypocritical mouth to come and tell us that apparently love only cares for some people, abi?
      Ozu nwuru anwu.

      • An Idea
        March 22, 08:50 Reply

        Double Standards

        We can’t even figure out the love that cares anymore. Wahala dey o

  7. Gif
    March 21, 13:01 Reply

    Ok this is more heartbreaking to me cuz Simi is one of the very few Nigerian artist that i really like their art and what they stand for. Simi and Falz actually.
    Her stance on criminality(Yahoo), even against the odds of being in an industry that is being fueled by criminality, she and Falz was one of the very few artist that was bold enough to voice against it. For that, she’ll still have my respect atleast in that aspect.
    Now would i join the trend of angry ppl and delete her music? Hell No! My happiness is more important to me than her “ignorant” opinion! Her songs are sooting and I’m going to keep enjoying what gives me happiness.
    I do hope and pray she gets enlightened though.
    Simi has always being a “churchy” girl. Right from her teenage age, then went to Covenant university, a school surrounded by hate filled pastors and lecturers, so yes i believe she is basically ignorant of homosexuality.

  8. DexStar
    March 21, 13:09 Reply

    Shhhhhhh!?(wispers)Should we tell her? Lol!
    Instead of her to sit pretty in her “glass” house, she’s busy throwing stones. Smh .

  9. JC
    March 21, 14:31 Reply

    What happened to ?Love Don’t Care?? ??‍♂️??‍♂️

    I just hope my crush Adekunle isn’t stoopid like her. ??‍♂️??‍♂️

    Homophobes be revealing themselves every day…

  10. Share is Back
    March 21, 14:35 Reply

    Everything thing about this show is just bullshit…

    Homosexuality is the reason Nigeria is more developed than other liberal developed countries.

    Oh, Nigeria is more developed than the Netherlands.

    Useless, foolish people…

  11. Higwe
    March 21, 20:27 Reply

    No surprises .

    I worked with her once and she was downright horrid .

    Cold.Obnoxious.Self righteous and stringent.

    One of the worst experiences of my life.

    It’s funny that the people the public seem to idolise are the ones with the most horrendous attitudes.

    Take someone like Tonto Dikeh for example , she’s one of the sweetest celebrities you’d ever meet .
    She’ll sit and gist with you like she’s known you since forever but you people’s Genevieve is the worst snob ever. She’ll stare at you like you’re a bug in her coffee mug she wants to smash ??….I honestly pray that some of these people that idolise her never get to meet her in person because there will be a gbas gbos.???

    I’ve never really bought Simi being a feminist .
    Anyone can stay on Twitter and type a load of crap but when it comes to action , they do the opposite of what they preach.

    How many girls in the industry has Simi actually helped ?
    How many girl child empowerment program has Simi sponsored?

    In a country where prejudice against women still exists in brobdingnagian quantity …there is a need for sockdolager action and not just reaction.

    Twitter fingers does not a feminist make …actions do.

    Simi is a scam !

    And can this ” I used to be a fan yen yen yen ” end in 2020 .
    If you’re disappointed in someone simply say it and save us the long story. ??

    As for me Sha ,I’ll still whine my stiff hips to her songs because no doubt she’s extremely talented but I cancelled her as a person long ago .
    I had a horrible experience working with her.


  12. Eric
    March 21, 21:07 Reply

    I decided not to see any episode of this show when I saw a trailer where she was saying so imposingly that she doesn’t subscribe to transactional sex. I wonder what she and Falz’s deal with transactional sex is. If you detest it then don’t do it, shikena. Don’t dictate to other people how they should live their lives. I don’t expect someone that doesn’t understand that people cannot and should not live their lives based on what you detest and don’t detest to understand homosexuality. Your religion is against it, good and fine. May I remind you that not everyone in the world (or even in Nigeria) is a Christian. So you telling someone that they are wrong because they don’t conform with what you believe in is practically flushing their right to freedom of religion and association down the drain.

    I am done seeking validation from both religion and science. Whether it is proven scientifically or religion-wise, the truth is that it doesn’t matter. I love being me. As long as I am not harming anyone in the process, I should be allowed to express who I am. Talmabout children getting exposed blah blah blah, I’ve been exposed to heterosexuality since I was born. I was raised by a father and a mother. All the weddings I ever attended was between a man and a woman. Heterosexuality was what saturated the media then. Why was all the heterosexuality I was exposed to not enough to make me straight if sexuality was truly as a result of influence? Why are there people who have seen movies and tv shows that features gay relationships and gay sex scenes that are still straight? Why are there still straight people in the UK, Canada and other LGBT accepting countries where they witness homosexuality almost everyday?

    Homophobes are really tiresome!!!

  13. McDuke
    March 21, 22:14 Reply

    I’m simply appalled by their reasoning ???. I don’t know what was more annoying, the ignorant foolish ladies or the dude that feels he’s patronising the gays. And people actually watch these shows? Unbelievable ???

    • slender
      March 22, 13:49 Reply

      come on! homophobes will love it na, this is their breakfast

  14. AN IDEA
    March 22, 09:26 Reply

    I am coming. I wee respond to your Stoopid comment later, let Covid-19 go fess. Nonsense and Ingredients.

    But, however, all I heard from her remark is plain sheer ignorance. The best I’ll suggest, is to invite her over and school her on some sexual related topics. I WANT TO BELIEVE she will be open to learning and probably apologize at the end of the day.
    Let’s cut her a slack. we shouldn’t expect much from others just because they potrary an outlook that gives an impression/image that matches our ASSUMPTIONS of WHO WE likely THINK they are..

    We’ve all displayed intellectual arrogance/ignorance at some certain points of our lives. And had been opportune to learn from our mistakes. Simi is human, she’s not immune to such tendencies.

    Simi, my two cents for you.
    You’ve erred. Yes! Admit it. Therefore, You owe the public a huge apology and show of repentance/reorientation. Simple! Thank me later.

  15. ChubbyLover
    March 22, 19:01 Reply

    Dear Simi, if you live in a glass house, stop pelting stones. If you know, you know…..if not, leave am.

    • rx
      March 23, 18:03 Reply

      Is this tea for real ?

      • Mafiaso
        March 24, 08:34 Reply

        She was called her out on twitter, that if you are married to homosexual, why say it is not natural.

  16. Good adé
    March 23, 12:42 Reply

    You guys, i think we are judging to fast. These ppl are only ignorant and i dont totally blame them. Its their opinion. Tell me for those of us that are straight-on gay, do you fully understand hetrosexuals ? Nope. We only accept it because we were born to see it as okay and the norm. But only us really know how it feels to be gay or bi. So if they dont know we will just have to keep explaining (thats if we care that much). I cant really say oo , but if i were straight , i might just be another proud ignorant hetro black man but somehow somehow, beign gay has made me a better person in the sense that i am slower to judge ppl.

    P.S: i still hate kito and those that spread hate and throw homophobic slurs.

  17. Mikey?
    March 23, 22:36 Reply

    I like the guy he spoke from an unbiased view. And simi oh simi ever ignorant. The other bitches are just wannabes. Let me hear that a lot of girls text them. Liars

  18. Leith
    March 24, 12:49 Reply

    Oh, the homophobia !!!??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ It’s a shame that we aren’t even trying to be humans in this age anymore …
    First, you say you don’t understand it… Which sensible human would decide that they would rather be in the minority, not just minority but be subject to such hate and literally be in the face of danger every day?

    Secondly, where do you come off and say….you know what Simi is just canceled in my books and the rest of her down low bandwagon

  19. King_Mannie
    March 25, 01:11 Reply

    This show had so much potential to speak against homophobia and enlighten people about sexual orientation but since its a stoopid show I guess my expectations were too high.

  20. Dan
    March 26, 12:58 Reply

    These same homophobic fucks travel abroad and start sucking up to the so called “unnatural”people.

  21. Septima
    April 02, 14:48 Reply

    Omg..there are some comments here that i want to react on ..Ifechukwu,Mandy..i need to hug you two..i learnt from your inputs.
    Thank you guys.
    Las las Simi is an ignoramus

  22. Leo
    May 31, 04:55 Reply

    Thanks for sharing this. I wouldn’t have known 2 of the people I adore (Simi and Kiekie) were bigots. I buy and listen to Simi’s songs regularly and have even introduced many to her music. I’ve gone to unfollow both bigots on sm. I could never support anyone who abhors my existence.

  23. Loveland kobby
    July 07, 19:51 Reply

    “Love dont care”who u be, as one of her songs says , so what does she mean now ???

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